How Did Zoro Get His Left Eye Scar Explained!

Roronoa Zoro is initially revealed in Chapter 3 to serve as an anti-pirate or a bounty hunter who is on the hunt to collect the bounty of pirates for himself and to survive the vast oceans.

The second person in the crew, and the first to join, was doing this during the Romance Dawn Arc. The right-hand man of the future Pirate King. Do we need an introduction?

Zoro Pre-time Skip And What Changes Occured Post Time-Skip

zoro pre timeskip How Did Zoro Get His Left Eye Scar Explained!

Zoro’s determination to conquer any obstacle and his drive for power make him one of the most powerful characters in all anime.

Zoro’s love for his Nakama, as well as his unique character and ability to manage to get out of the most difficult of situations, is the reason why he is the most loved by fans. 

With just one glance, Zoro can go from drinking sake and sleeping during the weekend to displaying insane amounts of determination.

Before the time skip, Zoro was recognized as being strong, just as he was post-time skip. He has seen huge improvements in not just fitness but also in his appearance. 

It’s been reported that the Strawhats went through radical changes in the two-year-long time skip. Zoro’s left eye is sewn shut.

There’s no information as to what could have occurred. In the lead-up to the time skip, a sequence of events transpired.

In this Sabaody Archipelago archipelago, the Strawhats met with misfortune through the eyes of Kuma Bartholomew, who was the one responsible for dispersing the group.

zoro post timeskip How Did Zoro Get His Left Eye Scar Explained!

Following the demise of the group, Zoro was found to have been transferred to Kuraigana Island, where Mihawk was taking residence. 

It turned out that instead of meeting Mihawk, Zoro had run into Perona. On his return to the castle, Zoro informed Mihawk about the events that took place at Marineford. Zoro became a student of Mihawk’s and received his Scar during these two years. 

Fans began to speculate and theorize, causing a furor among the fans. After the time skip, One Piece has left more questions than it has answered. Zoro’s skill, his determination, and his mystical nature have left viewers wondering what was going on with Zoro’s eye.

Zoro’s Scar-What Does It Mean And How Did He Get It?

zoro scar How Did Zoro Get His Left Eye Scar Explained!

Although Oda has not yet revealed any clues or hints regarding what may have happened, the fan theories are growing.

The most popular theories in the fandom suggest that Zoro’s eye could be similar to that of the Sharingan from the clan of Uchiha, as well as Rinnegan, as well as the mystical entity that has been sealed within his eye, perhaps Asura?

Or a simple scuff that he suffered from fighting it out against his fellow feral baboons. 

They could be a representation of typical Shounen tropes, but do not convey an Oda-like style. The idea that has the most credence in being the most Oda-like rendering of Zoro as having Ocular Dominance.

According to the theory that holds the most sway, Zoro is said to have ocular dominance as being the most Oda-like.

This results in one eye’s dominance being greater than the other. In the case of Zoro, this is his left eye.

When he was instructed by him, Mihawk recognized Zoro’s poor right eye as a lack of depth of perception and a lack of positioning when compared to his left eye. 

The left eye is to be more “dominant” than the right. Thus, he makes this an intentional handicap to improve his swordsmanship.

In the context of Hawkeye subordinacy, the final foe was made to appear that Zoro was only using his right eye, making it stronger and sharper.

In the event that Zoro can open his left eye, it will be with better vision, and he will be able to perform much more impressive feats of power.

Because Oda is known to use subtle clues as well as anticipation to create his massive reveal, this theory makes the most sense. 

When you consider one of Zoro’s most notable flaws is a lack of ability to navigate, this theory gets into the realm of how Oda is prone to tie things to one another. 

Navigation and depth perception are, in some ways, related. It’s been proven that this is not an insignificant stretch (pun intended). 

For all we know, if Zoro hadn’t had his poor GPS, the sailor would never have been able to get lost in the village dojo in Shimotsuki and then become the right hand of the future Pirate King.


One-piece and the huge realm of its innumerable mysteries are the reasons we are always on the edge of our chairs.

What’s the mystery behind Zoro’s birth? What is his family name? The answers to these questions remain to be addressed. 

Knowing that Oda always delivers for our readers makes us even more thrilled. I’m betting on the babies. I’m pretty sure they left the man’s scars behind…

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