15 Best Nana Characters of All Times

I’m convinced that the majority of people who’ve only gotten into anime over the last few years aren’t aware of Nana. 

It’s a shame since it’s an amazing show.

Given that it’s a romance drama and the characters carry the burden of the story they are carefully written for this reason.

If we had to list the most important characters, which one would be the most important? We’re trying to determine this morning!

A word of caution: beware of spoilers.

15. Nami Komatsu

Nami Komatsu

Nami Hachi is her younger brother.

She is also the youngest member of the Komatsu family. 

She appears to be the Ganguro girl due to her bleached and suntanned hair. 

Nami is extremely outgoing and loud. She is known as a Trapnest fan.

14. Takashi Asano

Takashi Asano

Hachi’s first girlfriend is a beautiful older woman, married and older, Asano carried on an intimate affair with Hachi, which ended when he suddenly transferred to Tokyo. 

While Hachi believed her love affair was with her, she was convinced that he thought she was simply a girl to play with. 

If Hachi meets him in Tokyo later, it is revealed that he had genuine affection for her but did not tell her due to her insistence that she describes their relationship as a simple “fling”. 

After she has resolved her issues with him, she advises him to not cheat on his wife.

13. Satsuki Ichinose

Satsuki Ichinose

Satsuki is the child of Takumi Ichinose and Nana Komatsu. She is not well-known as she only makes a few appearances in the later episodes of the show. 

In the episodes, she’s just 6 years old (presumably indicating the future direction of the plot) and is loved by her mother’s family and friends. 

It’s not clear whether she’s Nobu’s or Takumi’s child; however, she does bear an eerie resemblance to Takumi in that she sports his dark hair as well as hazel-colored eyes. 

It was revealed that she has an interest in Shin. However, his reciprocation (or even knowing about her love for him) is highly unlikely. 

In the course of her pregnancy, Hachi and Takumi unofficially addressed her as “Sachiko”. The name she chose, Satsuki, was chosen by Ren on the advice of Hachi, who was unable to come up with an alternative name for “Sachiko”. 

It is believed that Ren could be regarded as her older brother, as her mother inquired if she would present her Valentine chocolates to her “older brothers”. 

She lives with her family in Japan together with Nana, as Takumi and Ren reside in London.

12. Shouji Endo

 Shouji Endo

The person I do not like.

Since he’s such a significant contributor to the show, I think I must include his voice.

It’s not my opinion that Shouji is an inherently profound person, but he chose a path that I couldn’t support. 

This wasn’t the act of having an affair with Nana; however, it was his choice to keep the whole thing private and not reveal the woman whom he loved.

The Junko’s Room segments attempt to give him more room… But naa, I’m unable to imagine anyone else being placed above him. You don’t even know who.

11. Naoki Fujieda

Naoki Fujieda

It’s hard to find anything to praise about Naoki. The show knew his lack of importance.

At first, he appeared to be a nice guy who was looking forward to being the best friend of Yasu, and, at the very least, his taste was good, and he was a good friend to all the characters.

He did not commit any illegal acts against anyone. Therefore, he’s not at the lowest.

10. Sachiko Kawamura

Sachiko Kawamura

Sachiko is a perfect fit for the “alright” category.

She’s not a thief and appears to be a pleasant person in general. However, on the contrary, she was going after an unfaithful man in a very calculated manner also.

But, since she was a victim of guilt and has been proven to be genuinely adored by the cheating brat, I’ll allow it to go.

Since she doesn’t seem to have more rage than the whole thing, her place is at the bottom of this list.

9. Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu

Nana’s character was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the very least.

Her first appearance was as a highly popular character who could be silly and childish, yet always kept her place in everyone’s hearts.

However, as the show progressed, the childish playfulness was a sign of imprudence. She’s constantly in turmoil emotionally and can’t make sense of her life.

I believe that her choice to choose Takumi in place of Nobu was the reason she lost some of her followers. However, to be honest, she was seeking stability.

At the beginning of the series, Hachi could have been among my top five. 

However, considering the whole scene, even though I can understand why she behaved in the manner she did, I’m forced to put her here.

8. Ren Honjou

Ren Honjou

Ren could be an elite player. We don’t get many glimpses of his potential.

