How old is Team 7 in Boruto?

I’ve been following Naruto since the time he was a young kid and have watched him develop into one of the most famous ninjas alive.

In reality, the reason that I feel an emotional connection to Naruto, Sasuke, and others is that it’s like they are growing up with me.

From watching television when I was just seven and watching him do to reach his goal of turning 17 and watching him achieve the dream he’s always had, Naruto is as much an integral part of my life as anything else.

Perhaps, even more. I’m certain that my experience isn’t unique and is a major reason behind the popularity of the show.

About The Show

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is illustrated and written by Mikio Ikemoto. The project is overseen by Masashi Kishimoto himself. It was published as a serial within Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in June of 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the show which follows the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto in his school times and later on. 

The show explores the development of the character of Boruto and the threat that threatens the fate of his and his family members.

With the release of Boruto the movie, we get another chance to watch the characters’ lives, and their children as they create their tales. But, time doesn’t stop for anyone, since even those who have saved the world must grow older. 

What age are they currently? 

Let’s calculate!

How Old Is Naruto In Boruto?

Naruto In Boruto

Naruto was just a baby as the demon fox was sealed within his body, and then the flash-forwards to when Naruto saved the entire world, at 17 years old.

The ninja defeated Pain, Madara, Kaguya, and, together with Sasuke became become a legend ninja who did not just Konohagakure however, but all villages and ninja were revered.

Uzumaki Naruto was just 15 years old at the time that the Shippuden started and was 17 years old when he fought in the 4th Shinobi War. 

He was fathered by Boruto at the age of 21 and was Hokage in the age range of 24 and 25 years old. In calculating Naruto’s age (12), Naruto is aged between 32 and 33 in Boruto 2022.

Does Naruto Die in Boruto?

In the wake of Naruto’s adventures Many fans still hold to the notion of Naruto was the primary character and Naruto will always emerge with the best results.

The reality lies in the fact that Naruto is not the main character anymore. While he’s strong, he’s not invincible.

Naruto hasn’t died at the hands of Boruto yet. Based on Kawaki’s declaration at the beginning that he would be sending Boruto into the same location, Naruto was sent to Naruto and the odds of him being alive at the end of the story have decreased considerably.

How old is Kakashi in Boruto?

Kakashi in Boruto

Kakashi was a kind of father figure for team seven from the beginning and has coached them through every stage through their teens.

When Naruto was just 12 years old, Kakashi was known for his genius and skill as a Ninja. By when he was 32, he’d already been dubbed the Hokage.

Although he is still a formidable Ninja, he’s in his prime as Sannin. Sannin had been at the start of the series. And unlike Tsunade, he doesn’t have the option of changing his appearance back to his earlier times.

Kakashi is 14 years old than team seven. This would make him 31 at the time of his time in the Fourth Shinobi War, and around 36 at the time Boruto became a reality. 

Kakashi is now 12 at this moment, which makes Kakashi age 48 in the Boruto series. He will be 48 in 2020.

Does Kakashi Die in Boruto?

Kakashi is not dead in Boruto. As the series advances, there’s a good possibility that he will sacrifice himself to defend the younger generation.

He may also turn into the Hokage once more due to a tragically happening to Naruto and draw similarities between him and his predecessor, the Third Hokage.

How old Is Sasuke in Boruto?

Sasuke in Boruto

Over the years the fans have followed Sasuke and watched his growth from an angry, angry youngster to a Shinobi who helped save the world along with Naruto when he was at the young seventeen years old.

Uchiha Sasuke was 15 old at the time that the Shippuden began, and was 17 years old in his participation in the 4th Shinobi War. 

He fathered Sarada at the age of 21. Taking into account Sarada’s age (12), Sasuke is 32-33 years old in the Boruto anime in 2020.

Does Sasuke Die in Boruto?

Sasuke hasn’t died in Boruto at this point. The first episode in the series depicts Boruto sporting his teacher’s headband as well as a cloak and even carrying his sword.

It appears that Sasuke has handed down his belongings to Boruto and this increases the likelihood of Sasuke passing away as the show unfolds.

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