Can Naruto use the Wood-Release Jutsu?

Hashirama has been a key player in the shinobi community since the first chapters of the Naruto series.

His physical abilities and medical ninjutsu are so great that they are practically mythical in the Naruto universe.

And the legendary Wood Release is a jutsu that he can only use himself. Due to the complexity and power of Hashirama’s wood release, it is nearly difficult to use this jutsu without Hashirama cells.

Yamato has indicated that the fundamental principle of wood release jutsu is a synthesis of Earth and Water elements.

Although Yamato’s wooden aesthetic is an improvement over Hashirama’s, it is still not on par with the latter.

You may have observed that Yamato can only build wooden structures like houses, shields, bridges, etc.

Hashirama was the only one who could make wood sculptures that seemed alive. Hashirama had such a remarkable wood style that he could make lush forests out of a tangle of hand gestures.

Though, there is still one more individual in the Narutoverse that can use the wood release method. It’s the boy slayer himself, Naruto.

How can Naruto use the wood-release jutsu?

can naruto use the wood release jutsu Can Naruto use the Wood-Release Jutsu?

Naruto’s ability to wield all nature styles and the Kekkei Genkai of the magnet, boil, and lava discharge has been on display ever since he attained the Six Path Chakra.

Even more impressively, he is also adept at Yin-Yang and Yin-Yang release. However, he has to work at being proficient in all of these techniques. This is because he possesses the Sage of the Six Path chakra and is hence the jinchuriki of all-tailed creatures.

Hashirama’s ability to use Wood Release to create living trees and other things like wood golems shows that it had more than two chakra natures composed of Yin and Yang energy, as well as earth and water.

Hashirama’s Yin Yang releasing skills were demonstrated when he made wooden statues that came to life and trees that sprang from their trunks.

The Creation of All Things method is necessary to do this. Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths, is the sole known user of this method. It would appear that Hashirama, also unintentionally, was employing this strategy.

The golem-powered wood-release jutsu of Hashirama

The jutsu known as “Creation of All Things” was another one that Naruto mastered. He put it to use when he undid Might Guy’s disintegration by closing the Death Gate. Kakashis’ left eye was completely gone, but he returned it from the dead.

Naruto has access to all five nature styles and the Yin Yang release because he is the jinchuriki of tailed animals. Technically, Naruto could learn Wood Release on his own and add it to his long list of jutsus.

We might get to watch Naruto forge a Wood Release Rasenshuriken. That would be even more devastating if he gave Kuramas a wood golem for protection.

This might give them even more power than he now possesses. Unlike Hashirama, Naruto wouldn’t have to waste chakra on self-healing to gain this power. Because Kuramas’ chakra improves Naruto’s natural healing skills.

Since Naruto doesn’t need Hashirama’s sage jutsu or cell-splitting method to heal himself, he may be able to use Wood Release in a way that Hashirama could never have thought of. If Naruto adds Senjutsu and Kurama/tailed beast chakra to his Wood Release, he will have the best offensive and defensive wood-type jutsu in the world.

The Drawbacks of Naruto’s Wood-Style Jutsu

The possibility of Naruto learning wood-style jutsu is minimal, yet it is not impossible. Naruto, however, is adept in every technique.

He lacks the mental capacity to bring together the yin and yang energies of the chakras. Consider also how long it will take Naruto to learn how to use it effectively.

It would still take Naruto days to perfect it and more days to be able to employ it at the Hashirama level, even with Shadow clones.

After becoming Hokage, Naruto has so much on his plate that he barely has time to sleep.

It is preferable for Naruto, with his current pace, to employ chakra styles singly. since they can quickly shape their chakra into a powerful attack or defense.

Naruto lacks the patience to combine two types of nature jutsu and then knead enormous amounts of chakra to create a specific jutsu.

Especially considering that his most recent foes have all been superhumanly quick, either by being able to move at the speed of light or by teleporting quickly to where he is.

True Several Thousand Hands, an Artistic Release of Sage Wood

For this reason, if Naruto were to study Wood Style, he would slow down. In addition, Hashirama benefited most from the wood method because he was helpless against Madara and his Susanoo.

Whereas Naruto possesses enough tailed beasts to defeat a Susanoo. Sasuke required the combined chakra of all the tailed monsters to defeat Naruto, but the Yang half of Kurama was all he needed.

So, the fact that Naruto has learned Wood Style is impressive, but it doesn’t help him in any way.

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