18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

There is a large variety of characters in the My Hero Academia universe, and each one has a unique quirk

There are many other characters on the show who had significant roles in addition to the main ones.

There are certain people, though, who merely wind up not being as significant as the primary ones.

Some of them either don’t contribute as much to the plot or have quirks that aren’t necessary.

There are a few of these characters that show up seemingly out of nowhere.

18. Shinso Hitoshi

12 hitoshi shinso mha anime 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Hitoshi Shinso, a character first introduced in the Joint Training arc, attended U.A. high school and possessed the power of brainwashing, which allows him to command people to do as he says.

He and Deku competed against one another in the opening round of the plot.

Despite losing, we see how strong he is in the field versus our main character, but that is the only time we ever see him.

We just saw a small portion of his narrative unfold over the course of a few episodes, and we never saw or heard from him again.

17. Neito Monoma

main qimg e299c81d892a2f2cfdf9e32d770617b4 pjlq 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Neito Monoma, a bright kid from Class 1-B who can mimic anyone’s quirk and use it against them, is introduced to us in the same story arc.

He appears to our major characters in 1-A as a foil while being a cunning combatant.

He doesn’t have a lot of background information, and after the U.A. Sports Festival, he is never mentioned again.

With his sharp mind and special talent, he made a convincing opponent against Izuku Midoriya/Deku and Katsuki Bakugo.

We were unable to learn more about his past, therefore it is strange that we have never heard from him again given that they all attend the same school.

16. Kaibara Sen

main qimg bcbb3e28fabc50c939c60938dde9b3a3 pjlq 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Similar to Monoma, Sen Kaibara is a member of the same class and possesses gyrate power, which allows him to use any portion of his body as a drill.

He competed in the Joint Training Battle against Mashirao Ojiro, a classmate of Deku’s.

Although the character had great passion during his battle with Ojiro, he didn’t really contribute anything to the plot.

He did interact with Bakugo before each of their fights, as we saw.

However, because we witnessed what a terrific fighter he is on the field, we never get to see what else he is capable of.

15. Todoroki

my hero academia season 5 shoto todoroki shocked 1276908 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Eraserhead took advantage of the fact that Shoto Todoroki was infamously reliant on his quirk when planning his test.

The pupil was quickly calmed after receiving a cold look from the instructor, putting his teammate in charge of his rescue.

He may be one of Class 1-A’s strongest pupils because of his ability to control enormous glaciers and flame gouts, but without his quirk, his durability and fighting skills fall short.

When compared to individuals like Bakugo and Deku, who are both viciously capable even without their particular abilities, it is little.

14. Kirishima

mha kirishima 1110983 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Even though Kirishima is a skilled melee fighter without his quirk, he is unable to quickly adjust to a fight because his “Hardening” is essential to how he beats his adversaries.

He enables his adversaries to wear themselves out against him since he has the ability to make his body nearly invincible before striking them with a devastating blow.

His typical strategies would work against him in the lack of his might, defeating the daring hero nearly swiftly.

Since he lacks exceptional quickness, his overreliance on defense would be his demise.

13. Kurogiri

my hero academia kurogiri 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Kurogiri has the ability to cloak a massive fog around him, which he may use to transfer both himself and his allies.

The League of Villains’ efforts has been saved by a technique known as the “Warp Gate” on several occasions.

Outside of this unique gift, he was never shown to be a particularly skilled warrior, and he mostly supported Shigaraki in his pursuits.

This demonstrates his lack of fighting ability, which was developed as a result of his habitual avoidance of physical conflict.

12. Yaoyorozu

612e8cc9d2c2c5af79f29494746b308f 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Momo’s “Creation” oddity gets overlooked a lot. She can manufacture anything from her body that she knows the makeup of, despite the fact that it does not increase her combat skill.

Because of this, she becomes an unrivaled support figure, especially for people like Sato and Kaminari (who require sugar and lead blankets in order to work effectively).

She managed to outwit Eraserhead and free Todoroki, but only because he was unable to keep an eye on both of his targets at once.

Without her quirk, she would be completely defenseless in a fight, especially if she did not have enough time to construct something before it was taken from her.

11. Overhaul

1851ddc04a1760d71b3ca1dfb1e4e9c3 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

The overhaul was the secretive head of the Yakuza and the inventor of quirk-nullifying weapons (as demonstrated through his battle against Mirio).

His peculiarity gave him a wide range of options and the power to rearrange anything he touched.

Without it, he is helpless in a fight, as demonstrated by the fact that Lemillion had previously outclassed him in a melee.

10. Muscuk

main qimg 0f559f74c1d3938c4757dbd33791a413 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

A powerful and imposing combatant, muscular makes use of the meaty fibers on his body to his advantage.

His methods, like Kirishima’s, focus on absorbing and ignoring abuse rather than dodging it.

He is able to withstand the power of Deku’s One For All and make him exert more effort than necessary in order to succeed.

Even if he might be physically strong without it, his defenses would be greatly compromised.

