24 Anime Ninja Girl Characters of All Time

I think that we all believe that ninjas look cool. 

They’re sneaky and deadly and I’m swayed to believe that they’ve got their own kind of “a manner “… that is to dislike?

Ninja girls, in particular, emit the “kuudere slash your throat” impression that’s just beautiful. 

We’re going to pick our favorite characters from every anime.

To be clear I’m counting all the female characters who are sneaky assassins too. 

To ensure that this doesn’t turn into a Naruto gathering.

24. Yukikaze Panettone From Dog Days

Yukikaze Panettone From Dog Days 24 Anime Ninja Girl Characters of All Time

Technically speaking, the only reason to say that Yukikaze Panettone is a ninja is due to her clothing. 

She’s actually part of the Biscotti Knights Secret Squad.

However, before you slam Yukikaze for being not a ninja I’ll convince you that she is. 

Yukikaze is a fantastic character that actually has a character that resembles a ninja, such as her quick movements and proficiency with different weapons. 

If she were truly a Ninja, she’d be swiftly rising up the ranks of the list!

23. Sarasvati From Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Sarasvati From Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka

Another ninja is here in Kore the Wa Zombie Desu Ka. Sarasvati is Seraphim’s senpai meaning she’s a vampire Ninja. 

In all respects, Sarasvati or Saras is superior to Sera with the exception of Sera’s larger and more prominent bust. 

Apart from having the title of vampire Ninja Saras is also a professional… as an idol!

Yep. When you thought Saras is a strict and rigid leader, you’ll learn she’s a sociable and dependable leader.

Saras is also known as Lovely Kirara. Kirara is a renowned model. 

Additionally, Saras also has her hands full of running a cafe with a maid along with her friends. 

What’s up with that?

22. Hikage From Senran Kagura

Hikage From Senran Kagura

Hikage is among the fan-favorite characters from the anime series by Senran Kagura. 

One of the things that make her appealing is her fierce ninja abilities and her cool, icy stare. 

The look on her face says it all. 

Hikage does not like to talk and isn’t one to display feelings… as well she’s also not feeling too strongly about it.

This can be her weakness, but it is her strength instead. 

Being unable to feel anything (or even nothing) made her a formidable killer using her deadly knives. 

As the story was progressing, Hikage became eager to discover more about her emotions (especially those she experienced when she was in a fight against Katsuragi).

21. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa From Soul Eater

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa From Soul Eater

Forgiving, patient generous, caring, and compassionate, Tsubaki is definitely not the usual weapon of demons. 

She is calm and caring that makes her a wonderful friend as well as an extremely formidable adversary should you do ever get in her crossfire.

Due to her character, it is not uncommon for her to be criticized for being over generous and being an overbearing person however she isn’t bothered by any of it, since she is happy to have her heart set in the right direction.

20. Chelsea From Akame ga Kill!

Chelsea From Akame ga Kill!

From the whole assassins, Chelsea is definitely the most “on-brand”.

Although the majority of characters still rely on brutal strength typically, Chelsea is concerned with the elements that are ‘the unexpected‘.

She can alter her appearance and employ camouflage to make her prayers before inserting the needle into their throat. 

To accomplish her goals, she studies her targets and their manner of speaking, how they behave as well as how they treat their coworkers, everything.

It’s possible that she’s not carrying a shuriken, however, I’m convinced she’s the best ninja I’ve ever seen.

19. Kyouka Izumi From Bungo Stray Dogs

Kyouka Izumi From Bungo Stray Dogs

If you are a fan of Ninja girls with katanas If so, then Izumi is the right choice for you, sort of.

She’s an excellent assassin. She initially, she is a victim of the “do and die” mindset when it comes to any task.

However, it’s not her who is the sword’s owner, however, rather the standing Phantom which she summons.

You can imagine that the phantom could make quick work of a lot of people. 

Because Izumi is a sweet girl, nobody could ever claim that she committed such horrific crimes.

18. Himiko Toga From Boku no Hero Academia

Himiko Toga From Boku no Hero Academia

For all the crazy people on the planet, I’ve got you.

Toga has a mind of its own and there are no better ways to deal with it. 

She is obsessed with blood and appears to be extremely enjoying herself while stabbing people.

Her quirk lets her alter her appearance to ensure that she looks like the blood sample she had the pleasure of tasting. 

You’ll soon understand the reason she’s an outstanding assassin.

Beyond her uniqueness, she’s got some seriously agile points. 

She’s also pretty adept with knives and other sharp objects therefore, even if her appearance is damaged, the fight isn’t necessarily done.

