Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

Boruto Naruto The Next Generations is the continuation of what the popular manga, as well as the anime Naruto, was about to begin.

It’s a spin-off and a sequel using the same idea and characters, but the main character isn’t Naruto and Boruto’s son. Boruto.

The premiere episode aired on April 5th, 2017. This Boruto series includes a film that is available to view should you choose to watch the entire series.

It’s as if a portion of the show was turned into a film. The reason the show is intriguing particularly for Naruto fanatics is the fact that it tells the story of what happened to characters from Naruto following Naruto Shippuden’s demise.

The concept alone has people beg the question: Boruto will follow in his father’s footsteps or be his own Ninja style? In addition, there are a lot of anime fans who are wondering whether this anime merits watching. Find out!

Are you going to be watching Boruto?

One of the primary causes that slow Boruto down is the sloppy approach to the famous Naruto character. Naruto.

Other causes include the absence of strong symbolism within Boruto’s story, the constant use of fillers, poorly developed characters, and the lack of real-world appeal.

About Boruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is illustrated and written by Mikio Ikemoto. The project is overseen by Masashi Kishimoto himself.

The first serialization of the series appeared with Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in June of 2016.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the show which follows the adventures of Naruto’s son Boruto at the time of his academy times and later on.

The show examines the growth of the character Boruto and the impending evil that threatens the fate of his and his family members.

Is Boruto Good or Bad?

adult boruto Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

The quality of a show or bad is determined by the point of view of the viewer watching the show. Certain people may like this kind of show but others may not.

However, if you’re looking from the point of view of someone who is a Naruto fan it is likely to be: Boruto is not for you.

The entire Naruto series’s impact is far too big and the standards are set high, so if you decide to check out Boruto it’s hard not to make comparisons between the two.

Naruto fans are used to captivating characters and tense plots that Boruto lacks.

Sure that there are a lot of fascinating moments within Boruto, however, it’s not as good as the kind of story Naruto had before. One instance would be the Chunin examinations. Naruto’s Chunin examinations are among the most enjoyable arcs of the entire series.

It was filled with intriguing characters and intense battles. However, when you saw Boruto‘s adaptation, the film was lacking enthusiasm.

Is Boruto Worth Watching?

If you’re not thinking of Boruto being a sequel to Naruto the show is great. It’s a bit promising, with excellent animation. 

If you take a look at it from someone who has seen Naruto and you are a fan, then you may not enjoy it. 

It’s impossible to enjoy the show without having to compare it with Naruto which will end up ruining the entire experience.

While a lot occurs within Boruto there are many possibilities, it’s not advisable to set your sights too high especially if you’re a fan of Naruto. We’ll need to see what happens next in the Naruto series.

What makes Boruto boring and sad?

Boruto certainly is a poor attempt to cash in the popularity of the franchise. The words are so harsh to write down, yet they aren’t too far off the mark. Can it get boring?

Yes, except for certain arcs in the anime like”Chunin “Chunin Exams” and the “Vs. Momoshiki Arc” The series tends to be in the middle in the broad spectrum.

This means that the show has taken an increasingly “slice-of-life” approach in its episodes, and these don’t make sense to long-time fans of Naruto.

There are a variety of opinions ranging from positive to negative, however, the public can be easily classified into two categories :

  1. Anyone who has watched Naruto before
  2. People that are first introduced to the brand via Boruto

The first group of fans causes most of the hate. However, the new group of fans will take Boruto in the way it’s. This provides the foundation to gauge Boruto’s worthiness.

Boruto as a separate show from Naruto is an average or decent entertainment that you could simply relax and watch (I would say average as there are far superior quality anime to choose from).

If you’re just watching it for its animation, art style, and overall feel of it, it’s certainly worth a look. While, if you take the “Naruto lens” and look at it through that there are a few problems that hinder Boruto’s ability.

I. Lack of Individuality

boruto sad Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

Today, Masashi Kishimoto ends Naruto Shippuden in a fashion that provides a glimpse of Naruto’s post-war life.

It is one-dimensional and is intended to be an appropriate conclusion to the series, the realization that Naruto has earned his success by his dedication to his work.

This narrative that is one-dimensional soon is the basis for Boruto and is, if not written well, is unable to break free from its formidable prequel.

One of the main issues of Boruto is its lack of uniqueness or creativity which is apparent throughout the story.

At first, Boruto shares striking similarities with his father, such as his pranks and the “Talk No Jutsu” game as well as the need to be recognized. However, these traits appear uninspiring in Boruto’s story because of the absence of any emotional depth to the story of Boruto.

