In which Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

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Naruto vs. Pain is one of the most memorable fights in the series. It can be frustrating to search for episodes or the Manga chapter that correspond to the Pain arc.

This article will help you locate some of the most important events in the Pain Arc.

We will cover all the most frequently asked questions regarding navigation in this long, but thrilling arc. Let’s get started.

In what episode does Naruto take up fighting Pain?

Season 8, Episode 162 ends with Naruto appearing at the Leaf Village. It is called “Pain to the World“.

Naruto was on Mt. Myoboku was learning Sage Mode to fight Pain and defeat him.

Lord Fukasaku was training him, and he also taught Jiraiya Sage Mode.

Naruto travels to Mt. Myoboku at the end of episode154.

Fukasaku leaves a messenger tad at Leaf Village to inform them of Pain’s attack on the village.

Naruto devotes his efforts to mastering Sage Mode through hard work and perseverance.

After much endurance, Naruto finally reaches a point where Fukasaku considers Naruto to be surpassing his master.

Pain then attacks the village, killing many people randomly. Everybody who can fight takes part, and others help one another to reach safety.

Danzo kills the Toad messenger and he fails to deliver his message.

This delays Naruto’s arrival, and the pain that continues to kill people and destroy the village keeps them away.

Toads at Mt. notice the death of the messenger toad and are happy about it. They think there’s something wrong with Myoboku.

Shima, Fukasaku’s wife, is asked to reverse summon Naruto so that he arrives fully prepared for battle.

When did the Naruto vs. Pain battle take place?

In which Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain 1 In which Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Episode 162 ends with Naruto’s arrival in the village. The episode ends when he enters. Naruto fights the pain in Episode 163: “Explode!” Sage Mode

Here we are, witness to one of the most exciting fights in the series, where Naruto is shown his new Sage powers.

This is also a wonderful moment for viewers, as we have all been waiting for Naruto’s master to become great. Naruto requests everyone in the village to remain out of the fight when it starts.

Shikaku, Shiikamaru’s father, agrees with Naruto and says that once Naruto masters Sage Mode, then he can move up to a higher level. This implies that Naruto is the strongest person in the village, and most likely Kage Level.

Naruto’s entrance is outstanding, making it one of the most memorable in the series. Naruto vs. Pain also stands out as an incredible fight. This fight is one that I have seen many times, and you should too.

In what episode does Naruto meet Nagato?

Naruto and Nagato meet in Episode 169, which is called “Two Students“.

Naruto can fight Pain well, but his Sage Mode has an expiration date, which means that Naruto will lose the fight. This is used by Pain to pin Naruto to the ground.

This Hinata appears to save Naruto, but she is defeated by Pain.

Hinata is severely injured by pain, and he intends to provoke Naruto. Naruto loses control and Kurama takes over.

Kurama continues to leak his chakra, further weakening its seal. He transforms into a huge form with eight tails.

Although it looks like a nine-tailed fox with no tails, this form is strong enough for Pain’s Planetary Devastations to be overthrown.

Minato appears and seals the deal, saving Naruto’s life. Naruto is then told about the Akatsuki leader and the Nine Tails’ power.

Naruto regains control and defeats the Pain. He then senses Nagato’s hiding place in a tree. He then travels to the place where he will meet Nagato, the final Pain.

In what chapter does Naruto take on Pain?

7 Nine Tail VS Pain jpeg 1 In which Episode Does Naruto Fight Pain?

Chapter 419: Pain attacks the leaf village, which is called “Raid.”

Chapter 422: Pain meets Kakashi. He fights him in this chapter, titled “Kakashi Vs. Pain.”

Pain continues his rampage through the village for a few chapters. We see Kakashi being defeated by Pain. 

Choza and Choji fight alongside Kakashi. Rasengan Naruto teaches Konohamaru to kill one of Pain’s bodies.

Finally, at the end of chapter number 429, titled “Knowledge Pain”, the village is destroyed by Pain, Naruto, who appears through reverse summoning.

He then explodes in chapter 430, which is titled ” Naruto returns“, and we finally see him fighting Pain.

In what episode does Naruto Fight Pain in Nine-Tails Mode?

Episode 166: Hinata appears on the battlefield to save Naruto. She is beaten up by Naruto, but she loves Naruto and continues fighting.

Naruto is shocked when she tells her that she has always loved him. Hinata fights hard but is defeated by Pain, who nearly kills her.

Naruto, witnessing all this, loses control of his emotions and enters into the Nine-Tails Cloak form in episode 166. It is called “Confessions.”

We witness Naruto explode in anger and enter his nine tails form. This is the first time that Naruto appears in his six-tail form, which is much stronger than his other forms. 

In episode 167, six tails Naruto fights with Pain in an encounter titled “planetary devastations.”

Naruto makes Pain feel bad and pushes him into using his strongest ability, the Planetary Devastations. 

Kurama’s chakra continues to leak, causing him to go into 8 tails and thereby allowing him to escape Pain’s Jutsu.

Who is Pain?

We are closer to understanding the true character of Pain: Nagato, as we come to the end of the battle. 

We learn more about Jiraiya’s history, the cruelty of war at that time, and what they went through to survive.

Pain’s true name is Yahiko. This is another body that Nagato manipulates from a distance. Naruto discovers this at the end of his fight against the character. 

This revelation reveals one of many great mysteries about the Akatsuki’s main figure.

Shikamaru Nara, who had survived the destruction at Konoha, met the Yamanaka group to carry Shizune’s corpse. 

Shikamaru was able to determine that Pain’s true body was located near the village. He could also send his chakra over a sufficient distance to control the Six Paths.

The pain was speaking about his search for world peace. His true body, Nagato, was revealed in Konan and his hiding place. It was a makeshift tree high up on a mountain near the village.

Does Naruto Kill the Pain?


Despite the destruction that Naruto caused, Naruto didn’t kill Pain. Naruto’s teachers, Jiraiya and Kakashi, were killed by Pain. 

Lord Fukasaku, who taught Naruto Sage Mode, was also killed. His entire village was destroyed, Hinata almost died, and many innocent people were killed.

All of this said, Naruto decided not to kill Pain to break the cycle. Jiraiya had only one goal in his entire life.

Jiraiya wanted an end to ninja wars and unnecessary killings. He also wanted to end the cycle of hatred, vengeance, and violence. 

He traveled all over the globe in search of the meaning and solution to this cycle.

He took Naruto as his student, who decided to not follow the path of vengeance.

Naruto didn’t take revenge but listened to Pain and his reasons for the destruction he had caused.

He attempts to share Jiraiya’s life mission with Nagato and proves that it is possible for this cycle to be ended by not taking revenge against him. 

Nagato is also changed by his sharing his life story and Jiraiya’s contribution to it.

He believes in Naruto and sees hope in him. Naruto, unknowingly, changes him, and Nagato decides that he will revive all those he has killed in the village by giving his life.

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