25 Most Angry Pokemon of All Time

Today, we’re going to talk about the most dangerous Pokemon, which are the most angry Pokemon ever.

This list is hard to make because there are so many dangerous Pokemon, but I was able to do it with a little research on the internet.

Not all Pokemon are cute and cuddly. Some of them are very dangerous in many ways, and I left legendaries off this list on purpose.

Let’s get right to the Pokemon that have always been the most angry.

25. Jigglypuff 


Jigglypuff can make people lose their minds with its eyes. It can breathe in more air than most other Pokémon.

Once Jigglypuff has an opponent’s attention, it will blow up its lungs and start to sing a mysterious, soothing song.

Anyone who hears this tune is likely to fall asleep. If the opponent doesn’t fall asleep, Jigglypuff will sing until it runs out of air, putting its own life in danger.

It will keep singing until the other person falls asleep. It can change the frequency of its voice to match the brain waves of a person who is sleeping deeply. This makes sure that its opponents will fall asleep.

24. Houndour


Houndour is an intelligent Pokémon that hunts in packs and works together better than any other Pokémon. From what I’ve seen in the anime, it won’t leave a sick pack member behind.

It talks with different barks and howls. Barks, which only dogs can understand, are used to figure out where a pack member is when they are hunting, while howls are used to claim territory.

They are known to be loyal to their Trainers and do what they tell them to do. Most of the time, you can find houndour in rough areas.

23. Mightyena


Mightyena lives in the wild with a pack. As a member of this pack, you do what the leader says and go after prey. When it is getting ready to attack, it starts to growl loudly and flattens out its body.

Mightyena beats enemies by working together as a team. If its Trainer is very skilled, the dog will always do what they say.

In the anime, it looks like Mightyena likes to lick the faces of the people it likes. The grasslands and savannas are where this species lives.

22. Wigglytuff


The body of Wigglytuff looks like a bean, and its arms and legs are short. On its head is a fluffy, curled-up tuft of fur that has been called “perfectly heavenly.”

It has long ears that look like rabbit ears. The insides are black, and the tips are a little lighter. Its big, blue eyes are covered in tears, which wash away any dirt or dust quickly.

It has pink fur on its back and a white belly. This thin layer of fur is so soft that even other Wigglytuff won’t be able to stop touching it.

21. Beedrill


Beedrill are very territorial, and unlike real bees, they don’t live in “hives.” Instead, they live in groups called “colonies,” and they work together to solve problems like food, territory, and having babies.

From what I’ve seen in the anime, Beedrill seems to care a lot about how Weedle and Kakuna are doing, and it will attack anyone who bothers them. If you bother one Beedrill, the whole colony will attack.

It flies quickly and attacks with big, poisonous stingers on its front legs and stomach. Its old signature move, Twineedle, was made possible by the two stingers on its front legs. It will bring the people it hurts back to its nest to eat.

20. Rhydon


Rhydon is a strong Pokémon in terms of its body. It has been said that it can knock down buildings with a swing of its tail, and that its horn can go through solid rock and break diamonds.

Its skin is like armor, protecting it from heat and blows. It is said that it can go through streams of magma without getting hurt and can take a direct hit from a cannonball without getting hurt.

But because of its tough hide, it can’t feel pain. Even though it has a smart brain, it can forget things. Rhydon lives in an area with rough land.

19. Gyarados


Gyarados is a Pokémon that looks like a snake. It has a long body with scales that overlap slightly. It is mostly blue, but its belly is yellow, and each side has a row of yellow spots.

It has a very big, gaping mouth with four sharp teeth and yellow lips. On each side of its face, it has a small white fin and a barbel. The barbels on a female are white, but on a male they are tan.

It has small red eyes, a dark blue crest with three points on its head, and four sharp white fins on its back.

The structure of Gyarados’s tail fin is similar to that of its head crest, except that there is a thin, white fin in between the points.

18. Electabuzz


Electabuzz is a Pokémon that looks a little bit like a human and a little bit like a cat. It has two long tufts of fur on top of its head, small eyes, and two big fangs in its upper jaw where its ears should be. It has yellow fur with lots of black stripes on it.

Electabuzz has a large lightning bolt-shaped stripe on its chest, a V-shaped stripe on its forehead, one stripe on its side, a thick stripe down its back, two bands on each leg, several broken bands on each arm, and many rings around its long tail.

