What Is Black Whip in MHA? Explained!

My Hero Academia has unveiled the latest quirk of Deku known as Black Whip, and, with the date for the release of season 5 getting closer the fans are eager to see it live.

One for All is enough to create Deku an overpowered character, but when you add an entirely new twist the possibilities are endless. While manga fans are aware of the specifics, others are in the darkness.

What is the story behind how Deku obtained the quirk and where exactly are all of these quirks hidden, just a few of the numerous questions that users are asking! In addition, many fans are questioning the legitimacy of the latest quirk known as Black Whip – and its utility. 

Therefore, with no further delay now, let’s dive into it and address these questions!

What Exactly is Black Whip: Deku’s New Quirk?

deku black whip What Is Black Whip in MHA? Explained!

In the joint class exercise, under stress, Midoriya started growing tendrils of dark energy. At this point, he lost control and forced Hitoshi to apply his Brainwashing techniques to Midoriya.

After Deku lost consciousness, the fifth user of One For All started talking to him and explaining what was going on.

Deku was unleashing the quirk of Lariat that he called Black Whip. The quirk was acquired by completing One For All. This quirk was revealed due to Izuku’s desire to get Monoma perfectly matches its nature and capabilities.

But, how did Deku be able to gain Black Whip – a power which belonged to the Fifth One For All user?

Although initially One For All was thought to be a quirk that provided its user with an extra-strong strength, the truth is more alarming! One For All is a blend of transference Quirk as well as the Power Stockpiling Quirk.

This means that the heart in One For All contains the peculiarities of all the past users.

Additionally, they’ve been substantially enhanced by The nature of One for All’s main power of stockpiling. When Midoriya consumed All Might’s hair, it acquired six quirks as part of One For All.

What is the Hero name of Daigoro Banjo?

diagoro banjo What Is Black Whip in MHA? Explained!

Daigoro Banjo is who was also known as his Hero name Lariat was the fifth user from One For All. Also, he had a peculiarity called Black Whip. Lariat got killed with All For One after transferring One For All to the next user.

Daigoro is described as very funky, in regard to both his chic hero costume and his manner of acting. 

Although not much is known about his personality or power, he is believed to be extremely strong. 

As a Pro Hero and as a One For All user, the man was strong enough to fight All For One, despite losing in the end.

How strong is the black Whip?

After we’ve finished exploring the way Midoriya was able to acquire his Black Whip and its original user, let’s discuss the thing that people are worried about, i.e., how powerful the quirk really is!

When Midoriya first unleashed this trick it was already a mature feature within the One For All core and was dramatically increasing the power and range of the quirk.

Furthermore, Black Whip has the potential to become even stronger according to its user’s emotions.

In the fight against Tomura, Izuku’s anger enabled him to keep Tomura at bay despite his previous failure. But, as per Lariat, the quirk is a double-edged weapon.

While the user’s emotional state may increase the strength of the quirk for a time, however, it could lead to him losing the ability to control his behavior.

Daigoro describes Black Whip as a top-quality Quirk, which is perfect for both capturing enemies as well as improving one’s mobility.

Numerous fans have drawn comparisons between this quirk and Spiderman’s ability to create webs. 

Although Deku is unable to make use of the original form of Black Whip because of its powerhouse abilities and strain trade-off, however, he has acquired the ability to make and manage a smaller version of it, without physical stress.

In The Paranormal Liberation War Arc in the manga, Midoriya has perfected Black Whip to the level that he can use it to snare off structures and to carry massive vehicles. 

Additionally, he can use it to buffer against recoil by placing these black tendrils on his forearm.

In addition after being inspired by Tsuyu Asui, Deku can produce the tendrils by mouth which allows him to fight while incapacitated.

Black Whip’s flexibility and power place the quirk quite high in the realm in My Hero Academia.

It’s difficult to imagine how powerful Midoriya will be once Midoriya has complete control over it.

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