Is Haku A Boy Or A Girl In Naruto?

Even though Haku’s gender isn’t clear in the first few chapters of Naruto, both the anime and manga make it clear.

More and more now-classic characters were introduced as Naruto’s tale progressed. These include the evil Orochimaru and Rock Lee with thick eyebrows.

Haku was one character that was introduced and then immediately dropped.

This Zabuza servant was a part of one of the series’ early chapters, but many fans still have questions about the enigmatic Haku’s gender.

Even Naruto doesn’t know what to do because of how the character looks and how soft Haku is.

Despite this misunderstanding, the manga and anime do make explicit Haku’s gender. This is the sex to which the young ninja belongs.

What is Haku’s gender?

One of the first arcs in Naruto, “Prologue – Land of Waves” came right before the Chunin Exams. Zabuza, a ninja who possessed a massive sword, served as the main antagonist of this story.

Haku, who was much smaller than him and looked much less like a man, was standing next to him.

Due to this, along with a gentle voice and kimono, many people mistakenly believe Haku is a girl.

Even Naruto notices it, saying the young person he meets is more attractive than Sakura.

Haku, on the other hand, is a young guy, not a young woman. He explains this to Naruto, who then expresses his previous desire to the young man.

From that point on, all ambiguity regarding Haku’s gender has been cleared up, and he will always be referred to as a boy for the remainder of his brief existence.

What Is the History of Haku in Naruto?

haku naruto Is Haku A Boy Or A Girl In Naruto?

Haku was a little child living in the Land of Water with his parents before following Zabuza.

This blissful home life was abruptly put to an end, however, when it became known that Haku had a bloodline trait called a kekkei genkai.

The traditional Sharingan and Rasengan assaults provide an illustration of this. Haku’s parents were killed in the ensuing conflict, and the orphan then lived with the wandering Zabuza.

This origin doesn’t exactly explain why Haku has such a feminine appearance or voice. Some of the bright and pink attire he wears serves to emphasize this.

Fair enough, guys in the East would undoubtedly have softer features and voices, especially for someone as young as Haku.

He sadly passed very shortly after meeting Naruto, dying in order to protect his comrade Zabuza.

Both of them were eventually brought back to life by Kabuto, however, they were now personality-less, mindless zombies. Young Haku, who had a delicate appearance, hasn’t been seen since.

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