Each foot has three clawed toes, two in front and one in back. Each hand has five fingers.

17. Nidorino


Nidorino is independent, nervous, and fierce, and it is often called violent and easy to anger. It uses its ears to listen to what’s going on around it.

If it senses danger, all of the barbs on its back stand up at once, and it attacks the enemy with all its strength. The horn of Nidorino is as hard as a diamond, so it can easily break up boulders.

It looks for Moon Stones with this horn. How strong Nirdorino’s poison is will depend on how much adrenaline it has. Nidorino live in plains and savannas that are very hot.

16. Tentacruel


The fact that Tentacruel is mostly light blue helps it hide in the water. It has 80 tentacles, which it can easily spread out during a hunt to trap its prey in a net-like shape before poisoning it to stop it from moving.

The tentacles can easily get bigger or smaller. It has tentacles that can soak up water and grow even longer. Most of these tentacles are kept hidden and short, but up to 14 are left out in the open.

But as it gets older, it tends to lose tentacles. Even though Tentacruel aren’t often seen, they can get together in big groups that scare away any fish Pokémon in the area.

15. Kabutops


Kabutops is a Pokémon that walks on two legs and is made of bones. It has a flat, half-circle head with two small eyes on the front. Each side has a point.

It is mostly brown, but its chest and belly are a light gray. It has a ridge down the middle of its back and three flat spines on each side. Its tail is flat and pointy.

Instead of hands, it has big, sharp, gray scythes on its forearms. It has brown, skinny legs that end in small, gray feet with two big claws.

14. Pangoro


Pangoro is a big Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a humanoid panda bear. It has a round belly, short legs, long arms with big paws, and short legs.

It has thick white fur on its head and belly, and its dark gray fur is just as thick on its lower body, chest, arms, and back.

It has a long cape made of this dark gray fur that hangs down behind its back. This cape and the rest of the pattern make it look like Pangoro is wearing a long coat and pants.

13. Primeape


Primeape is easily angered; all it takes is a quick glance to make it furious. When Primeape is really mad, its blood flow goes up.

This makes its muscles stronger, but it also makes it less smart. But its brain has strong blood vessels that help keep it healthy.

It will go after anyone who makes it angry, and it won’t stop until it catches its target. Even if it wakes up in the middle of the night, it will still go after whatever woke it up.

12. Incineroar


As Incineroar’s fighting spirit rises, flames come out of its belly and waist and form a belt around its waist. It can also shoot fire from its stomach and kick and punch very hard.

This Pokémon doesn’t care about the safety of its opponents or bystanders, and it sometimes attacks the Trainer of the opponent. It’s a violent Pokémon that sometimes doesn’t listen to its Trainer when it’s not in the mood.

Even so, it gets bored when it fights weak opponents and gets excited when it fights a strong one. Weak or hurt opponents can also make it lose the will to fight, which can be used against it by others.

11. Feraligatr

Feraligatr 1 25 Most Angry Pokemon of All Time

Feraligatr is a crocodile-like Pokémon with blue scales. It is big and can walk on two legs. It has big, strong jaws with a lot of sharp teeth. When its jaws are closed, you can see three teeth: two in the lower jaw and one in the upper.

It has red eyes with black spots and ridges around them. Its lower jaw is yellow. It has three red spines, each with three points. One is on top of its head, one is between its shoulders, and one is near the end of its tail.

It also has large scales in groups on its arms, knees, tail, and waist. Its back is a little arched, and behind the shoulders and hips, there are bumps.

10. Pinsir


Pinsir can crush, throw, hit, or tear opponents with its pincers. It can also lift things that are twice its weight and break logs.

Pinsir’s horns have sharp thorns and are so strong that they hold prey in place. They won’t let go until the prey is torn in half.

In the anime, it has been shown that it also likes to eat tree sap. Pinsir lives deep in temperate forests and jungles. At night, when it’s too cold to move, it burrows underground or hides in the trees.

It’s rival is Vikavolt in Alola, but it gets along with Heracross. Pinsir can tell a lot about each other by looking at their pincers.

9. Charizard


Charizard is a dragon Pokémon that walks on two legs. It is mostly orange, but the bottom of its body, from its chest to the end of its tail, is cream.

