What is Boruto Eye & Jougan Powers?

Shinobi’s world in Naruto, as well as Boruto’s, employ ninjutsu methods, or spells, to channel chakra. The connection between ninjutsu and the franchise is strong.

That powerful so that any of these ninjutsu methods becomes an indicator to identify Naruto as well as Boruto’s character. 

Now, what could this technique be? It’s known as the Dojutsu also known as the Eye Technique.

Naruto has already introduced his fans to a series of Dojutsu techniques, but his right eye is a mystery to them. We’re here to deconstruct the nature of his eye.

Short Answer

The eye, Boruto is born with, is also known as “the Jougan.

Even though it is been not explicitly mentioned in the show, the manga’s translation panel suggests so.

The Jougan can allow him to perceive and view chakra, its pathways system as well as, observe the invisible barriers between various levels. It is known as the “Pure Eye”.

Boruto’s Dojutsu

The eye of Boruto isn’t officially referred to as”the Jougan in the animated series yet.

Chengxi Huang, an animator of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has posted a photo of Boruto on his blog, with the words Jougan.

What exactly is Jougan?

Boruto Eye & Jougan

Jougan translates to Pure Eye. The animator clarified that Eye of Boruto was not a Byakugan or a Tenseigan.

He also said that it’s related in that to the Otsutski family’s dimensions. Jougan is a unique Dojutsu. 

Jougan can be described as a distinct Dojutsu that’s powers are exclusive by only the Otsutski clan.

The clan members assert that the clan is troublesome, and is a power that was inherited by the clan.

Jougan’s appearance

The Dojutsu appears blue with a black sclera, halo, and black sclera surrounding the pupil.

Fans have noticed the distinct similarities between the Tenseigan of Toneri and the Jougan appearance-wise. 

The public was first introduced to the Boruto anime in the form of a cartoon, with Boruto already having a moderate level of control over his eyes.

Jougan’s abilities

The eye’s activation in Boruto occurred earlier in life raises questions about its cause. 

In its early phases, the activation would occur involuntarily, particularly when Boruto would fixate his attention on an individual or object.

The true origins and strength of the Jougan have not been made clear, but some theories are based on the Jougan. The Jougan gives three types of powers, which are well-known.

One of the advantages is the ability to perceive and feel chakras, which include Dark Chakra. 

The ability is self-activated, particularly in the presence of hazardous elements. Boruto isn’t fully in control of this ability yet.

The second is the ability to be able to discern the Chakra pathway system that is a derivative of Byakugan’s power, yet it also has a view over Byakugan because Boruto can spot essential Chakra points.

Then, Boruto can see invisible barriers that connect the various dimension. It was seen that he could also alter the dimensional portal in the interaction with his classmate Sumire Kakei.

Toneri & Tenseigan

Toneri Otsutski is the son of Hamura Otsutsuki and is the only survivor of the Otsutski branches on the moon. It was his main adversary in “The Final: Naruto the movie.”

Toneri Otsutski was awakened by his Tenseigan after taking his Byakugan out of Hanabi Hyuga and confirming the Byakugan as a requirement for the Tenseigan. The Tenseigan was first discovered by Hamura Otsutsuki.

It’s known as it the Reincarnation Eye and looks identical to the Jougan. There is not much information about the Tenseigan however, it is said that Hamura employed the Tenseigan to bring peace to his people.

Toneri’s aim to achieve in The Last Naruto Movie was to bring salvation for humanity. He was adamant about the use of chakra as a weapon by humans.

The majority of information about its powers is that it’s comparable with that of Six Paths Sage Mode and has the same kinetic power as the one in Rinnegan

In contrast to Naruto, Toneri emits a green aura when making use of his power.

The Origins Of the Pure Eye

The Origins Of the Pure Eye

In the 8th episode of Boruto in episode 8 we witness returning Toneri Otsutski from The Last Naruto the Movie. 

Oddly, he does not appear in the form of a corporeal person, but rather as an incarnation of Boruto’s dreams.

Toneri refers to his eye as the “Star of Hope” and asserts his belief that hope’s power is in him and will fight against the devastation coming. To illustrate this, Toneri refers to Boruto’s eye as the Jougan or Pure Eye.

Based on this knowledge and the origins of Toneri it is believed the belief that Jougan originates from a Dojutsu originating from the Byakugan-Tenseigan lineage.

Many consider that Toneri himself conferred the eye to Boruto during The Last Naruto the Movie possibly to keep his legacy alive. 

Another theory that is widely accepted regarding the nature of the human eye could be it is a natural expression.

The claim is it is believed that Jougan appeared to be the manifestation of Hinata and Naruto’s chakra inside Boruto. 

This aligns with the message of the anime that the eyes of Boruto are biological and only biology.

In the story of The Last Naruto, Hinata is called the Hyuuga Princess. She receives the chakra directly from Hamura and later aids in the deactivation of Toneri. 

Naruto received Hamura’s twin brother’s chakra, Hagoromo during The Fourth Shinobi World War. The two chakras together resulted in the removal of evil-incarnated Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Kaguya was swept into the depths of evil by using chakra. her two sons were compelled to ward off her evil. 

This proves that her sons utilized their chakras to benefit others and cleansed the evil.

Thus, it’s not a stretch to believe that Boruto’s eye, which is referred to as “The Pure Eye,” is destined to cleanse evil and the imminent death that is coming to this world.

Other Dojutsus

In addition to Jougan and Tenseigan, there are the Three Dojutsus of Greatness: Byakugan, Sharingan, and Rinnegan. 

The Byakugan or the White Eye is a Dojutsu acquired through members of the Hyuuga Clan. The Otsutsuki clan is also a part of this dojutsu that they acquired through Kaguya Otsutski.

The Dojutsu confers abilities like 360-degree view and the ability to observe the chakra flow of another’s body. It’s also called “The All-Seeing Eye.”

The Sharingan or the Mirror Wheel Eye is one of the dojutsu styles that belong in that to the Uchiha clan. It was mastered by Kaguya Otsutski, who passed it on to her grandchild Indra Otsutski.

The Sharingan is a complex dojutsu, with variations and different capabilities. 

There’s mangekyo Sharingan and the Ultimate Mangekyo Sharingan and the standard Sharingan.

The Sharean’s fundamental feature lets the player follow the opponent’s movements and then copy them in the same manner.

Genjutsu comes in two types: Izanagi and Izanami. Izanagi can alter reality for a short time.

Izanami acts as a defensive strategy that eliminates the user’s eyes and creates the illusion of a loop in which the opponent must recognize his mistakes and get out.

The Rinnegan, or the Samsara Eye, comes from Kaguya’s Rinne Sharingan and was acquired by her son, Hagoromo Otsutsuki. 

The Rinnegan is a druid with one of the six paths of abilities and can only be activated by the chakras of Indra and Asura that are present in the body. 

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