12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

People of all ages can be badass in anime if they want to be. It’s amazing that they can keep up with their younger competitors even though they are clearly getting older.

This piece is all about the best old anime characters that have ever been in an anime show.

Some people got stronger as they got older, while others lost their edge but could still kick butt when they needed to.

You shouldn’t write them off because they look weak or because they are old.

You won’t believe our list of the sexiest old anime characters!

12. Pinako Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Pinako Rockbell From Fullmetal Alchemist 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

There needs to be Grandma Winry there, who is also Edward Elric’s grandma.

Pinako is absolutely wonderful, no matter how tall she is now (she was pretty tall back then).

She was there to comfort Winry that they would have a nice adult to look up to after they died.

Pinako also had a big impact on Eric and Alphonse’s childhood, especially after Trisha died and Van disappeared.

Her relationships with her family are strong, and she is a nice person. She is also very good at surgery and working on cars.

11. Oculus (Death Parade)

deathparade oculus 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

Oculus stands out in a big group of people about the same age. His pink hair is styled to look like a lotus flower.

Shorts, socks, and a thin shirt with a striped collar make him look like he’s ready for a week at the beach.

Oculus, on the other hand, is not like other people. The characters in Death Parade see this old man, who is one of the old cartoon characters, as a guardian angel.

Oculus is a cool grandfather who really has some interesting thoughts on death and life’s meaning.

10. Yoshinobu Gakuganji (Jujutsu Kaisen Anime)

Jujutsu Kaisen Yoshinobu Gakuganji Villain Cursed Technique 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

The new shonen show Jujutsu Kaisen is great. Lots of likeable people in the show, and Yoshinobu Gakuganji isn’t what he seems to be at first.

Yoshinobu doesn’t like that Sukuna has come back to life. He is crazy about the idea of Sukuna’s ship, Yuji, disappearing from the world.

But behind his strict beliefs is a man who wants to help people who don’t agree with him.

Do I remember to say that he can play an electric guitar? His character is one of the most well-known from old cartoons.

9. Kaseki in Dr. Stone anime

Kaseki 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

It was planned for Kaseki to be one of the best old people in anime history.

His name means “fossil” in English, so how can you forget him?

There are lots of good things about him:

Kaseki really loves what he does, and it shows.

He loves making things and believes in the power of science.

Second, his age doesn’t stop him from liking and making friends with younger people. Kaseki may have been very lonely back then, but now he has great friends like Senku and Chrome.

With Kaseki around, the Kingdom of Science is better. He must be glad to be a part of Senku’s state, too.

8. Huang from Darker Than Black anime

Huang 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

Even though Huang is one of the most well-known old figures in anime, he is not very likeable toward anyone, even Hei.

His role is important in the first 25 episodes, and it’s hard to picture Hei, Yin, and Mao without him.

Even though his background made him seem like an already grumpy old man, Huang was clearly able to show feelings and fall in love. He fell in love with the wrong person, which was a bad thing because it killed his partner detective.

If he wants to drink as much as possible to drown his grief, that’s his choice.

7. Dola from Laputa: Castle in the Sky

Dola from Laputa 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

I’ve only seen this wonderful and exciting Ghibli movie once.

But I remember how funny Dola was with love.

As the head of… Dola’s Gang, this old woman doesn’t mind that her bones and muscles aren’t as strong as they used to be.

She only wants to get to the floating city and take all the valuable things there.

When she met the two MCs for the first time, it was rough, but she quickly became close with both Pazu and Sheeta. She even sees herself in the little girl.

She’s brave, loving, and not really selfish, it turns out.

Dola’s Gang was already on their way to the next crazy adventure when the kids got home from their high-flying adventure.

6. Sister Yolanda in Black Lagoon anime 

Sister Yolanda 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

I didn’t mean for Dola and Sister Yolanda to be right next to each other. But it looks like fate had the two strong old women together.

It doesn’t matter if a scene doesn’t have Revy and Dutch in it; it will still be powerful. Sister Yolanda is my personal favorite.

