28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Muscular Anime girls are hard to beat. Bisuke smashes her opponents into dust, and Mikasa beats Titans that are many times her size.

With their frightening muscles and sharp eyes, these women are the most powerful characters in anime.

Get ready to be blown away.

Muscular women are a unique group of people who have thrown out society’s old ideas of “femininity” and made their own.

They are strong, driven, and a great example for anyone who wants to get in shape.

Even though the ideal Japanese woman is small, anime has a lot of strong female characters.

Some are great because they are strong and good at fighting, while others are great because they are funny.

Often, they are both.

One thing they all have in common is that I could use any of them to break mine like chopsticks.

28. Annie Leonhart (Female Titan) from Attack On Titan

Annie Leonhart Female Titan from Attack On Titan 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Annie was very young when she got the power to change into The Female Titan.

She is well-known for her ripped body and clear muscles.

She can make any part of her body stronger, which gives her a big advantage in fight.

She is as strong as a diamond and can break ultra-steel blades.

The Female Titan is one of the scariest and most nerve-wracking figures, mostly because she looks so calm while she beats the daylight.

27. Tsubame Kamoi from UzaMaid!

Tsubame Kamoi from UzaMaid 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

This picture shows what I call “the definition of a woman’s muscles” on Tsubame.

The training she got when she first joined the JSDF is the reason she is so strong.

Tsubame is so solid and chiseled that if someone tried to punch her, they would probably break their waist.

In every scene, she looks pretty ripped.

26. Rosalin Lady Muscle from Jungle King Tar-chan

Rosalin Lady Muscle 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Every person in Jungle King Tar-chan is built like a tank.

Rosalin is one of the top female elite contestants, and she was used as a test subject in a bad experiment by the MAX organization.

She was given the brain of a lioness and 30% more strength.

In her transformation mode, Rosalin’s inner strength comes out, and she changes into a super animal ready to jump on anyone who gets in her way.

25. Ghislaine Dedoldia from Jobless Reincarnation

Ghislaine Dedoldia from Jobless Reincarnation 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Ghislaine is a fierce fighter from the Beast Race, and she was given muscles that are in great shape.

She has great six-pack abs that she likes to show off by wearing tight clothes.

She looks like an Amazon fighter because of how her face is shaped and how dark her skin is.

But despite how scary she looks, she is really an emotional person who helps other people.

24. Mikage Sharaku From Durarara!!

Mikage Sharaku from Durarara 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Mikage likes to keep herself in prime form always. She trains in a crazy way because she is so determined. You can be sure she can break concrete with just her hands.

You can mess with her all you want if you want to get your head crushed.

We don’t get to see Mikage’s muscles until the very end of the show, but when she works with her brothers at the dojo, she acts like a tomboy.

Mikage is a force of nature who acts with discipline and has a lot of power in his stomach.

23. Miss Monday from One Piece

Miss Monday from One Piece 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Miss Monday is one of the few female characters in the show who can be seen to have muscles, so kudos to her.

I wish more women in One Piece were like her. The big, reckless girl doesn’t mind being “one of the guys” because she can drink as much as they can.

When she punched Zoro in the face with brass knuckles, Miss Monday showed how strong she was.

She can throw barrels of booze across the street and swing a big, heavy log at her enemies, crushing them.

22. Reiko Ando from Outlaw Star

Reiko Ando from outlaw star 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Give it to Reiko in the red spot, which stands for “The Strongest Woman in the Universe.” Reiko is a skilled female warrior who can knock anyone out with a German Suplex.

Even though things were hard, she was able to keep winning for four years in a row.

This shows what kind of person she became. Her soft side is the exact opposite of how dangerous she is.

Reiko wants to marry Mr. Right, but he is the wrong person for her.

21. Ayaka Uehara From Dumbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?

Ayaka Uehara from Dumbell Nan Kilo Moteru 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Jormungand isn’t known for its fan service, but they did a great job when Sofia was shown in a swimsuit. 

You can’t help but feel jealous of her ripped body, even when she isn’t. 

She is quick and precise with her guns and does not shy away from hand-to-hand combat.

However, we have seen her use knives to kill her enemies. 

She is a fierce fighter and her devotion to Koko makes her a great warrior.

20. Yukina From Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

This inspiring engineer is the ideal example of what everyone should strive to be.

Not just in her physical appearance, which is already amazing, but in her attitude. 

She is a silent and meticulous worker, supporting everyone and coordinating the repairs and transport of the train. 

She has developed muscles because her work requires a lot of labour. 

Although she’s not as large as the other members of this list, she has a good routine and takes great care of her body. 

