When Does Naruto Meet His Mom?

Naruto Shippuden’s Episode 246 is an extremely emotional episode for viewers of Naruto. There was initially no storyline about Naruto meeting his parents.

But when Kishimoto himself became the father of his child, he altered the plot. In the end, Naruto attempted to take over Kurama and was nearly overwhelmed by the intense emotions of malice and hate.

Kushina Uzumaki was trying to control his body after the chakra of Kushina intervened.

After this, Naruto and Kushina Uzumaki engage in a dialogue that has three key results.

Kushina Uzumaki Aided Naruto to take Control of Kurama

Kushina Uzumaki Aided Naruto to take Control of Kurama 2 When Does Naruto Meet His Mom?

Kushina tells her story of how she got to know Minato at her school, the Ninja Academy. She also shares with Naruto how she had to endure bullying for her hair color.

A few days ago, she was abducted by the ninjas of another village. When he spots her beautiful hair immediately, Minato is there to help her.

The result is that she falls in love with Minato. When she tells this story, Kushina tells Naruto that she is in love with him.

This, in conjunction with Kushina’s chakra, assists him in gaining control over Kurama’s chakra.

When Kushina gets back her homework, she realizes she’s got some extra time to spend with their son. She recounts the events of Naruto’s birth night.

In Which Episode Does Naruto Meet his Mom?

Naruto encounters his mother, Kushina, as he tries to control Naruto’s power. The power of Nine Tails is seen in Episode 246 of Naruto Shippuden, with the subtitle: “The Orange Spark.”

Episode Summary

Naruto manages to deal an injury to the Nine-Tails with his Rasenshuriken to take him down. 

In the knowledge that Nine-Tails was on the weekend, he tried to get the chakra. 

The result was that he was overwhelmed and started to feel negatively impacted. Before it was able to completely overwhelm him, he was taken into the mind of a woman wearing red hair

After a brief exchange of words, Naruto realizes that the woman is Kushina, her mother. 

In a state of joy, Naruto hugged his mother to comfort him. 

Kushina can control Naruto’s Nine-Tails and uses the opportunity to speak to Naruto about her life and how she came across and fell in love with the character’s father.

Kushina Has Revealed Information About the Naruto Birth Night

Kushina Has Revealed Information About the Naruto Birth Night

When Kushina Uzumaki was expected, Minato was the Hokage of Konoha.

She informs her child that she was previously the jinchuriki among the Nine-Tails. She was taken from a different village with the sole intention of being the vessel of nine tails.

A female seal’s jinchuriki is most fragile at the time of birth. The location and time were kept secret from only a few.

However, the masked man, who was from Akatsuki, knew of the place and time.

Just after Kushina is born to Naruto, he appears and kills Naruto’s family members, Anbu and Biwako Sarutobi. He snatches the nine tails and takes Naruto hostage.

Naruto helps Minato and pursues the masked man, who is about to go on a rampage against the community after having the nine tails put under the command of the Sharingan.

Minato can save villages by confronting his opponents and then releasing the nine tails in his grasp. Though they are free of the masked man, the nine tails do a lot of damage because of their vicious nature.

Kushina was alive after the tail was removed from her. Minato declares that he’ll make use of a “reaper seal” to seal half of each tail in his own.

If he attempted to stop the other half from being sealed in Naruto, Nine-Tails tried to destroy Naruto. Minato and Kushina both give up their lives for their son.

They are hoping that the hopes and dreams they once carried will be passed on to the child. The third Hokage assures them that they will be taken care of by the child.

Kushina Uzumaki has filled Naruto with love.

There is nothing as precious as a mother’s devotion to her child.

In the brief time, Kushina Uzumaki can spend with Naruto Kushina Uzumaki, he will be able to manage the nine tails and also hear the story of his mother.

The complete faith Kushina was able to have for Naruto was the reason why he had more faith in him more.

Kushina’s passion for love made Naruto feel that he could bring all his desires to life. The removal of Kushina’s chakra from Naruto’s mind made not just Naruto but everyone who watched emotionally.

Following this, Naruto becomes stronger and can fulfill all his goals and the goals that were given to him.

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