In comparison to Naruto, Boruto feels like an overpowered child who has everything being served to him on silver platters.

While this shouldn’t negate the suffering and pain of being ignored by his father’s busy schedule, the story is unable to connect with the fans making them unable to see beyond its superficial exterior.

In order to be different from his father, he is determined to become a top shinobi in himself and not be ‘Naruto’s son’.

It’s a lot like Konohamaru’s goals and is reasonable, but isn’t enough to inspire sympathy among the fans because of his actions. In a significant way, can hinder an emotional bond between characters and the viewers.

II. Naruto’s Treatment

boruto and naruto Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

Naruto was an iconic name that was known to all generations and remained a staple of the children’s world. A character who was well-known to non-anime fans too. Therefore, watching Naruto assume the character of that of the ” absent father” is hard to comprehend.

It’s a fact that our perceptions become dim when we see a character we love disregarded due to our intense emotional involvement. Arguably, this proves that even heroes can be prone to mistakes. The child with the biggest heart is not without flaws.

But the show depicts the story from the perspective of Boruto rather than Naruto’s. This can make the experience seem more foreign.

Given the long and difficult path, Naruto went through from childhood to adulthood, it’s difficult to look at his story from the perspective of another even when the perspective is negative.

The whole story becomes focused on Boruto trying to get to know his father better than Naruto’s journey to discover himself, which could be more fascinating. This suggests that viewers are more interested in characters who are on the sidelines rather as opposed to the main characters.

In the Time Slip Arc, Boruto learns to appreciate his father’s character better through the time of his early years. This is a step forward for the show and is beneficial for its development.

However, it has a long way to take. Another problematic decision was to not include Naruto. The show is called Boruto and it is focused on Boruto.

However, the creators don’t realize that the majority of the money invested in Boruto originates from people who want to have Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura again.

The sidelining of these characters can be equated to stacking your odds against the favour of the series. It’s a fan service, but in reality, was it not the intention to make the show fanservice in the first place?

III. Relatability & Target Audience

The absence of any symbolism in Naruto’s story is another obstacle to the potential of the film. Naruto attracted his fans because of what he stood for. Naruto was the socially snubbed child, often referred to by his peers as “talentless” who had the ambition to be a successful actor.

It’s probably a bit uninspiring, but we’re all corny inside, and there’s some part of us that believes in the underdog in the tale. Naruto is adamantly in support of the underdog character and develops organically throughout the story.

Boruto must show his worth on his own, not through his father, however it isn’t something that will entice people. Boruto is already significantly more powerful than Naruto was when he was his age to the point where his existence as Jounin as well as Chunin is laughable before Genin. Genin.

The issues of his being ostracized by his father and continuous neglect are very significant and should be addressed. However, this is not going to have a direct correlation with the audience. Many Naruto fans have grown older and may have ascended to the age of twenty and over.

Thus, Boruto’s issues come from a more issue for adolescents rather as opposed to an issue for adults. This is exactly why people believe that Boruto is geared towards an audience of younger people – and it is!

The new generation of fans is more youthful on the spectrum and is more likely to connect to the concerns of the main character.

Boruto may garner a little bit of affection from Naruto fans, but not in the way that they were able to relate to Naruto. The emotional resonance of the original was among its strongest points, and Boruto isn’t as strong in this regard.

IV. Power Scaling

power scaling boruto Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

The power scale in the show is truly insane and difficult to believe. The action scenes in the show look almost godlike. 

This reminds me of the fight with Kaguya at the final moments in Naruto Shippuden. However, Boruto in general is continuing to show that insane power in the scale.

The idea that Mitsuki having the status of a Genin might be able to master Sage Mode is slightly dubious. 

Boruto is incredibly strong on the TV show, as the Genin up to the point that Momoshiki is defeated with a tiny amount of assistance

We believe that the following generation is more advanced and more powerful, but this seems almost unrealistic.

The power that grew towards the close of Naruto Shippuden was awe-inspiring but to go further than this, makes the entire experience seem almost mystical.

It’s tough to make characters real and relatable because they’re all extremely powerful in the age they’re in. Not to mention the power in Naruto along with Sasuke in this show gives an almost reverence-like feeling.

They’re capable to destroy planets with the same force as their counterparts, the Otsutsuki clans. This diminishes the appeal of these characters, as they appear to be entities that are beyond the capabilities of humans.

Power scaling is only logical in the context of the villains in the show are Otsutsukis. However, then again it can create incredible action scenes.

