Grand Blue Season 2: Confirmed Or Canceled?

Studio Zero-G has been teasing its fans by not announcing the renewal of Grand Blue Season 2. Thousands of fans around the globe see potential in the comedy anime and expect to watch more of it. While there’s no confirmation yet, there is still enough hope for its future. Here’s everything you need to know.

Grand Blue is a comedy anime adaptation of a popular light novel series written by Kenji Inoue and illustrated by Kimitake Yoshioka. Upon its release, the show became immensely popular amongst youngsters. Besides, it did good business for its animation studio. Yet, Zero-G has been taking a while for waving the green flag.

Will Grand Blue Season 2 Ever Come Out?

Grand Blue Season 2 Ever Come OutIs There Enough Content?

Fans have been trying to convince the studio to renew the second season. They’ve started petitions in support of the anime. Yet, nothing seems to be working in their favor. However, it’s probably too early to make demands.

Unlike US television shows, anime series can take quite a while to get back at the screens. In fact, several anime, including One-Punch Man and Log Horizon, have four to five-year-long gaps between seasons. Hence, it’s not unusual if Zero-G takes a while to make the arrangements.

Besides, as per current reports, the studio only has a few projects scheduled for 2020. Hence, there is a chance that it may pick up Grand Blue Season 2 soon after that. Although Zero-G is not known to create sequels.

Aside from One Room Second Season, which was taken over from Typhoon Graphics, the studio has not initiated any sequels of its own. However, looking at the popularity of the anime, the company may break its record this time. We will update this section as soon as the green flag arrives.

Is There Enough Content?

The Grand Blue/Guranburu light novel series began serialization back in 2014 and is currently in the run. As of today, fourteen volumes of the series have been published, including the latest, Volume 14 that released in November 2019. Out of these, the first season of its anime adaptation only covered five volumes. Although the installment missed several chapters in between.

As per expectation, Grand Blue Season 2 may cover the next five LN volumes. Hence, there’s more than enough source material left for the future. In fact, the remaining episodes can further be used to create a third season as well. 

Grand Blue Season 2Grand Blue Season 2 Grand Blue Season 2: Confirmed Or Canceled?

Grand Blue Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

As mentioned above, the upcoming installment of the anime may cover the next five volumes of the LN series. Hence, the first episode may begin by adapting the sixth volume. According to the plot of the next book, Grand Blue Season 2 will get much more exciting than ever before. The guys might get into the Oumi Women’s University school this time.  

The girls’ school will be holding a festival featuring a special voice actress concert. However, things will get complicated, as there are only limited tickets available. Due to this, the guys will compete with each other to decide who gets in. On the other hand, the relationship between Iori and Chisa might improve. Towards the end of the installment, the group will be traveling to an uninhabited island for a camping trip.

New Characters!

Aside from our favorite characters, Grand Blue Season 2 might feature some new faces as well. These new characters include Iori’s little sister, Shiori Kitahara. The middle-schooler may bring problems in her brother’s life. On the other hand, the list also includes Kanako Iida’s sister, Kaya Mizuki (real name Maya). Her presence on the show will highly affect otaku Kohei Imamura. 

New Characters 2 Grand Blue Season 2: Confirmed Or Canceled?

Grand Blue Season 2: Release Date

Studio Zero-G has not confirmed the renewal of Guranburu Season 2 yet. Although, the studio may wave the green flag later this year.

However, any new episode of Grand Blue Season 2 may not arrive anytime sooner than mid to late 2021. We promise to update this section as soon as the release date comes out. 

Did you like the first season of Guranburu? What are your expectations from Grand Tour Season 2? Tell us in the comments below.

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