Kurama Death : Does Kurama Die in Boruto

The following article contains major spoilers for chapter 55 in Boruto Manga. 

You can read it as per your choice! 

Chapter 53 from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is causing fans to scratch their heads about Naruto and Kurama’s health. 

After the Baryon Mode stops abruptly and Kurama is absent during the chapter, concerned about whether the Nine-Tailed Frog is alive.

Chapter 55 of Boruto ended the story of the fan-favourite bijuu from the show.

Is Kurama dead in Boruto?

In chapter 55, Kurama dies in Boruto. 

In a moment of great emotion, the nine-tailed fox says goodbye to Naruto and urges him to live a long and happy life.

From killing Naruto’s Ma’ and pa’, to give up his own life to rescue Naruto along with Naruto’s Hidden Leaf village, Kurama’s character has come full circle.

It’s certainly a heartbreaking moment for the fans of Kurama because Kurama was instantly popular among fans.

Kurama had been lying to Naruto about the consequences that were the result of Baryon Mode. 

The cost of the use of that power would have been Kurama’s, but not Naruto’s. 

If Kurama told him about this and he had a doubt, he might have resisted using the Baryon method, which could put the lives of everyone else in danger. 

The tailed beast realised this and then lied to Naruto. 

However, he didn’t directly lie to Naruto. 

Kurama was adamant that the cost of Baryon mode could be either or both their lives. 

Then, Kurama ended up expending all his energy employing his Baryon Mode to stop Isshiki. 

There was no way Naruto was able to stop the tail-tailed beast from dying. 

Although everyone speculated about Kurama’s possible decision to sacrifice himself, it was bitter to take.

Kurama Death : Does Kurama Die in Boruto

If Kurama is dead, how is Naruto still alive?

Usually, the moment a Jinchuuriki’s beast disappears or is taken away, the Jinchuuriki also dies. 

But the way that Kurama stated in his final moments, this doesn’t have to be the case for Naruto.

In the case of Naruto, Kurama’s chakra is simply gone. 

Naruto hasn’t been able to use it. 

Naruto is not dead. 

Naruto is shocked at some point and others will appear to be dead, but in reality, there isn’t any threat to his existence.

Additionally, Naruto has small portions of the chakra of other tailed beasts that were acquired from Hagoromo Otsutsuki

This suggests that he can withstand the abrupt end of the life of his beast.

Will Kurama Come Back To Life?

Let’s now get down to talking about the big elephant that is in the room. 

We can be certain that Kurama died. 

There is a chance that we might come across him again in Boruto? 

We are aware that beasts are composed of chakra. 

This means that they can be reborn following “dying” after their chakra is rejuvenated over time. 

The date we’re referring to can range from 5 to 20 years. 

Kurama declaring to Naruto that this could be their last interaction is a sign that fans are hopeful that he’ll be back soon. 

But, keep in mind that Baryon mode is a result of Kurama’s life-force chakra Kurama and not the chakra they utilise that is in their environment, as stated in the words of Kurama himself. 

It is yet to be determined whether Kurama can be reincarnated. 

We would like to see him again. We hope that Himawari can hold a baby Kurama very soon!

What next after Kurama’s death?

As we mentioned, Kurama’s death is a sign of pain for all Naruto fans. 

But, what is the purpose this has in the narrative? 

Was the nerfing of Naruto essential to the plot? 

We think that all of this fits with the plotline currently in play. 

Borushiki has destroyed Sasuke’s Rinne Sharingan

Combating Sasuke without Rinne Sharingan, or Naruto without Kyuubi, will not be a problem in the near future. 

This nerfing of the major characters could open the door for younger generations to be stronger! 

That said, Kurama’s death does hit hard. 

Are you of the opinion that it is possible to get him back or is Kishimoto making plans to do something other than Kurama’s death? 

In addition, how strong is Naruto without Kurama? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, as we mourn one of the more famous characters from Shounen history!!

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