He’s like Nana in that they both want to become famous and also question whether the decision to leave Nana to pursue his dream was the best choice. 

He’s pretty transparent about his love for Nana. However, fame resulted in some unpleasant side-effects, particularly the paparazzi.

If the manga were fully animated, which is to the point that it ended on the right track, I’d have plenty of things to talk about.

For now, I’ll keep it as it is.

7. Takumi Ichinose

Takumi Ichinose

Takumi is, by most accounts, one of the characters with the highest level of controversy in the show since it portrays him as a manipulator who is sleazy.

However, on the other hand, he’s also the only one who’s brave enough to face certain issues head-on.

He is constantly making moves that make him appear at the top of the class in every space he goes to. 

However, he does have his weak points.

I’m not able to rate him poorly because I loved how he was written as the kind of legal expert situation. 

However, I’m not able to rank him high enough because there are still a lot of pricks in him, and this is where his current situation is.

6. Junko Saotome, and Kyosuke Takakura

Junko Saotome, and Kyosuke Takakura

The two stories are joined in a location because they have the same story. Additionally, I’m unable to discern which one I prefer more.

They’re the rational aspects of the show and typically serve to explain what should be told to Hachi or inform the audience about something.

Even though they’re the reason behind it, it doesn’t mean they’re always right about every aspect, but they’re so kind and gentle that I don’t have a problem with it.

I’m not even able to say they’re secondary characters because their screen time is ridiculous, but they’re also my kids and will never be pushed to the bottom of the list.

5. Layla Serizawa

Layla Serizawa

I’m sure many of the characters in the show have a bit of bad luck when it comes to romance. But come on, the girl on the show is a zero-for-three!

Layla appeared to be a mixture of two Nanas and was both playful and emotional, as well as confident and reckless.

Her battle to write love ballads reveals how much her understanding of love has changed. It went through Takumi, then Yasu, and then Shin.

In the case of the last, don’t be concerned about the implications that their age differences can have.

4. Nobuo Terashima

 Shinichi Okazaki

I would like to believe that Nobu was indeed the perfect choice for Hachi.

He carried his heart on his sleeves and did not look like a man looking for love.

However, I find him very timid in that he is unable to accept certain facts. 

He also says that he prefers to believe certain lies than to believe the reality of what has been done to Hachi.

I don’t think he was a bit immature too harshly, but it’s not as harshly as Hachi. However, it made him seem rather unassuming as compared to the other members of the band.

However, he’s a sweetheart, and that’s what will put you a step ahead on this list.

3. Shinichi Okazaki

Shinichi Okazaki

I thoroughly loved Shin. He was my favorite of those “broken” characters because his past and present were quite bleak, yet he continued to push through as if it was nothing.

Though he was not the smallest member of the group, he had the sharpest tongue. This caused quite a few “oh snap” moments. Therefore, whenever anyone got into a dispute with Shin, I was on high alert.

His relationship, in addition to being illegal, is awash with love and passion. This makes him question himself quite a few times.

I’m not able to say that I’m necessarily in favor of his actions in general. However, I am a huge fan of his character.

2. Nana Osaki

2. Nana Osaki

I believe that this Nana seemed to be the most complicated, narratively speaking.

Her selfishness and generosity have clashed several times. Then, her love life may be described as unlucky.

Their pride in her is the mainstay of her character, but she doesn’t wish to be left alone. She keeps relying on certain people and attempting to assist and/or control other people.

I enjoyed her up-front with her straight-to-the-point manner of speaking, and I thought she was able to give the show that lively pace that I enjoy so greatly.

Her erratic tendencies cost her the top spot. However, she is still a great character.

1. Yasushi Takagi

Yasushi Takagi

If you’ve read the article attentively, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Every character in the show has flaws. However, Yasu was the only one to not let his mistakes hurt anyone other than himself.

It is hard to imagine how hurtful it would be to have watched Nana return to Ren. However, Yasu always saw the bigger picture, and his primary goal was to see everyone be content.

It’s hard to say that I would suggest following this approach in the real world since you’re unlikely to love yourself in that way.

However, watching Yasu perform was so amazing that it’s impossible to put him anywhere else as the number one.

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