17. Kagero From Ninja Scrolls

Kagero From Ninja Scrolls

It’s evident within the name. Kagero certainly has a unique set of abilities, since instead of the typical shuriken, blade needle, or blade she prefers classic Kuzco chemical.

But she’s not the only person to use poison to ward off an individual. 

Also, she’s the clan’s taster master, in order to ensure that there aren’t any Tide pods making it in his food.

However, it has been happening so often that she’s not only invincible to poisons of all kinds however, her blood is now basically poisonous.

You can take what you like however having poison in your hand each when you receive a papercut looks pretty good for her field of work.

16. Irina Jelavic From Assassination Classroom

Irina Jelavic From Assassination Classroom

This particular character was given the most unflattering name, did she not?

However, to credit when credit is due, Irina is a marvelous assassin.

She has acquired multiple languages, allowing her to connect with almost anybody, and has developed her seduction skills to the level of irresistible charm.

Just when you’re about to lose your vigilance and you’re not paying attention, boom: you’re lost cause.

She’s been used as an amusing character for a long time however, when she becomes serious, she’s beyond important: she’s essential.

15. Goemon Hachisuka From The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Goemon Hachisuka From The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

As a ninja, Goemon is a fully-fledged adult and a warrior.

She is confidently leading her gang of thieves and doesn’t fear any kind of thing. 

She’s capable of taking a deadly archer for you, and she won’t even bat an eyelash.

However, as a functional person, it’s like she’s just a kid.

As is the norm in anime every interaction with a male with lots of blushing, panting and maybe some monologues and awkwardness is sure to take over the air.

So you can see, choose your battles, but don’t engage her, and be sure you’re keeping your distance.

14. Elsa Granhiert From Re: Zero

Elsa Granhiert From Re: Zero

Geez! I think this female really enjoys her daily intake of human bowels does she not?

You can guess from her assertion, she’s not as discrete as some of them, since she plays with her victims some time and has her own unique method of killing.

However, she’s a pro. Don’t expect her to jump into the scene and then start playing.

She’ll take her time to make you feel isolated or even an intimate group and then attack just when you are least expecting it. 

Additionally, she could retain a grudge for long enough, so be aware.

13. Oboro Iga From Basilisk

Oboro Iga From Basilisk

I’m not able to help but believe that I’ve seen this person in another place.

A leader in a family without limits and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. 

In addition, she is an OP power that is activated by her eyes. She can deter her foes from using their power.

The only thing I’m going to declare is she has made another appearance on the top of the list. 

But I will admit that Iga is slightly more deadly and is able to get her temper out… and that is why she can transform her “neutralizing” eyes into a death-glance.

12. Sheele From Akame ga Kill!

Sheele From Akame ga Kill!

Personally, I wouldn’t ever consider scissors as an inherently dangerous weapon. 

However, whatever is effective I suppose.

Sheele is a gem in rough in the world of assassinations due to the fact that she’s not sloppy enough to fall over uneven flooring, and is blind as a bat without her glasses.

When it’s dead time, all the flaws disappear. Whoever is the target gets the hair cut fast.

She’s also quite soft with her family and friends and family, which makes great awe-worthy material.

11. Sarutobi Ayame From Gintama

Sarutobi Ayame From Gintama

The girl in question is an interesting character since every single one of her personality characteristics seems to have a huge “but” just following them.

The two most important ones are that she’s an extremely skilled assassin who is able to kill an insect flying with her kunai however, she’s as blind as bats in regards to everything which doesn’t involve killing.

Also, she’s a ruthless killer who will not flinch when you go to a funeral however, she’s pretty much six when her husband appears on the scene.

I’m sure the writers were trying to put two characters together. 

It worked as she’s an entertaining comedybut I am eager to see more of her murderous rampages.

10. Eri Shiina From Angel Beats!

Eri Shiina From Angel Beats!

God thank this person for being a typical kid after watching one of the ninja movies.

It’s true, she’s doing the traditional things such as hiding in shadows, using her fingers to balance things and claiming to be a”ninja” (in case you’re unaware), and even carrying a classic ninja sword.

However, her true child is evident when she is playing with stuffed animals.

She’s the epitome of “it’s so soft, I’m about to die” since she’s been lured into numerous traps with the plushie lures.

Luckily, she’s a formidable fighter, and she’s able to take care of herself when she’s in such a situation.

9. Anko Mitarashi From Naruto

Anko Mitarashi From Naruto

There’s a reason why I’m putting Anko under the guise of Naruto rather than Shippuden or God should I say Boruto… They made my girl dirty!

Original Anko really impressed me immediately. 

She had all the cool aspects of Orochimaru with her snake jutsus, however, she did not look like a demon with sleep paralysis. 

