27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

In the Naruto series, we have seen some of the most talented female characters, who have entertained us with their amazing techniques. 

With the arrival of Boruto, Naruto is a huge series, so there must be a lot of characters. And there are, and most of them are women.

Naruto is known for having some of the hottest female characters in anime, so here is a list of the top sexiest Naruto female characters.

For this list, we’ll use figures from both Naruto and Boruto’s manga, anime, and movies. So, some of the figures are just there to fill space.

Also, we’ll only rank figures that are right for kids of that age. In the show’s current storyline, the characters whose ages are lower in the table are already adults.

The age on the table shows how old they were when they were last seen in the show.

27. Delta

Delta naruto 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Even if Delta is hot, he shouldn’t be forgiven for hurting Himawari. But let’s look at the good things for now.

Delta is one of the most attractive women in Naruto. She has fluffy blonde hair and a mark on her forehead.

Her blue dress, which showed a lot of skin, and her long eyebrows only helped her case.

26. Ayame

Ayame 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

When everyone in Naruto’s town made fun of him, it was the Ichiraku Ramen that served him with a smile and ease.

Fans loved Ayame and her father so much because they always treated Naruto like a valuable customer, just like her father did.

The waitress is a young woman who looks happy and bright.

25. Yugao Uzuki

yugao 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Yugao Uzuki, the ANBU commander for the Hidden Leaf Village, is Yugao Uzuki.

A lot of ANBUs’ names are never shown in Naruto, so when a female ANBU showed up, it was a nice surprise. Yugao Uzuki’s sad love story makes her even more likeable.

Yugao is hot, just like every other strong woman. Her determination is what makes her so beautiful, but her beauty doesn’t hurt.

Although she isn’t as beautiful as the others, her beauty makes up for it with her superior athletic skills and hot body.

24. Hana

Hana Inuzuka 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

There’s always one guy with a hot sister, and that guy is Kiba. Hana Inuzuka loves dogs just like the rest of her family, and she has a cute puppy of her own.

She has tattoos on both of her cheeks in the shape of Inuzuka’s fangs. Hana’s skin is smooth and her lips are colored.

Her body is tall and thin, with dark brown hair.

Her hair is kept in a ponytail, with two strands falling to her sides.

Two tattoos depict the InuzukaClan under her coal-black eyes.

Her left wrist is covered in a bracelet, and her right hand is covered in bandages.

Her traditional Konoha medical outfit is what she wears.

23. Pakura

Pakura 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Apart from her high height, Pakura’s most distinguishing feature was her hairstyle.

Sunagakure’s famous kunoichi, Pakura, was known for her kekkei genkai, “Scorch Release.” She was Maki’s teacher as well.

Pakura’s skills are a perfect fit for her, since she can’t be anything but scorching hot. The bra top and the two-toned hair will make anyone want to kiss you.

It was tied in a big bun with the top half of the colour green and the bottom half of orange.

With a long needle, she keeps her hair in place.

Like Hana, she has large strands of long hair that fall on both sides of her face.

A backless top without sleeves was worn by her, as well as tight pants.

She also wore a pair of arm warmers to keep her arms covered and reach her shoulders.

22. Guren

Guren 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Two of Guren’s most appealing features were her mysterious nature and sharp eyes.

Guren is only in the Three-Tails Arc as a background character. The main point of the story is how she cares for Yukimaru like a mother.

Guren is as pretty as the crystals she makes. She is one of the most attractive women in Naruto because of the way she looks.

Her devotion to Orochimaru knew no bounds.

Red lipstick gleaming on her lips matched her pale skin and sky-blue hair.

She also has a very spiky hairstyle, so she puts it in a ponytail.

Her footwear consists of a pair of sandals and a green-coloured suit. boots.

21. Yugito Nii

thoughts about yugito nii v0 cqs3kh80t7ma1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Before Hidan and Kakuzu went looking for her, Yugito Nii was the Jinchuriki of Matatabi (Two-Tails).

She was also a famous Kumogakure ninja.

