Who is Sabo in One Piece? Is he dead?

The Reverie Conference was responsible for a significant amount of the turmoil and disaster that occurred throughout the globe.

In addition to the repeal of the Warlord System and the confrontation between the Revolutionary Army and the Celestial Dragons, the Five Elder Stars announced that a great cleaning would take place.

In the midst of all of these happenings, what happened to Sabo in One Piece?

Moving forward in time to chapter 956, we find Big News Morgan in a hurry to publish news that the government has already instructed him not to publish.

Many members of the revolutionary army were under the impression that Sabo had passed away at the Reverie because they were stunned by the news surrounding him.

On the other hand, is he really dead?

What exactly took place with him when he was at the Reverie?

The purpose of this article is to investigate the circumstances behind Sabo’s disappearance and to take a more in-depth look at the events that took place at Reverie.

What exactly took place at Reverie?

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It is necessary for us to first recollect the events that took place in Reverie before we can find out what happened to Sabo

In Chapter 903, the representatives of the Fishmen Royalty are making preparations to go to the Reverie Conference.

It is seen in this chapter that the ship from Lulucia is attacked by pirates, which Koby succeeds in freeing later on.

Additionally, in chapter 904, we learn that the Peach Beard Pirates attack the Lulucia Kingdom, which the Revolutionary Army ultimately manages to vanquish. It is important to keep in mind that the Lulucia Kingdom is still unstable, since this will come into play later.

There are several times in which the corrupt and rotten character of the Celestial Dragons is brought to our attention as we progress through the chapters. As a result of the fact that Kuma is treated worse than any other slave, Sabo and the others are inspired to exact their vengeance.

At the conclusion of the Reverie chapters, the Five Elders express their belief that they are unable to preserve the world’s equilibrium indefinitely and that it is time for a significant cleaning.

In addition, we witness Imu ascending to the throne and assuming their role as the ruling monarch of the world.

How did Sabo spend his time at Reverie?

The events that transpired about Sabo at the Reverie are truly revealed in One Piece Chapter 1054.

No, Sabo does not pass away in that location. Consequently, what was it that led the characters that we discussed before to be taken aback?

Sacred Marijoa (Mary Geoise) was the location where Sabo and the Revolutionary commanders had broken into in order to save Kuma.

Following the conclusion of Vegapunk’s experiments with Kuma, the Celestial Dragons took Kuma under their control and held him as a slave.

While simultaneously rescuing Kuma, the Revolutionary Army set fire to the banner of the Celestial Dragon, therefore declaring war.

In addition, they were able to successfully flee the “Land of the Gods” after a brief confrontation with marines, specifically Ryokugyu and Fujitora.

There is a confrontation between the Revolutionary army and the Admirals at Reverie, as Blackbeard relates to Moria.

There is a possibility that Ivankov and Dragon were taken aback since they had not anticipated the captains interacting with the admirals.

It appears that Sabo got carried away and got into a fight with them, despite the fact that the mission was to have been carried out in order to maintain confidentiality.

Koala reprimanded Sabo for his irresponsible behavior during the most recent fight that he had with Fujitora. Should you engage in combat with an admiral, you would undoubtedly earn the ire of the whole Navy.

Because Dragon had not yet gathered the majority of his forces, this would put the Revolutionary army in a position where it would be unable to defend itself.

On top of that, this occurred after they had recently moved out of their primary base of operations, which was located in the country of mystery, Baltigo.

On the other hand, what was even more astonishing was the fact that Sabo was supposed to be responsible for a murder that he had not, as far as anyone can tell, committed.

Big News Morgans informed the world that Sabo had murdered Nefertari Cobra, the King of Alabasta, and that in the midst of the mayhem, Princess Vivi had vanished, which dealt a significant blow to Alabasta. This information was disseminated through the media.

In the early chapters, there was an indication that this particular section would be about the passing of a powerful individual. Morgan did mention that the most significant obituaries are the ones that make for the most interesting news.

Finally, after rescuing Kuma and engaging in combat with Fujitora and Ryokugyu, Sabo is able to break out from the Reverie and reach his destination.

He does not die at that location. However, despite the fact that he managed to flee the Reverie, it appears that death has followed him.

However, before we get to that, let’s talk on whether or not it is true that Sabo was the one who killed Cobra.

Did Sabo actually end up killing Cobra?

sabo 1 Who is Sabo in One Piece? Is he dead?

dragonsa is curious about the truth and wants to know it.