She is kind, thoughtful, and intelligent.

19. Yuko Oshima From Keijo!

de7yr3b 9a587851 19ec 43a7 b3d3 e46c30c0b453 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Keijo! Keijo is a sport in which women compete to knock each other off a platform using their breasts and butts.

Although it may seem absurd, the strength required to beat other women without having to use your limbs should not be underestimated.

Yuko, a Keijo expert player, would naturally have such a strong frame.

18. Amazoness From Arakawa Under the Bridge

Amazoness From Arakawa Under the Bridge 1 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

The Amazons, a group of female warriors from Greece, are described as a nation that outperformed men in battle and all other physical tests.

The Amazoness of Arakawa Under the Bridge certainly looks like she could beat any character on the show, male or female, in any physical test, including bodybuilding.

Look at those muscles!

This bizarre and hilarious character has something funny about it.

Her deep voice can sometimes sound like a woman in love.

17. Tsuchiya From Mob Psycho 100

Tsuchiya isn’t given much screen time in the Mob Psycho 100 anime.

It’s enough to make a lasting impression.

This former Esper terrorist rocks a very 80s androgynous look thanks to her unique hairstyle and muscular body.

She’s a bit like Kill la Kill’s Ragyo Kiryuin.

This muscle isn’t for show.

Tsuchiya uses her Esper powers to enhance her fighting skills and strengthen her already tough-hitting body.

16. Zorin Blitz From Hellsing Ultimate

Zorin Blitz From Hellsing Ultimate 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Zorin has menacing tattoos all over her body, with the most prominent being the one on her right side.

Her looks and physique will make you fearful. 

Zorin is a vampire with many supernatural abilities, including speed and illusion magic

As if her appearance wasn’t enough to be frightening, she also has a dark and shiny scythe in her hands for most of the show. 

Did I mention that she is a sadist?

15. Michelle K. Davis From Terraformars

Michelle K 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Rogue humanoid Cockroaches are a menace to humanity and soldiers are sent to Mars to confront them. 

It won’t be easy because the cockroaches don’t like to be disturbed. 

Michelle is a strong advocate for body fitness.

She has the genes, training and diet to support her physical strength. 

Michelle puts a lot of effort into her body and displays a realistic view of strength and muscle. 

Michelle is beautiful, and she has a hulk-like look. 

She is a strong believer in justice and is passionate about her work. 

She can’t help but love cute things.

14. Daidouji From Senran Kagura

Daidouji From Senran Kagura 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Jotaro Kujo of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is cool if you like it.

Love Senran Kagura’s Daidouji.

Senran Kagura’s houses are built of brick.

Only Daidouji packs so much heat into her abdomen.

She is also a formidable senior at Hanzo Academy.

She is a Ninja with incredible strength and stealth.

Daidouji is an excellent example of the Delinquent Leader Girl archetype.

13. Nikuma From The Qwaser of Stigmata

Nikuma From The Qwaser of Stigmata 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Okuma, with her muscular muscles and impressive abs, is the perfect trainer. 

Nikuma’s military-like attitude and frightening gaze can make anyone feel like a soldier. 

She is a nun who trains Athos’ girls. 

All the girls at Athos are inspired by her amazing musculature. 

She is smart and quick-witted, and her tongue is razor-sharp.

These qualities make her an excellent teacher and a fearsome opponent. 

12. Mizuki From One Punch Man

Mizuki from One Punch Man 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Mizuki would surely be the “hottest muscular character in anime” if this were true.

She has a beautifully chiselled body and musculature.

Her beautiful features, large breasts, and plump rear remind me of Princess Crown characters, but she is much more modest.

As of writing, she is not in the One Punch Man anime. It may seem a bit cheating to list her here so early.

She is, however, really made an impact on the manga and it’s amazing to see how her athletic background is incorporated into her life as a hero.

11. Maki Oze From Fire Force

Maki Oze From Fire Force 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Maki Oze might not be tall or have larger muscles than her head.

One look at her abs will tell you she is a buff woman.

This small package contains a lot of hidden potentials.

The Second Generation Fire Soldier is always ready to show any third-gen who’s boss, just like she did to Shinra or Arthur when they were still getting acquainted.

Her strong, defined abs contrast with her romantic nature and her ability to create adorable fire spirits. 

Although they call her the Witch Queen or Forest Fairy, this girl is actually more of a forest fairy.

10. Seungah Park From The God of High School

tumblr b10bb5ed6c0275bba8cf4863bd5f90a6 3f0df294 2048 1 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Seungah Park is an anime character that shines because it looks exactly like the real thing.

This badass fighter was trained in martial arts from her early childhood. It gave her extraordinary endurance, agility and strength.