Yugito was as sexy as a cat, which went well with her tail beast.

She was dressed like a soldier, but the way she moved made it hard to take our eyes off of her.

20. Fuka

Fuka 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

She is one of the sexiest characters whose main strategy was to seduce her prey and kill them with a kiss.

Fuka is a character in Naruto Shippuden who is just there to fill space. She was the first girl Naruto ever kissed. Hinata, I’m sorry!

Fuka was a beautiful woman who used her beauty to attract men. She used the fact that guys were interested in her to kiss them and take their chakra. Not a terrible way to go.

Her technique was also named after her execution by Kiss.

Her perfect body and tall, tender figure made her dangerously attractive.

Her blue eyes and the beauty mark below her lips were easily visible. shinobis towards her.

Her usual outfit consisted of a dark qipao and dark boots.

19. Ameno

Water Praying Mantis 1 Ameno 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Ameno is what you’d call a calm beauty. She has a soft beauty that doesn’t take away from how hot she is, but only makes it better.

Ameno was naturally compassionate and loved helping others whenever she could.

She was a great medical ninja and her dedication to saving lives is admirable.

Her long brown fair skin is complimented by her hair that covers her face to the sides.

Her eyes are the same colour as her hair and she wears her hair in a ponytail.

She wears a white sleeveless, shinobi boot-like dress and a white sleeveless blouse.

She also keeps her forehead protectors on her wrists.

18. Kushina Uzumaki

naruto shippuden anime kushina Favim.com 7004755 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

There is no doubt that flashy people are attractive.

Minato Naturally, Kushina deserves to be ranked among the most popular girls in Naruto.

During her life, Kushina was one of the most beautiful women in Konoha, and we can’t say otherwise.

She was married to Minato, the Fourth Hokage, and was the mother of Naruto, the Seventh Hokage.

Kushina looks like a queen because she has long, beautiful red hair. And a pretty one, too.

Kushina stood out from the rest with her bright red hair and blue eyes.

She was calm and collected, but she could lose her temper easily.

Her hair was untied, with a small pin on her right.

Kushina was a beautiful beauty that everyone knew about.

Kushina wore a long, loose dress and traditional shinobi sandals as her usual attire.

17. Mabui 

Mabui 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Mabui was a Shinobi with dark skin who hails from Kumogakure.

The Fourth Raikage of Kumogakure, had a helper named Mabui. During the war, she worked in the offices and helped him. Boy, was she hot!

Mabui is one of the hottest Naruto girls because of her exotic dark skin and contrasting light hair.

She was a good example of a woman who knew how to keep her cool in stressful situations.

Her light grey hair, which she kept in a bun behind the head, reflected her bright eyes.

Like most female characters, she also had two bangs that fell on her face.

Her style was simple, with long sleeves and sandals. She also liked large earrings.

16. Shizuka

Roaring Gale Chop 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Shizuka, a funny and cute girl who lives in the Nadeshiko Village.

Shizuka is not a filler character like most, because she is in both the show and the game. She is the head of Nadeshiko Village and is supposed to get married to a student of Jiraiya’s who beats her in battle.

Shizuka is very attractive and definitely one of the hottest Naruto girls. Her dark hair and bright green eyes are stunning, but her outfit does her figure justice, too.

She is known for being romantic and was touched by Naruto’s love for Sakura.

She is medium in height and has a curvy body.

You might like a Bui, She has green eyes and black locks that reach her waist.

The bangs that fall from her face frame her face beautifully, giving her a lovely look.

She wears a green kimono that matches her eyes.

However, on missions, she will be wearing her kunoichi uniform and a black forehead protector.

15. Samui

Samui 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Some of the shinobi in Kumogakure are pretty hot, but even among them, Samui is the best. She is a Jonin and is good with a sword.

Samui is very hot in every way, from her smooth skin to the way her body curves. Anyone would fall to their knees in front of such beauty as that blonde bob cut hair and ice blue eyes.

Samui is from the same village. Mabui’s bright blonde hair. The bob is cut to reach her shoulders.