She also had a very smug attitude of making fun of people over death or throwing a kunai in the direction of her pupil, or the typical master-student relationship.

She looked stunning and had a unique jutsus and wasn’t a sham-washed character? Yes!

8. Levi Kazama From Trinity Seven

Levi Kazama From Trinity Seven

This is only the second Levi I’ve seen that’s so cool that I don’t even care about death in itself.

In all seriousness, you’d not want to play with this person. 

She isn’t able to allow even a single emotion to be visible on her face and she can remain calm even in the most difficult circumstances.

However, being one of the best around would cause a lot of people to be pretty calm.

The self-proclaimed ninja is also her using illusions and her extraordinary strength and agility to take out anyone who has the chance to hit their head.

7. Lan Fan From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lan Fan From Fullmetal Alchemist

Lan Fan is literally”ride or die.

The prince’s bodyguard is Ling, and takes her job very seriously and is fully ready to throw hands at you if one bites their thumb towards the prince.

She’s also ready to take on the world if it means Ling might live to see another day or reach the ultimate dream of becoming immortal.

All of this makes her voice very unpredictable and chaotic as well as at times. 

However, it’s likely that she’ll remain quiet and keep an eye on her prince from afar.

6. Misao Makimachi From Rurouni Kenshin

Misao Makimachi From Rurouni Kenshin

This girl was quite an adrenaline-pumping ride to witness.

In part, because her insult combinations were amusing.

Additionally, she continues to display her abilities as a ninja to the point that she gets herself into trouble, and then she “stop exaggerating” and instead does something else that is more impressive, and then indirectly displays her skills.

Then you need to consider whether she has a love affair with her idol Aoshi while she appears to be performing just fine for herself.

In fact, it did take her to Kenshin and I suppose I’m not complaining.

5. Sarada Uchiha From Boruto

Sarada Uchiha From Boruto

If you’ve known me, then you’re aware of the fact that I’m obsessed with positive choices. 

And this is certainly one of them.

Presently, Sarada isn’t the most elite athlete. At least she’s not as irritable and tense as the yellow neck pain.

But, she could be one absolute beast when you think about the power of a Sharingan coupled with Hulk power.

Imagine an adversary who could predict your moves, put your fire on fire, then slash through the world, and then attack like a truck… I’m sure this would be pretty awesome.

4. Moeka Kiryuu From Steins; Gate

Moeka Kiryuu From Steins; Gate

Do I really overstretch the definition of a ninja? Most probably.

Moeka is a strange one. I can imagine her as any character subject to the kind of attention she is getting.

And since we’re aware of how much Steins’sGate enjoys playing around with different timelines We’ve seen the consequences when she’s told to kill.

She’ll do it as a professional, won’t blink an eye, won’t be a witness, and will complete the task quickly.

Imagine if she and the future Apocalypse Ruka came together? 

Then it would be a story that is all its own.

3. Ougi Oshino From Owarimonogatari

Ougi Oshino From Owarimonogatari

So, let me repeat this: aside from murder, the primary goals of a good ninja need to be acquiring details, disseminating inaccurate information as well as sabotaging.

Boy Ougi Ougi accomplishes all of these things to the point that she dances around her fingers.

Knowing exactly the right words to speak to every person she could make them explode or remain quiet and go to a different place or avoid people, she became a complete puppet master.

In the event that it took a while before I realized it was her fault, I can say with certainty that she’d make an outstanding Ninja in any role.

2. Seraphim From Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (Is this an actual Zombie?)

Seraphim From Kore wa Zombie desu ka

We’ve had a few stories about normal ninjas, but boring, right?

The focus is on the vampire ninjas right now!

Yes, I’m serious. Seraphim is a ninja vampire. 

She’s also a servant but she communicates with the “master” in a highly not-PG manner, to put it in a different way.

Aside from her bad manners, she’s extremely proficient in her skills with a sword.

She’ll ensure that you are aware of just how proficient she is.

and I’m not just saying fair She does kick in a serious, hard butt.

1. Hinata Hyuuga From Naruto: Shippuden

Hinata Hyuuga From Naruto: Shippuden

It’s true that once you’ve gotten through all of the characters you will realize that Naruto Ninjas are not the most similar to ninjas in this collection.

That’s right, Hinata is definitely not assassinating anybody. 

However, her byakugan is efficient in gathering information and spotting traps set by enemies.

It also aids in beating the ever-changing hell out of your adversaries, since you are able to block their chakra pathways and let them sit like ducks.

The real reason Hinata is in the top spot is due to her being the overall top woman… or perhaps with the self-confidence of a turtle and also is a Ninja.

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