The fact that the leaders of the kingdoms were never their genuine opponents is something that Robin and a number of other revolutionary leaders have acknowledged.

At all times, it was the tyrannical and corrupt Celestial Dragons that were responsible. Sabo’s decision to assassinate Cobra is not motivated by any personal motives.

From what we have learned about the planet’s government, we can deduce that it is a very opportunistic organization that is willing to do anything in order to preserve its authority over the whole planet.

In the event that there is a widespread uprising against the World Government, the Alabasta Kingdom is effectively the leader, especially if we take into consideration the fact that

They have endured hardship as a result of the decisions made by the government to let certain pirates reach the position of warlord.

Due to the fact that they are the only family out of the original twenty to remain, they might be considered “Celestial Dragons” due to their lack of corruption.

The Nefertari Family is referred to as “traitors” by the Five Elders toward the close of Chapter 908, and they inquire as to whether or not he has made a significant discovery.

The overarching sentiment of the chapter was that they would “cleanse” any threat that would disrupt the equilibrium that they had labored so diligently to preserve.

As a result, the elimination of such a danger is usual for the World Government, and it just so happened that the Revolutionaries attacked, providing the Government with the ideal scapegoat.

Regarding Vivi, there is a possibility that she is being held captive by Imu because they have a specific interest in her. This is one of the several possibilities.

There is a possibility that it is connected to the process of reconnecting the blood of the original twenty families.

In the last chapter, Chapter 1060, Sabo is seen hiding in the kingdom of Lulusia, which had recently rebelled against its royalty with the assistance of the Revolutionary Army.

Is Sabo no longer alive? (when in Lulusia)

Sabo appears to have acquired knowledge of Imu, as evidenced by the fact that he informs the Revolutionary leaders that the vacant throne is rightfully occupied by someone.

At the very least, he makes an effort to do it before the entire island of Lulusia is annihilated in an instant.

The sky becomes dark as a result of a large object hovering above the island, which then causes the entire island to be destroyed by bombardment.

Because of the magnitude of the impact, it is now being identified as a tsunami that was produced by a marine earthquake. Imu removes Lulusia from the globe map after hearing a voice that is not known to him say that the entity known as Lulusia never existed.

As was said before, the Gorosei have a plan to purify the globe, which appears to involve eliminating all of the nations that are rebelling against them.

Lulusia, which had recently been through a revolt, and having a dangerous individual who had found the secret of Imu were the ideal beginnings of this cleanse.

It is in Chapter 957 that we learn about Rocks D. Xebec, who was Roger’s most formidable adversary and who had the ambition to become the King of the World.

The God Valley, the island during which they battled, vanished without a trace, as if it had never been there in the first place.

As was the case with God Valley, Lulusia vanished from the map of the earth as well. In both cases, the government had the intention of concealing the islands.

Because of this, it is possible that even Rocks discovered the truth about Imu, and as a result, the entire island was cleansed, most likely along with him.

I am led to think that Imu is capable of exerting influence over the ancient weapon known as Uranus.

To make sense of the fact that all three of the weapons are named after Greek and Roman gods, it would make sense for Uranus, the god of the sky, to be some kind of flying device that is capable of quickly destroying entire nations.

It is possible that Imu is the only person who is able to govern Uranus. Considering that they have the ability to destroy entire islands on a whim, it is not surprising that the five elders have handed them the throne of the globe.

As for Sabo, the weapon was able to interrupt his communication with the revolutionaries in the middle of the conversation.

Due to the fact that Sabo possesses the abilities of a devil fruit, it is quite likely that he is still alive.

It is quite possible that he escaped the complete destruction of Lulusia, but, as a result of the atrocities committed by the Globe Government, he has just watched his desire to liberate the globe become even stronger.

In the same way that Ohara was to the dragon, this event is to Sabo.

An additional factor to take into consideration is the fact that Sabo was reported dead for a considerable amount of time, only to be brought back.

In light of this, it is quite improbable that Sabo will be eliminated once more.

One more thing to keep in mind with Oda is that it is not possible to affirm that a character has passed away until we have seen their dead body.

This is something that has occurred on several occasions, with Pell and Kinemon serving as excellent instances.

There is still a lot of uncertainty about what happened to Sabo after Lulusia was destroyed.

Final Thoughts

Nevertheless, there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: Oda will undoubtedly satiate our interest in the years to come.

There is no doubt that Sabo is still alive and will once again make his presence known.

This is because Sabo possesses the powers of the devil fruit and is aware of the secret that Imu has been keeping.

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