She is tall and has beautiful skin. Her expression is often aloof and her blue eyes seem uninterested.

She wore a grey short dress and a grey skirt. Her dark brown eyes have no pupils.

She also wore mesh armour under her dress and with small handguards

14. Anko

anko mitarashi 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

A woman who likes sweets can be very hot. Take Anko Mitarashi as an example. The tokubetsu Jonin used to be one of Orochimaru’s students.

Fishnets and a cool outfit make her look beautiful on their own, but her cocky, playful smile makes it impossible to keep your heart safe.

She helps Shinobis realize their dreams by helping them up.

In her joyful personality, she shares a lot with Naruto.

She wore a mesh bodysuit that reached her legs.

She is medium in height and has a slim build.

Her spiky violet hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

She topped it off with an oversized light brown jacket and open shinobi sandals.

13. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Otsutsuki 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

The mother of all chakra is Kaguya Otsutsuki. She was the first jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails and had no end to her life.

Kaguya is the main bad guy in the original Naruto story.

Her look shows that Kaguya is not from this world. She was very pale and had white eyes that had Byakugan.

She also had the Rinnesharingan, which was a third eye in the middle of her forehead.

12. Mei Terumi


The beautiful Mizukage Mei Terumi is without doubt one of the most popular Naruto female characters.

She is also very romantic and dreams of marrying her perfect man.

Mei Terumi is so beautiful that only Sasuke could not be wowed by her. The Fifth Mizukage of Kirigakure is a total badass and a hottie.

The off-shoulder dress and fishnet over her chest will make anyone stop in their tracks. Add to that her bold lips, and she’s already won.

She is well-known for being very generous.

Her tall, thin frame is balanced by her long, auburn hair.

Her hair is kept in a ponytail at the top.

She wears a long, blue dress with high-heeled sandals.

11. Kurenai

Kurenai Yuhi In Naruto Shippuden 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Kurenai is a teacher at the Academy of Konohagakure.

She was Shino, Hinata and Kiba’s, mentor.

When Kurenai Yuhi first shows up in the show, she gets people’s attention for two reasons: her red eyes, which people thought were the Sharingan, and the fact that she’s a very attractive woman.

Even without Genjutsu, her curly dark hair and bright red lipstick are enough to make anyone fall in love with her.

We saw her being extremely brave, as she didn’t falter in front of Itachi or attack him.

She was a motherly figure to her students and took excellent care of them.

Her skin is light with messy, dark hair.

She wore mesh armour and bandages around her arms, legs, and thighs. She also wore her traditional sandals and a headband protector.

10. Tenten

Tenten 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Tenten doesn’t get much screen time, but she knows how to get people’s attention by being hot. So, the mousy weapon master is one of the hottest Naruto girls.

The twin buns on Tenten’s head make her look foreign, which is very sexy. Why does she need guns when her looks are enough to kill?

9. Karin


Even though Karin’s early attitude wasn’t the most appealing, her looks made up for it. After the war, though, Karin’s attitude and looks are both on point.

During her time with Taka, the Uzumaki wears a very sexy dress. She wears tiny shorts and leaves some of the buttons on her shirt undone to show her stomach. The glasses are also pretty hot-looking.

During their time together, she felt a special affection for Sasuke.

She wore a light-coloured dress most of the time.

The dress was accompanied by a pair of black shorts and long sandals that reached her thighs.

8. Konan

Konan 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Konan is a great example of how beauty comes from both how you look and how strong you are. She was the only woman in Akatsuki, and she and Yahiko and Nagato had been best friends since they were kids.

The metal stud under her lips makes her even sexier. Her short violet hair and bright golden eyes are already very attractive. The paper flower in her hair makes her look even more tempting.

Although she was the antagonist in the first parts of the series, she remained true to her values at the end and was praised by fans.

She was calm and followed stoicism in her daily life.

Her medium-bluish hair was untied, except for the parts where she used a paperclip ribbon to the side.

She wore her Akatsuki traditional outfit with a pair of sandals.