The Rip Off Church’s most important member has been the center of attention since her launch on EP07. She had to be able to, right?

Sister Yolanda wears a nun outfit and a golden Desert Eagle as well.

She also handles the gun as if it were weightless and has an auto-aim mode that makes it very dangerous.

5. Yoshimura from Tokyo Ghoul anime

yoshimura tokyo ghoul 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

A lot of the buzz and quality that the Tokyo Ghoul cartoon had in Season 1 didn’t carry over to Season 2.

It’s too bad, because as the story went on, people like Yoshimura got better. The old man wasn’t just the boss of a small coffee shop; he was also one of the scariest ghosts ever.

When Yoshimura was younger, he was known as Kuzen, a ghoul who was so strong that he was often left alone.

He hated being a ghoul because he didn’t want to have to kill to stay alive.

Thank goodness Yoshimura met Ukina. He fell in love with her and had a child who was a mix of a zombie and a human. He has worked hard ever since to help everyone, ghosts and humans, live in peace.

4. Fumio Daimido Food Wars anime

Fumio Daimido 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

Food Wars lost its appeal as the seasons went on, just like Tokyo Ghoul did. But Fumio Daimido never felt dull or pointless.

As the manager of the Polar Storm room, she was always there to see (and try to calm down) the noise that the students made from time to time.

Fumio never gave up on her residents, even when there were wild animals or a lot of smoke in the room. She thinks they have untapped promise because she gives tests to people who want to live there.

Finally, since this is Food Wars, Fumio was likely a hot young woman in her younger years.

3. Kaede from InuYasha anime 

Kaede from InuYasha anime 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

Her name is “old hag” to Inuyasha, but Kaede has always been a good and caring priestess.

There are times when she does seem mean or too serious, though. But she always remembers how important she is to the town.

Anyone who needs her help will be taken care of by Kaede.

Demons can’t get into the village because of her sutra magic and psychic barrier.

She may not be able to cast magic as well as she used to, but she will never give up without a fight.

In case she has to fight, Kaede has her bow and arrow to show that she can still kill people, even though she is old and has lost her right eye.

2. Chiyo Shuzenji from My Hero Academia anime

Chiyo Shuzenji 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

Moving from one famous group of heroes to another, Boku no Hero Academia has many seasons and movies, and its success shows no signs of stopping (though the manga is said to be getting close to its end).

Chiyo, who is also known as Recovery Girl, is one of the cutest other characters in the show.

It’s in her name, but her Quirk is all about healing:

Get Better The girl just gives the hurt person a kiss, but not exactly on the lips. This speeds up their healing, but it takes away from their life energy. She might kill them if Chiyo doesn’t pay attention.

But she’s very good at it. For this reason, broken bones heal very quickly.Hideo Miyamizu (Your Name)
Makoto Shinkai’s 2016 Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated animation film continues to show how to be hopeful and love even when things go wrong.

Hitoha is a figure from an old anime that many people, not just Mitsuha and Yotsuha, can call their grandmother.

The mother moved out while the father was in politics, so she has also taken on the role of caring parent to the two young children.

I like how the way she looks makes people think of her as a nice lady.

Someone who knows how to follow the rules and can keep a straight face when they see how talented their family is.

1. Zeno Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

Zeno Zoldyck 2011 12 Iconic Old & Elderly Anime Characters

There are a lot of dangerous people in the Zoldyck Family. It’s not a surprise that Zeno Zoldyck’s enemies run away when they hear his name.

He always stands with his hands behind him and has a mustache, but don’t think that makes him helpless.

Zeno is very old, but he is a master Nen user and battle strategist with unimaginable power and speed.

Chrollo Lucilfer even said that to beat Killua’s grandfather, he would have to use all of his power.

When Zeno fights, he doesn’t need tools because his punches are so fast and powerful that they kill.

Thankfully, he keeps his word. If he doesn’t have to, Zeno won’t kill or even hurt anyone else.

It’s true that even killers have respect.

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