When To Use Dattebayo And Its Meaning?

It is the Japanese term Dattebayo that has been often heard by those who watch the show Naruto and read the manga you originally wrote. 

You may have also heard a few variations of the term such as Dattebane or Dattebasa spoken by other people.

This word has a lot of interest and curiosity, to the point that more than 50,000 people search for it every month. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of dattebayodattebane, as well as the word dattebasa.

In the remaining portion of this article, we will look at what dattebayo significance, as well as the meaning behind the phrase, the history of the expression, and its application in daily Japanese communication.

The origins from the Phrase Dattebayo


They are not uncommon for Naruto. Naruto animation series. Many characters have catchy phrases that are unique to them including dattebayo – – the catchy phrase that is used by Naruto is the most popular.

There are a few like them. (Da)ttebayo! (Japanese:[(da)tsutebayo!] ), (Da)ttebane (Japanese:[(da)tsutebane] ) and (Da)ttebasa (Japanese:[(da)tsutebasa] ) are character-specific catchphrases used by Naruto Uzumaki, his mother Kushina and his son Boruto, respectively.

The first has been, we’ve stated the most well-known and well-known among them.

Naruto makes use of his catchy phrase at the end of a lot of his dialogues to make his own unique speech and to differentiate Naruto from other characters and is a popular characteristic. 

This habit is thought to be inherited since Naruto took it over by his maternal grandmother Kushina.

His mother was more likely to use her catchy phrase when she was upset or angry, and she believed that her son wouldn’t be able to inherit her traits.

As we’ve observed, he did it however, the setting in which he employed the phrase was different from that of his mother’s. 

The son of Naruto, Boruto has also been blessed with the same verbal phrase, further confirming that it is genetically inherited.


There is a Japanese term Dattebayo [datsutebayois used most often by the main character Naruto in the final part of his dialogue. If you watch movies with subtitles you’ll notice that there isn’t a correct definition for the word.

“dattebayo,” as it is known, “dattebayo” is nothing more than an accent on what Naruto has just stated. In reality in Naruto’s anime as well as manga, dattebayo comes from a Japanese dialect, which Naruto learned the language from his mom.

Naruto does not just say Dattebayo but he also speaks Ttebayo and simply bayo the meaning is dependent on the word Naruto employs. It is more than that. to this phrase, but first, we must know the meaning.

DATTEBAYO Meaning – What DOES it mean in JAPANESE?

The suffix, or the ending, Dattebayo is made up of:

  • GIVES da – an informal verb that is equivalent to desu, desu;
  • TTE – Tsute – Elongation which forms the word “datte”;
  • BA ba – used to indicate results and conditions
    • if, then, when, why, since;
  • YO Yo – particle to emphasize (hey! );

Ttebayo is not a word commonly used in Japanese however it can give the impression of determination, passion, and is often described as uninformed or abrupt, and even childish. 

Teba [teba] can also give feelings of boredom and emotional attachment to someone else, or it could be an expression of “come on, hey hey” like Naruto was annoyed and agitated all day long.

Theba, also known as teba an extremely frequent particle used in the Japanese language. Have you likely heard of a character trying to attract the interest of Someone in the animated series saying”neeetebaaa?” Naruto’s speech can be described as a mix of da [gives] and teba [teba] as well as the word yo.

When they were in the English Naruto version of Naruto they would sometimes translate the dattebayo to “Believe! “. >> In English they could be translated to ” Connect! “Or” I am right!“. 

This isn’t a needful translation, dattebayo’s a little more than a catchy slogan Naruto employs to make his words more unique and distinctive.

Dattebayo has a lot in common with the dazo (dazo) also known as daze (daze). Dazo isn’t childish (compared in comparison to dattebayo) and is typically used by males. Both are unprofessional and strong.

As we have already discussed, certain sentences are altered. In certain instances, you’ll encounter expressions like Sattebayo as well as Nandattebayo.

What does DATTEBANE and DATTEBASA mean?


In the anime, we hear his mother say “dattebane” in which the word [ne] particle is similar to our own “Huh?” or “Isn’t it?”And the pronunciation is more feminine. 

We also were able to hear “Dattebasa” in Boruto or “Isn’t it?” where the “sa” [sa] signifies affirmation, indicating and distinction. It is a vast universe of possibilities; all we have to choose the particle we’d like to see.

It is quite common in Japanese particularly with anime characters or children using suffixes and endings to sentences, but it doesn’t alter what is meant by the phrase completely. The only thing these particles can do is to draw or emphasize attention.

It is possible to use it in a variety of ways, and without using the particle of datte. In some instances, he even said “urusette Bayo”! meaning shut up! The possibilities are indeed infinite!


It was awe-inspiring that the author attempted to make his own dialect within his writing. The choice of particles matched with the characters in a perfect way and provided the appropriate accent. Naturally, the writer was also influenced by other things that inspired him to produce his work.

Before I close this page, I’d like to ask you one question: Do you recognize the picture of the ramen eatery which Naruto often frequents at the start of the story? I created a special piece about the place in actual life.

I hope that this article answered your questions regarding the meaning of the word dattebayo. If you liked the article, make sure to recommend it to acquaintances.

I’ll end with suggestions of some Naruto products as well as the video I discovered on Youtube that could complement the content, there you will discover some instances in which Naruto and his mom use the expressions Dattebayo.

What does “SHIPPUDEN” mean?

SHIPPUDEN 1 When To Use Dattebayo And Its Meaning?

The term “Shippuden” literally is a reference to legends of the gale, or something similar to chronicles of hurricanes. It’s the intersection of 3 ideograms : [Ji Feng Chuan ] that mean that [Ji] is quick Wind, [Feng] and [Chuan ] meaning the word “chronicle” or “legendary. This indicates the rapid growth of Naruto.

Naruto’s transformation in nature is the wind. He was the first to introduce his own transformation to Rasengan which Minato and Kakashi were unable to accomplish. Rasenshuriken is one of Naruto’s best attacks, and it is very symbolic.

The name is the ideal option for the next chapter of Naruto’s tale. There was a gap of 3 years between Naruto to Naruto Shippuden and Naruto Shippuden. The word can also mean something like fighting during a battle.

Naruto’s name Uzumaki is also connected to storms, and the name Shippuden is a way to convey that he’s the myth of Naruto and how he developed to become an actual Ninja.

The word Uzumaki is a reference to spirals, and Naruto’s most powerful action can be described as his Spiral Sphere or its variants. 

This is also a symbol of his clan of parents that he came from, and he also inherited the strength of his chakra and the seals. Naruto’s chakra can be described as wind.

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