Naruto Guide to Handsigns and Jutsu

What’s the first most important thing that you notice about having to perform a Jutsu?


Chakra is basic energy that can be channeled into becoming any of the basic Chakra natures like fire, water, earth, air and lightning. 

One is channeling your chakra to make it flow wherever you want it.

And two is manipulating it’s nature and form.

One way of doing all of this is the Handsigns.

Handsigns in Naruto are each a representation of the animals from the Japanese Zodiac.

The Japanese 12 zodiac animals Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Boar.

All the handsigns correspond to each of these zodiac signs.

1. Rat

naruto rat hand sign

Called: Ne (Short for Nezumi)

One look at it and you know where this sign is most prominently used.

Most commonly associated with the Nara clan’s Shadow Manipulation Jutsus like Shadow Paralysis (Kage shibari), Shadow Stitching (Kage nui) and so on.

2. Ox

naruto Ox hand sign

Called: Ushi

Not required for any nature transformation.

It is used by the Uchiha clan for performing their fire based styles.

3. Tiger

naruto Tiger hand sign

Called: Tora

Fire and Earth releases.

Another Uchiha Clan handsign! Not a surprise since it is necessary for fire release.

4. Rabbit

naruto Rabbit hand sign

Called: Usagi

Used for lightning release.

One of the most prominent occurrences of this handsign is in Chidori, whenever it is performed by Kakashi or Sasuke.

5. Dragon

naruto Dragon hand sign

Called: Tatsu

Doesn’t have any elemental property affinities, but is often used to create a dragon shaped manifestation of the respective element.

6. Snake

naruto Snake hand sign

Called: Hebi

Earth, lightning and wood releases.

One of the most used and versatile handsigns of the series. It is very apparent when Yamato uses his Wood element.

7. Horse

naruto Horse hand sign Naruto Guide to Handsigns and Jutsu

Called: Uma

Dispelling Genjutsu and fireball technique.  Main users of this sign include the Uchiha clan for their fireball techniques.

8. Goat (Ram)

naruto Goat hand sign

Called: Hitsuji

Not required for any transformation.

But is often used for summoning clones. The Shadow Clones are a forbidden variation of this Jutsu that use the iconic finger perpendicular to each other version of the Hitsuji sign.

9. Monkey

naruto Monkey hand sign

Called: Saru

No vital transformation.

But it is often seen as it is performed by Uchiha Sasuke while performing Chidori.

10. Rooster

naruto Rooster hand sign

Called: Tori

Used for Wind Release.

Naruto is often seen using this sign while adding his wind transformation to the Rasengan.

11. Dog

naruto Dog hand sign

Called: Inu

For Water Release.

Kiri-kagure Ninja’s like Zabuza, Suigetsu, Kisame are often seen using this sign.

12. Boar

naruto Boar hand sign

Called: I

Used in summoning Jutsu.

Jiraiya and Naruto use this sign while summoning toads.

Once you know enough about handsign, you’re ready to use your chakra… After this one step.

You need to know what Jutsu you want to do, to do it.

Jutsu are categorised into majorly three types:


Ninjutsu Naruto Guide to Handsigns and Jutsu

Change the Nature or shape of your chakra to convert it into an element like fire or water, a combination of elements like wood or boil release or even summon things to and from different dimensions at the cost of your own chakra.


Genjutsu Naruto Guide to Handsigns and Jutsu

Control the chakra flow of your opponents body to show them illusions like slowing time, being tortured or being suffocated and so on


Taijutsu Naruto Guide to Handsigns and Jutsu

Physical Combat techniques like punching and kicking, but can also be enhanced to a great extent by opening the chakra limiters often at the cost of severe injuries leading to even death

There are various categories under these three major classes as well including

  – Fuinjutsu or sealing techniques used for sealing curses or jutsus.

  – Bukijutsu or weapon techniques used for and while handling any weapons.

  – Kekkai Ninjutsu or Barrier techniques are the ones that are used to create barriers using either one person or many people.

  – Kinjutsu or forbidden techniques which aren’t allowed to be taught, used or learnt often because the impact or price to be paid is too heavy.

  – Senjutsu or Sage techniques that use the chakra or life force freely flowing in nature.

  – Space-time Ninjutsu are techniques used to change dimensions, like summoning swords, contracted summons from different dimensions and so on.

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