7. Shizune

Shizune 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

One of the Naruto series’ other beautiful women is Tsunade’s student and helper. Shizune is Dan Kato’s niece, and she is a very good medicine ninja.

Shizune is a charming character with a sweet face.

Her face is cute with her short, black hair which she lets go of.

The doctor’s hair is short, and he or she has big black eyes. She dresses in a simple kimono and shoes like Tsunade’s.

And, she is not like others shinobis don’t use a helmet when she goes on missions.

6. Hanabi Hyuga

Hanabi Hyuga 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Not only can the Hyuga pass on the Byakugan, but they also seem to have beauty in their blood.

Hanabi Hyuga, who is now the daughter, is proof of that.

Hanabi is attractive not just because of how she looks, but also because of how she acts.

That makes her one of the most attractive Naruto girls.

5. Sakura Uchiha (née Haruno)

Sakura Uchiha 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Sakura, despite being dubbed the most useless character by some fans over the years has shown remarkable character growth.

She is the most skilled doctor in the world right now.

Sakura has taken the short haircut and made it her own. She has only made it look cooler and more stylish. Her lack of ego makes her even more beautiful.

It speaks volumes about her beauty that Naruto was attracted to her from the beginning.

Her body is slimming pinkish Split hair into two parts from the middle.

This makes her fair skin shine with her shiny locks green eyes.

Her head protector is worn over her head.

She usually wears a red dress and pink shorts.

4. Temari Nara 

Temari 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Next on this list of the hottest Naruto women is the princess of Sunagakure. Temari is the wife of Shikamaru and the sister of Gaara and Kankuro.

Since the beginning, Temari has been a sharp girl.

She is a beautiful girl with great fighting ability.

Her cute features are complemented by her wild spiky-blonde hair.

Temari has changed her clothes a lot over the course of the series, and every single one of them is hot. Her sandy blonde hair is dressed in four twintails, and her beautiful teal eyes make her even sexier.

To keep the dress in place, she ties a red belt around to her waist and wears a pair of sandals.

3. Ino Yamanaka

Ino Yamanaka 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Sakura may be the stronger of the two rivals, but Ino is certainly the sexier of the two.

Sakura was extremely jealous of Ino’s beauty.

The Yamanaka princess has always been beautiful, but in the Blank Period, she looks like a goddess. Everyone who sees her falls in love with her long, beautiful blonde hair and pink lips.

Her long hair was a great compliment.

She had long hair, was considered to be the most beautiful of all the girls at the academy.

Ino was also a fashion guru and wore the right clothes.

The outfit she wore was a purple sleeveless dress with a high collar and a matching skirt.

Her bright blue eyes give off a sharp appearance and mesh armour protects her arms.

2. Tsunade

Tsunade Naruto 1 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

When Naruto fans think of the hottest female characters in the series, Tsunade is always one of the first people who comes to mind. The Fifth Hokage of Konoha is also a renowned Sannin.

One of the most sexiest Naruto characters is one of three legendary ninjas.

Tsunade, despite being an old lady, has kept her beauty and attraction throughout the series.

Think about Jiraiya’s claim that Tsunade is 106 cm tall if you want to know how hot she is. The fact is also supported by the woman’s dress, which has a low neckline.

As the Hokage, she performed her duties flawlessly and protected the village.

She is slightly chubby, with light skin and short – blonde hair.

The Hut Outfit includes a grey kimono over it, a green coat and dark pants with open sandals.

1. Hinata Hyuga Uzumaki

Hinata Hyuuga Quotes Features 27 Sexiest Naruto Female Characters

Naruto’s wife, Hinata, manages to get ahead of Tsunade to take first place on this list.

Hinata Hyuga is the most attractive female character in the Naruto series. The beautiful woman is the Byakugan Princess and the wife of Naruto, the boy she has loved since she was a child.

Hinata is the most beautiful person in the series. Her long, blue hair is styled in a way called a “hime-cut,” and her Byakugan eyes have long lashes that cover them.

There you have it, otakus the most attractive women’s in Naruto all listed here, Hope you liked this list.

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