12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Are your friends, your friends?

How did you become friends?

When did you become friends?

Why did you become friends?

Kiznaiver lives the concept of friendship between people with the help of a sort of large social experiment.

Can you create this bond?

Can you force it?

Can you make someone friends with someone else artificially or by force?

Kiznaiver explores this concept in-depth to create a great plot and story and be able to liven up the characters. Here’s a list of the top 12 characters from Kiznaiver.

13. Gomorin

Gomorin 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Gomorin is a servant who does all the dirty work for the Kizuna system implementation.

They do anything that is asked of them and are seen throughout the series doing various things.

They act as mascots of Sugumori City to cover this farce and everything that is happening under the table.

They are very likely modelled after the ripped stuffed toy that Sonozaki has when she was a child in the facility.

12. Mayor

Mayor 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

The enabler for the Kizna System, the Mayor is a sweet old man working to bring peace and harmony to his village.

He treats Snooaki like his own daughter and takes care of everyone.

He does get a little concerned at times with her obsession with the Kizna system and it is the best way to connect people.

All the mayor wants is to make his citizens happy and he puts all of his efforts in that direction.

11. Ruru

Ruru 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Ruru was a shy girl who usually didn’t make friends with anyone.

She warmed up to Maki who w also alone all the time. She was down with a deadly terminal kidney disease that took her life in the end.

Ruru was a very bright and cheerful girl who just didn’t make friends.

One, she was friends with Maki she opened up and even made a manga with Maki.

They got it published together as well. Maki blamed herself for having killed Ruru but maintained her warm demeanour until the end.

10. Kazunao Yamada

Kazunao Yamada 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Kazunao is a teacher who enjoys teasing his students and preying on their weaknesses and troubles.

He is very apathetic towards them and is lazy as well.

His major priorities in life are his food and comfort.

He generally doesn’t care about anything as long as it doesn’t directly concern him or his work on either a physical or emotional level.

He works on the Kizna project alongside Urushibara who he seems to have some kind of tension with, although they do not get along very well together.

9. Mutsumi Urushibara

Mutsumi Urushibara 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Mutsumi is a character that completely misled the audience in the beginning.

She seems threatening and intimidating when she pulls out a gun at the arcade completely destroying the machine. However, only later her warm and motherly self is revealed to us.

She cares about everyone participating in the experiment and doesn’t want them to suffer in any way.

Once she realizes the cost of the Kizna experiment, she chose to try and stop it to protect the children instead of continuing like Yamada.

8. Tsuguhito Yuta

Tsuguhito Yuta 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Have you ever seen those boys who try to pass themselves off as a playboy to look cool but are very nice underneath and care about the person they love or are dating?

Yeah, me neither. Moving on.

Yuta is one of the students involved in the Kizna experiment.

He is shown to be popular in school and enjoys attention from the ladies.

He seems to give a lot of importance to his external attractiveness.

This is later revealed to stem from him being very chubby as a child.

Yuta, underneath all of his facades, has a kind heart and is actually very shy and blushes easily.

7. Honoka Maki

Honoka Maki 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Maki is…well…in one word, complicated.

First revealed as cold and rude, but not without reason.

Maki has a complicated past that makes her behave the way she does.

She had only one friend in the past who passed away and she blames herself for it.

She gets closure through all other new friends over the course of the series and warms up to them.

Deep inside, she is very lonely but is scared of opening her heart to anyone.

6. Yoshiharu Hisomu

Yoshiharu Hisomu 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

If nothing else, Hisomu is one of the boldest characters in the series.

He shares his damage with people who have a Kizuna with him and exploits this to get as much pain as he can.


Because he is a m@s0ch!st.

There’s nothing more he wants from life than to ‘enjoy’ it.

He frequently inflicts himself with pain and also tends to have suicidal tendencies which he somehow doesn’t see as a problem.

He is always covered in bandages, wears ragged clothing and flip-flops which says something about him and his obsession with being in pain.

He also doesn’t have qualms inflicting pain, emotional not physical, on other members of the group to get a kick out of it.

5. Niiyama Nico

Niiyama Nico 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Nico is eccentric.

Not in the way the anime portrays her though.

Nico comes from a rich family and sees herself properly as a smart, rich and pretty girl with polite and lady-like manners.

To prevent being taken advantage of, she projects this incredibly childish and immature persona of believing in ‘fairies’ to look like she isn’t perfect.

She is very kind and outgoing despite this aura of hers.

She is emotional and persistent and always tries to make friends.

She is the first one to step up and try to sort out an argument which the Kizunaivers had had.

4. Hajime Tenga

kiznaiver Hajime Tenga 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Tenga has a heart of gold and fists of iron.

He is a delinquent and isn’t afraid of getting into fights.

He acts according to whatever he feels like and doesn’t mind pushing people around for it.

Tenga is quite the pervert and tries to take advantage of situations.

Tenga wants to be the hero and help others but he just doesn’t know how to do that.

This is why he tends to resort to violence.

Tenga however is bad at emotions and he doesn’t know how to articulate them, which can lead to some serious consequences.

3. Takashiro Chidori

Takashiro Chidori 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

She is clumsy. She is kind. She is emotional. She can get nosy. She is motherly.

She thinks about everyone and tends to keep them together and cheer them up when they need to.

She is shy about her emotions and hits the person who caused this feeling, much like a tsundere.

She cares a lot about her friends and protects them the best way she can.

2. Agata Katsuhira

467020 Kiznaiver Katsuhira Agata 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

Katsuhira is…well… Katsuhira is indifferent.

No matter what happens to him, he doesn’t care. Pain? Ok. Happiness? Ok.

Katsuhira does however try and understand and do what people want him to.

He cares about his friends and is willing to risk himself to protect his friends.

He becomes more and more sociable and outgoing throughout the series and has a very forgiving mindset.

He doesn’t hold grudges against any of the people who harmed him including Sonozaki and his bullies.

1. Sonozaki Noriko

anime kiznaiver noriko sonozaki hd wallpaper preview 12 Best Kiznaver Characters of All Time

She is one hell of a yandere!

Sonozaki has warped views and an incredible hope and belief in the Kizuna system.

Thus, she tries her best to do everything possible to make this dream of hers come true.

She is cold and hard when it comes to the execution of her plan.

She is also very kind as she inadvertently takes all the pain from the 19 subjects of the experiment and thus has to take medicine to numb this pain.

To be able to be loved and feel connected to everyone she pushes herself and also is willing to cause other people pain.

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