It is only natural that she would have such a strong, well-built body. Even though most anime would have made her smaller than she was.

She is as strong as she looks. Her mastery of the Taekkyeon fighting style helped her to win the God of High School tournament.

9. Olivier Mira Armstrong From FMA Brotherhood

9. Olivier Mira Armstrong from FMA Brotherhood 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Olivier Armstrong is a hilarious example of the Mandela Effect.

Ask any Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood fan and they will tell you that this ruthless leader is a ripoff. But in reality, it’s not what we see in anime.

It’s safe to assume, however, that the Amestrian military fatigues conceal a muscular body.

She sure acts like she’s the best buff around, whenever she’s present.

And considering that she can force her little brother Louis Armstrong to submit, it would be strange if she weren’t packing heat.

8. Matrona From The Seven Deadly Sins

Matrona 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Matrona is the most muscular anime girl thanks to her body and abilities. 

Matrona, a proud giantess, is bigger than most people and has a chiselled body that is almost flawless. 

Matrona has been fighting for over 800 years and was once the chief warrior of the Giant Clan. 

She is feared by all enemies because of her powerful muscles and her battle experience. 

Although she was once a brutal killer, she learned the value of mercy after showing mercy to her enemies. 

Dolores and Diane are her mentors.

She is also strict with them. 

She is a skilled battlefield warrior, but she is also a dedicated mother to her two children.

This shows that she can deal with even the most hostile of adversaries.

7. Kale From Dragon Ball Super

dragon ball super kale 1119220 1280x0 1 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Do not be deceived by her timid and gentle nature. 

Although Kale may not appear all the time, when she taps into her muscular side, she can break bones like sticks. 

She is a Saiyan of Universe 6. 

When she taps into her Berserk aspect, her strength and muscle mass increase dramatically. 

When her hair becomes green, and with that fierce, I-am-going-to-rip-your-head-off look, it is only natural to tremble in fear of her. 

She is the only person in the series that can match Goku’s abilities.

6. Sakura Oogami From Danganronpa: The Animation

Sakura Oogami From Danganronpa 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Sakura is the most fearsome person you will ever meet, and she’s not one to be ignored when it comes to school

Sakura has a terrifying voice and an intimidating look in her eyes.

She aspires to be the strongest person on the planet and is working hard towards that goal. 

Sakura’s intimidating stature is frightening, but her calm demeanour and levelheaded nature make her even more terrifying – unless you do her harm or her friends.

5. Noi From Dorohedoro

Noi From Dorohedoro 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Noi is a silver-white woman with red eyes. 

She is fourth in height and very muscular. 

Other characters are often unsure of their gender until they speak or remove their mask. 

Five piercings are placed on each ear, and her ears are pierced multiple times.

4. Saki Uno From Magical Girl Ore

Saki Uno From Magical girls 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

This character is ranked at the top of our rankings, but it’s a little grey.

Saki Uno is a normal young girl. Her magical transformation into a girl only adds to her girly charm with many frills, pinks and other feminine touches.

Saki taps into her inner power and protects the one she loves.

It’s not clear if she is a woman in this form. But, on the inside, she’s Saki Uno.

Given her sexiness, it would have seemed a waste not to include her.

3. Biscuit Krueger From Hunter x Hunter

Biscuit Krueger From Hunter x Hunter 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

Bisky loves to be cute and girly. 

Bisky says that it is to make her enemies underestimate her and then surprise them with her power. 

We were shocked to see the extent of her body. 

We can’t help admiring her bulky muscles and three-fold increase in size, even though she doesn’t like them. 

She also has a secret side to her personality. 

She is manipulative and cunning.

2. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

anime attack on titan mikasa ackerman shingeki no kyojin wallpaper preview 1 28 Best Muscular Anime Girls of All Time

She is a master at 3D Maneuvering and her skills are not to be underestimated. 

Her formidable opponent is well-known in anime. 

Although this frightening character was already terrifying, she became a monster after taking the time leap.

She has also been hard training to show off her muscles and abs. 

With her strong arms and agility, she can destroy an opponent. 

You’d die if you ever found yourself on the wrong side.

1. Valmet From Jormungand

Valmet is tall and youthful-looking.

She has pale skin, long dark hair, and narrow eyes. She has light-yellow eyes and black hair

Her hair is a hime-style.

It was originally shoulder-length, but she cut it to her chin to allow it to grow out. She wears a white eye patch over her missing right eye. 

A black tattoo depicting a winged fist holding a knife and a Christian cross at the center of her wings is on her left shoulder blade. It dates back to her time in the Finnish military

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