V. Fillers

The Achilles’s flaw in Naruto’s franchise was its fillers.  The indignation that was triggered by these fillers was a feeling that was common to all. The creators made the wrong choice of converting the manga into a anime at the earliest time possible.

The manga first began publication on May 9th, 2016, and the anime debuted on April 5, 2017. In under a month, they decided to take on the manga. However, this was a decision that was made without regard to.

There was not enough content to promote the production of the anime. So the anime diverged from the manga’s path and attempted to create its own voice with fillers. The truth is that Boruto’s fillers are much more entertaining than Naruto’s.

However, they use a ‘slice-of-life approach, which is digestible only to a certain extent. These fillers became an opportunity to slow down users so that more material could be produced by the creators of the comic. It was obvious.

They didn’t take the time to break the show and then release the episodes according to the season like My Hero Academia, which could be the salvation. Recently, the anime and manga merged to create its ” Mujina Bandits arc” however, with the closing, the show has gone back to the filler series.

VI. Characters

boruto main cast 1 Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

Boruto was a long time to establish its identity. The characters initially were portrayed as carbon copies of the characters from the first series. This seemed like an attempt to ruin the drama of this show.

At one point, the only characters that were interesting in the series were Sarada and perhaps, Mitsuki. Characters such as Shikadai, Metal Lee, and Chocho were so sterile that they were a mess of redundant characters in the story and character development.

The show has witnessed some growth in Boruto’s character and his maturation is an exciting turning point for the series.

If the show continues to adjust to the manga’s style then it’ll be able to expand on fascinating characters like Kawaki, Jigen, Ao, and many more.

VII. Boruto’s Creator

Boruto is canon since the anime is overseen by Masashi Kishimoto. The manga creators are former associates of his. However, technically speaking, Masashi Kishimoto is not the creator of Boruto.

He initially refused to create the continuation of Naruto. Afterward, the project was transferred to his assistant Mikio Ikemoto. Boruto Manga is drawn by Mikio Ikemoto and composed by Ukyo Kodachi. He is also the story supervisor for the manga.

This is what makes it difficult for people to accept the mythology of the plot, especially when you consider the deterioration in the character of the third installment.

Is Boruto really a shithole?

Some may say it’s unfair to judge a show using the lens of another one, but it’s difficult to distinguish the sequel from the prequel. when one serves as a measure of the possibilities the franchise could attain, the second does not fare as well.

With the massive popularity and status Naruto has gained, there are many fans across different groups who judge Boruto with preconceived notions. In the present, saying that Boruto garbage could be an exaggeration however it’s a reasonable sentiment.

If anyone can recall the poor carbon replica Naruto creates for himself in the opening episode of Naruto It perfectly embodies the essence of what Boruto is to many Naruto fans.

However, as an anime, Boruto does offer awesome action sequences and decent story arcs, and an opportunity to revel in the gorgeous world created by Masashi Kishimoto. 

Boruto isn’t without its flaws obviously, but its overall quality is unsatisfactory due to its lack of a sense of humor and story.

With the variety of high-quality Shounen anime released each year, it wouldn’t be among my list of recommendations, however, If you’re able to see past these issues and are looking for a relaxing experience you should consider Boruto provides decent entertainment.

Will it ever get good?

boruto face Is Boruto Good and Is It Worth Watching?

Boruto certainly has the potential to be better than what it is today. It could realize its potential when it improves on certain aspects. It is, however, difficult to imagine if the best will ever be able to surpass its predecessor.

There are a few possibilities for certain episodes being better than Naruto’s, but I can’t think it’s possible to climb over the fame of Naruto. However, I think that just as Boruto it could gain popularity independently and free itself from the dependence on Naruto.

This will require time as, even though the Boruto merchandise, you’ll see that they are leveraging the merchandise of the earlier characters and not the principal characters of this show.

The manga is becoming quite intriguing with the mystery surrounding the Karma seals, as well as characters like Kawaki. The current Kawaki episode has captivated the attention of its viewers, and as such, it is possible that the manga will be successful once it starts to adjust to this important storyline.

The opening sequence of the dark future, with Boruto turning into a powerful hero provides the viewers with a storyline to be a part of. Once the darker times begin to set in, Boruto could get increasingly fascinating.

The characters from Sarada, Boruto, Kawaki are beginning to appear more well-rounded. This could be a positive thing for the series. Also, Boruto always makes a good comeback to Naruto fans to get involved with the Naruto franchise.

The amazing animation and style of art can be a powerful addition to the show when character development and the story are stabilized. These points can be the entry point for making Boruto an eligible view.

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