It has a long neck, small blue eyes, nostrils that are slightly raised, and two horn-like things sticking out of the back of its rectangular head.

When its mouth is closed, you can see two fangs on its upper jaw. It has two big wings with blue-green undersides. At the third joint of each wing, there is a horn-like part that sticks out.

8. Tyrantrum


Tyrantrum is a dinosaur-like Pokémon that walks on two legs and looks like a big theropod. Its skin is mostly a brownish-red color with scaly patterns and spots of orange on some scales and ridges.

Its head is the right size for its body. It has a blunt, ridged snout and strong jaws. It has black around its eyes and a light gray lower jaw that is covered by a white beard made of feathers that are very old.

There are several sharp teeth in the lower jaw, and the upper jaw is lined with tooth-like projections with orange tips. It has a row of five spikes that look like a crown over its eyes.

7. Nidoking


Nidoking is a big, purple, two-legged Pokémon with clear reptilian traits. It has small eyes, big ears with spikes, tufts of fur on its cheeks, and a short snout with sharp teeth.

It has a long, poisonous horn on the top of its head and a row of spines down the middle of its back. It has gray plates on its chest and belly, and each elbow has a gray spine with a round tip.

Each hand has three nails, but each foot only has one nail that looks like a hoof. It has a long tail that is strong. Nidoking is a species that only has males.

6. Aggron


Aggron is a big Pokémon that has two legs. It is mostly gray, but there are some silver armor plates on it. Its head armor has two sets of holes, with horns coming out of the front holes.

It has a small point where the plate on its forehead goes over its upper jaw. It has sky-blue eyes and two holes on the tip of its upper jaw that look like nostrils.

On the edge of its mouth are several sharp points that look like fangs, and the back and nape of its neck have gray-silver armor plates. It has gray-silver bands on its arms and legs and wide, blunt spikes on its shoulders.

5. Houndoom


Houndoom is a dog-like Pokémon that walks on all fours. It is mostly black, but it has a long orange nose and an orange belly. The eyes are small and red, and the nose is black.

A white band with a small pendant in the shape of a skull hangs around its neck. It has three rib-like ridges on its back and two white bands on each of its ankles.

Houndoom has three clawed toes on each paw and a long, skinny tail that ends in a triangle. It has two long, curved, gray horns on the top of its head. The horns on the female aren’t as big as those on the male.

4. Groudon


Groudon is a big dinosaur-like creature that walks on two legs and has thick, red plates of skin that cover it like armor. Its underside is gray, and its head, body, and tail are all covered with big white spikes.

It has four claws on each hand, four dozer-like blades at the end of its long tail, and three claws on each foot. There are gray markings under its feet.

It also has blue stripes inside the seams of its armor that can only be seen when Groudon is glowing with power.

3. Cubone


Cubone is a small Pokémon that looks like a small dinosaur. It walks on two legs and has a light brown skin color, except for its cream-colored belly.

Its thumbs are two small claws, one on each hand. Its toes are one big claw on each foot. It has a short tail and two small spikes on its back.

Cubone wears the skull of its mother, who died, as a helmet on its head. Because of this, we haven’t seen much of its face, except for its black, triangular eyes and a small area around them.

2. Yveltal


Yveltal is a big Pokémon that has qualities of both birds and dragons. Its back is black, and its wings and back have white spots. Its front, head, and neck are bright red, and there are black lines that branch out all over.

It has bright blue eyes, a pointed beak-like nose, a black horn that curves forward over each eye, and a thin antenna-like growth behind each eye.

A gray ruff with feathers wraps around its neck and falls over its back. It has three spikes on the bottom edge of each wing near the body, and each wingtip has five large, black claws. It has gray claws on its small, bird-like legs.

1. Mewtwo


Mewtwo is a Pokémon that scientists made. It walks on two legs and has some cat-like features. It is mostly gray, but its long tail is purple.

It has two short, blunt horns on top of its head, and its eyes are purple. From the back of its head to the top of its spine, there is a tube that goes around its neck.

It has shoulders and a chest that look like a breastplate. The tips of the three fingers and toes on each hand and foot are round. At the base, its tail is thick, but it gets thinner until it ends in a small bulb.

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