13 Best Crab Pokemon of All Time

Today we are going to create a list for Crab Pokemon. If you are a regular reader of MOW you have seen we have created many list in the past like Ice type Pokemon, Mushroom Pokemon Etc.

So, Today we decided to cover crab Pokemon list as many Pokemon fans requesting it. I don’t know but i feel Crab Pokemon are the part of Fish Pokemon or Water Type Pokemon.

Lets begin the list if these 14 best crab Pokemon of all times.

13. Corphish


Corphish is a crab-like Pokemon with a red shell and a short tail like a lobster’s. It has three spikes on top of its head, and its eyes look like saucers with small pupils.

It has a total of four sets of limbs: two large pincers that it uses to grab its prey and three sets of legs that it uses to walk.

The tops of its legs, the bottom of its body, and the lower parts of its pincers are all cream-colored.

12. Crawdaunt


Crawdaunt is a crab-like Pokemon that is mostly red and has a tan underside. It has round eyes with deep sockets and a large star-shaped growth on its forehead.

It has a pattern of red triangles on the bottom of its body that separates the top and bottom halves. It also has two blue stripes on its throat. It has two large pincers with sharp edges and tan bottom halves on its forelimbs.

The back legs come in two sets. The front pair of claws are simple and have two spikes, while the back pair are big and thick and have two white claws. At the base of its lobster-like tail is a yellow triangle.

11. Clauncher

Clauncher 13 Best Crab Pokemon of All Time

Clauncher is a Pokemon that looks like a crab and looks like a bright blue shrimp. It has three sets of light gray legs. Two sets have simple blue spikes, while the first set forms a bigger set of claws.

One claw has a single, sharp point, and the other is much bigger and looks more like a pincer with a small yellow claw. The top of each front claw has a black stripe.

It has three pointed teeth and a pair of yellow antennae on top of its head. It has three black stripes on its back that divide its body into three parts. The bottom of its body is light gray. Its tail is made up of two black, square fins.

10. Clawitzer


Clawitzer is a Pokemon that looks like a crab and looks like a bright blue shrimp. It has black ridges that divide its body into different parts, and there are three small spikes behind its head.

It has yellow eyes that are half-circle-shaped, a black stripe across its face, and three sharp teeth. It has three square fins on its tail. Two of them are black, and one is bright blue.

It has no legs but two arms with claws. The left claw is smaller and has a yellow tip and a dark blue back with a black stripe.

9. Kabuto


The Kabuto Pokemon is a small crab that looks like a horseshoe crab. Its body is mostly flat, and it has a brown shell to protect it.

On top of its shell are two small black eyes that it uses to see when it hides on the ocean floor. Under the shell, there is a black space that hides the main body’s shape.

On its bottom, you can only see its four short, yellow legs and a second set of red eyes that light up. In the past, Kabuto was often seen on beaches. This was likely because it could swim quickly and strongly.

8. Dwebble


Dwebble is a small, orange crab Pokemon that looks like a hermit crab and has big claws. It has dark eyes that are oval-shaped and held up by stalks.

It has a tail that looks like a hook and is hidden under the gray rock it uses as a shell.

This tail might be used to hold the rock in place or to carve a new home if the old one gets lost.

Dwebble looks at a rock to see if it can be used as its shell. If it can, it digs a hole in the bottom of the rock.

7. Kingler


Kingler is a Pokémon that is a crustacean and looks like a crab. It has a hard shell that covers its body. The top half of the shell is red, and the bottom half is light tan.

Its top half has six tall, thin spikes that make it look like a crown. Its upper body is also joined to its light-tan arms. Its lower half is also its jaw, and its upper body is made up of six fangs.

Its two outer teeth are much bigger than its four inner teeth, and they are about half as tall as the rest of Kingler. Its hips stick out from its lower body and are connected to its long, skinny legs.

6. Krabby


Krabby is a Pokémon that looks like a crustacean. It has a hard shell that protects its small body. Its eyes and two small spikes are on the top of its head. The top half of its body is red.

Its upper body is also joined to its light-tan arms. Its lower body is light tan, and it also serves as its jaw. Its upper body has two fangs that stick out over its lower body.

Its four long, thin legs go down to its hips, which can be seen on the front of its body.

5. Crabominable


Crabominable is a Pokémon that looks like a crab with white fur all over it. Around its mouth, shoulders, and claws, its fur is fluffier.

It doesn’t have fur on its face, the tips of its legs and arms, and parts of its chest, abdomen, back, and arms.

It has a patch of yellow fur on top of its head with two tufts that stick up. It has light blue skin, black eyes that look like needles, and a big mouth with two blunt teeth that can be seen.

It has a dark blue mark in the shape of a dumbbell just below its mouth. Its abdomen is also dark blue, with lighter blue stripes.

4. Paras


Paras is an orange insect-like creature that looks a lot like a cicada nymph.

It has three pairs of legs and a body in the shape of an ovoid. The front pair of legs are the biggest and end in sharp claws.

It has five spots on its head, and each side of its mouth has three teeth. It has round eyes with big “false pupils.”

3. Crabrawler


Crabrawler is a Pokémon that is a crustacean and looks like a crab. It has blue and yellow spots on its purple shell.

Over its eyes, it has two long, yellow antennae. Most of the time, one blue eyelid is half closed, making it look like a black eye.

Its purple shell seems to be made up of three pieces: two plain plates that cover its shoulders and part of its chest, and one plate with blue stripes that goes across its underside.

2. Parasect


Parasect is an orange Pokémon that looks like an insect, but its back has been completely taken over by a parasitic mushroom.

It has a small head with two pure white eyes and a segmented body that is mostly hidden by the mushroom.

It has three sets of legs, and the two in front look like big pincers. On its back is a fungus with a big red cap and yellow spots all over.

1. Crustle


Crustle is an orange Pokémon that looks like a bug or crab.

The biggest thing that makes it stand out is its huge shell, which looks like a cut-away piece of sediment with many layers and strata visible.

It has dark gray tips on its claws and six feet. It has two yellow eyes that stare at you. The straight end of Crustle’s tail is hidden under its shell.

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