His raw force could not make up for his new limitations, as he would no longer be able to use the strands on his body to control them and bring his opponents down.

9. Mount Lady

main qimg 40f018ea653ee6f3ca045a2a8eaca6a7 lq 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

As her name suggests, Mt. Lady has the power to grow enormously, and she regularly uses this ability to stop enemies in their tracks.

She was also able to save numerous bystanders at once by covering them with her own body.

She has almost entirely relied on fighting opponents who are substantially smaller than her as a result of her peculiarity.

Due to her inexperience fighting opponents of the same size, the hero would consequently struggle in a straight battle should her power be taken away.

8. Fatgum

4cqwM9ZdhGv7McAxdL sQFAaMpOW2DG9tlN8ZGH1QEI 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Although Fatgum’s size may appear unattractive for a superhero, his peculiarity allows him to use it as his best weapon.

He can reflect his opponents’ damage back at them and increase it by burning calories and absorbing the force of their blows.

Unfortunately, without his quirk, the hero’s bodily form would make him weak and entirely useless in his defense fighting style.

Without his gift, Fatgum is unable to defend himself and is too slow to deal with any issues that may arise.

7. The Mighty

main qimg e98187becbb67164ae8c87cf1be56cf9 lq 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

All Might is distinctive because he no longer has his quirk.

He suffers more than just a fighting disadvantage without it; he turns into the withered husk he had intended to hide from Japan’s public’s inquisitive eyes.

Toshinori understood that once his power was depleted, he was unable to perform heroic deeds.

It would result in his resignation as the Symbol of Peace, which would be a huge choice given the tenacity and tenacity with which he had previously fought to save his people against the League of Villains.

6. All for one

One For All Vestiges 29 1024x604 1 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

One of My Hero Academia’s toughest antagonists, All For One was the first to openly disgrace All Might during their battle at Kamino.

His adaptability, strength, and collection of hundreds of useful oddities make him one of the most dangerous men ever.

However, his peculiarity is the only thing that allows him to function; without it, he would be useless.

5. Ojiro Mashira

05 mashirao ojiro mha anime 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Speaking of Ojiro, he appears in probably practically all of the episodes of the program so far, but he doesn’t seem to add that much to the narrative.

With his tail, his peculiarity is obvious.

He has a powerful tail that can adjust to its environment.

Given that he is a known martial artist, the tail gives him an advantage in battle.

He strikes viewers as one of the show’s most ordinary characters, which might be an issue given that he tends to play the straight man.

4. Mineta Minoru

wSgdGAAg0YzFd3R1MZyazkXSkzxGcIBn fE2ukaELd4 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Minoru Mineta is undoubtedly one of My Hero Academia’s memorable but maybe aggravating characters.

He is known to be a short and simple guy.

His peculiar ability, known as “Pop Off,” allows him to manufacture balls from his skull and stick them to any surface.

Because of his filthy personality, he is very unlikeable to girls and some boys, making him the least popular figure among most spectators.

3. Izumi Kota

764351f970d1316b876dd1bd8b1b8d54 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Kota Izumi had a lot to live up to in order to become a hero like the fallen superhero team Water Hose because he was their son.

Since they had died, he had lost interest in being one.

When Deku entered the scene and rescued his life during the Forest Training Camp arc, his outlook on heroes was forever altered.

When they initially met, he was chilly toward him, but as time went on and he took steps to become a hero to defend others, he warmed to him.

Since his story arc only lasted two episodes and had no bearing on the plot, we never hear from him again.

Without him, the tale surrounding the League of Villains in this chapter would have been more tightly woven.

2. Aoyama Yuga

09 yuga aoyama my hero academia anime 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Yuga Aoyama, who has a feminine face and an odd quirk, hasn’t really stood out as a major character in the series.

We don’t really know much about him because he is in Class 1-A, but his demeanor and outward appearance speak volumes about him.

Being that he needs to wear a belt to manage his power and that his quirk emanates from his navel, this is already strange enough.

Every time he shows up, he strikes a stance and enjoys drawing attention to himself.

Given that both Deku and he have unpredictable idiosyncrasies, he appears to have some sympathy for Deku.

He does come across as a bit of a bother throughout the series, similar to Mineta, but he also has some difficulty with his character in a few of the arcs.

1. Koda Koji

c25fe158c982518277ec232e2fcb2613 18 Useless Characters in My Hero Academia

Koji comes out as being a rather shy and infrequently spoken person despite his enormous and monstrous proportions.

He dislikes violence and speaks on the program infrequently.

With such a character, he feels superfluous in a universe populated by both heroes and villains.

When he commands the animal kingdom for assistance using his voice, his Anivoice quirk proves to be helpful.

He just so happens to be terrified of bugs for a man who cares about animals.

We did get to see him get over his fear when he defeated Jurota Shishida in the Joint Training Arc.

Given that he can only employ the local animals, his quirk is risky.

His main contribution would be to locate an adversary and provide more eyes.

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