15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

What are the best Energy Cards, Pokemon is the most popular media franchise in the world, and the Trading Card Game is a significant component of that and here we are talking about best Energy Cards.

Even while it has always been popular, there have been occasions where sales had to be briefly suspended to prevent confrontations over who got to buy them.

Energy cards are equally as significant as the more eye-catching cards, which feature one of the many Pokemon.

When constructing a deck, Basic Energy cards are essential, but a player may only use four Special Energy cards.

As a result, it’s crucial for a player to know precisely which cards to select.

15. Blend Energy

best Energy Cards

In the Pokémon TCG, there are two Blend Energy varieties that each change the normal energy into a different type.

While the WLFM version offers water, lightning, fighting, or steel energy, the GFPD variant can offer grass, fire, psychic, or dark energy.

Blend Energy may be incredibly useful in decks with a variety of type combinations!

14. Call Energy

84086 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

The Pokémon Trading Card Game’s lifeblood is deck searching, and even one basic Pokémon can help you win.

Any card that grants search power is therefore extremely potent. Not only does Call Energy give you 2 basic Pokémon, it also gives you 1 regular energy.

Call Energy, in contrast to the previous entry, just offers regular energy. Use also ends your turn. However, that is a reasonable price to pay for search power.

13. Metal Energy

HGSS3 EN 80 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Despite having a basic version that only delivers one Metal energy, Metal energy units initially counted as special energies due to their special effect, which reduces by 10 any damage done to the wielder of Metal from your opponent’s Pokemon.

This amazing effect gives your Pokemon energy, shields it from damage, and allows it to take more hits.

However, keep in mind that when attached to non-Metallic Pokemon, Metal Energy has a downside that either reduces your own caused damage by 10 or ignores the shield effect (depending on which expansion you’re using).

In any case, ignore the negative and attach this to Metal Pokemon—they are the ones who need it the most.

12. Super Boost Energy

1150429 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

With a standard 1 regular energy on its own, Super Boost Energy is insanely powerful in the proper deck.

However, it particularly shines in stage 2 evolution Pokémon, giving up to 4 energy of any type – with only one card!

Super Boost Energy is likely the best special energy card to use with dragon-type Pokémon because they frequently have the widest range of energy requirements.

11. Prism Energy

93 2 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Prism Energy can be used as any type of energy, but only one at a time, if the linked Pokémon is a basic type.

Since this card can offer any kind rather than just 3 or 4, it is essentially an enhancement to Blend/Unit Energy.

A card like Prism Energy would always be played in every deck. A generic resource creation like that is beneficial to any deck or tactic!

10. Memory Energy

memory energy 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Although it would appear that the sole purpose of a Pokémon’s evolution is to gain access to better moves, you’d be shocked at how powerful its unique energy is.

Some Pokémon with higher evolutionary levels might have an attack that, for instance, cannot be used twice in a succession when there are no other moves available.

Others might possess Pokémon with draw/search power that are stage 1 or basic.

It is easiest to just go through your deck and at all non-final stage evolution Pokémon to see if you can utilise Memory Energy.

Add a Memory Energy to the deck if there is even one that might be useful!

9. Darkness Energy

148304 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Dark was strangely changed to Darkness for the TCG, same to how Steel was strangely changed to Metal.

Despite the strange name change, Darkness energy was originally a rare card.

It would eventually get a simplified version, but the original Darkness increased the strength of your Pokemon’s attacks by 10 in addition to just giving them a Darkness resource!

Again, emulating Metal, Darkness would impair your creature when attached to non-Darkness Pokemon by either dealing 10 damage at the conclusion of your turns or just disregarding its extra-power feature, depending on the expansion you’re playing.

To prevent the disadvantage, only attach it to Darkness Pokemon.

Even if you did give it to something else (say a Normal Pokemon), it would still function properly as a single-energy.

8. Strong Energy

1417153 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Similar to burning energy, strong can only be coupled with the fighting energy it generates.

However, after applying weakness and resistance, the damage dealt by that Pokemon’s attacks is increased by 20!

That’s all there is to it.

However, you can only gain from burning energy when using attacks that detach energy.

20 additional damage is always helpful, especially for damage-focused Fighting Pokemon, whose focus is on striking quickly and powerfully.

7. Double Rainbow Energy

1170464 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Your gaming will be significantly sped up by any energy that provides many resources simultaneously, allowing you to employ your strongest assaults before your opponent can respond.

Enter Double Rainbow Energy, a card that not only delivers two energy but also allows them to be counted as any form of energy.

The drawbacks are that you can only use Rainbow on Pokemon that have evolved, and your damage output is lowered by 10 percent.

Although you’ll probably want Rainbow on your developed animals (as their attacks usually consume more energy), that’s a minimal price to pay for speed and variety.

Even if you do somewhat less damage.

6. Burning Energy

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This grants one Fire-type Energy to each of your Pokemon, much like a standard energy card might.

But what makes this card unique is that if its holder makes an attack that would otherwise get rid of it, this card can return to your hand instead of being discarded.

The fact that this card may only be utilised with a Fire-Type Pokemon is a significant disadvantage.

5. Rescue Energy

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The card Rescue Energy is a fantastic addition to your deck.

It acts similarly to a Full Revive in video games, which can revive a defeated Pokemon and remove all status effects from it.

Discard the Pokemon cards in this instance.

The wave that came along with Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver first featured this card.

Particularly, it was a part of the November 3, 2010, Triumphant expansion (known in Japan as Clash at the Summit).

4. Fear Energy

gengar vmax fusion strike 271 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

The way that Horror Energy works is similar to how some moves in video games work.

When a Pokemon of the Psychic type is attached to this card, every time an adversary hits them, they also get two damage counters.

Even when the user of this has been knocked unconscious by an attack, this can still have an effect on the opposing Pokemon.

Additionally, it provides Psychic Energy.

On May 1, 2020, Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Rebel Clash expansion, which was available in English, contained Horror Energy.

3. Recycle Energy

The Pokemon Company International Recycle Energy Single Card Secret Rare 257236 b6b6f1f8 99e5 4481 893f 03ed26c417e6 600x 1 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

In addition to being significant in real life, recycling can be advantageous in the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Any Pokemon receives one Colorless Energy from the Recycle Energy card.

The player is not required to get rid of it right away if it is abandoned as a result of a move, though. They can just return it to their hand as an alternative.

Recycle Energy, one of the most seasoned cards on this list, was first made available in English on December 16, 2000, more than twenty years ago.

It was released simultaneously with Pokemon Gold and Silver as part of the Neo Genesis expansion.

2. Beast Energy

The Pokemon Company International Beast Energy Prism Star Single Card Holo Rare 117131 9dd00438 9224 47ba ba61 15 Best Energy Cards in Pokémon TCG

Beast Energy cards are only truly effective when used in conjunction with an Ultra Beast Pokemon.

However, it can provide a player with a significant edge when employed properly.

They can give any Pokemon one Colorless Energy, but when an Ultra Beast attacks, they get any form of energy and do an additional 30 points of damage.

These cards can only be used once during a combat and only one can be in a deck.

On May 4, 2018, this card had its English debut as a part of the Pokemon X and Y Forbidden Light expansion.

1. Heal Energy

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As in any game that involves combat, healing is constantly one of the top priorities. Heal Energy is one of the best Special Energy cards a player can use, which should come as no surprise.

With the use of this card, the player can remove one damage counter, all damaging Special Conditions, and receive a Colorless Energy.

The EX Deoxys expansion included the Heal Energy card.

This collection, which is based on Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, was made available in English on February 14, 2005.

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