15 Best Wonder Egg Priority Characters

Wonder Egg Priority is a compact anime series that deals with many complex issues at the same time.

Bullying, suicide, rape and all sorts of abuse are explored in this seemingly light-hearted anime.

It deals with issues in people’s lives and shows us a glimpse of what goes on in the minds of people who have no choice left but to commit suicide.

Combining all of this wonderfully with a science fiction perspective, action, and thrill to give it a much more exciting turn.

It also has soft moments of friendship between the girls, their pets and people surrounding them giving us the feels as well.

This series is a must-watch! That is exactly why we’re here to talk about the top 15 characters in Wonder Egg Priority.

15. Seeno Evils

Seeno Evils

‘Seeno Evils’ as per the name are Wonder killers who target Egg people.

They’re a bunch of small creatures that move in large bunches chasing their targets.

They originate due to people in the Egg person’s life behaving like that as if they don’t see the person’s abuser.

This is mentioned in the first episode in Ai’s case of bullying.

Everyone pretended like they didn’t see her getting bullied because of her heterochromia.

These are the lowest level threats to the Egg people; however, they wear suits and carry around knives that can seriously hurt them.

14. Haters

Haters Wonder Egg Priority

Some ‘Seeno Evils’ transform to the next level, the ‘Haters’. These are born from negative emotions such as jealousy, revenge, spite, grudges and so on.

Haters make progress to another level and instead of attacking egg people, they attack their protectors like Ai.

They can cause serious damage to the protector.

Even though they are immortal in the Egg World, these injuries cause significant problems once they wake up.

Instead of wielding a weapon like their weaker counterparts, they attack by biting.

If they have enough numbers, they can be as strong as a Wonder Killer.

13. Ura-Acca

acca wonder egg priority

This mannequin formerly human has a much more sort of hip and cool air around him.

In contrast to the formal Acca, Ura-Acca is more relaxed and honest.

He tells Ai the entire truth about them and the Egg World.

He wears green glasses, a reversed cap with long messy pink hair. He seems to have a hidden indifference to him.

He seems like he doesn’t care about the protagonists as long as they follow their plans.

Ura-Acca’s personality, just like his brother’s is a mystery but he does have a certain knack for knowing and making sharp and precise points when the time calls for it.

12. Acca

Ura-Acca Wonder Egg Priority

Acca is the opposite of his brother. He is formal, polite and sees himself as a sort of advisor to the protagonists.

He tries to guide them through the Egg World sometimes and tries to be of assistance to them.

He is almost always seen using Keigo while speaking to anyone apart from his twin brother ‘Ura-Acca’.

He wears glasses, a tie, a sweater and a jacket that go along with his formal demeanour.

He does have the characteristics of his inherent formerly human personality.

11. Himari


Himari came in as a ray of hope for the Acca brothers after their failure with Frill.

She is a happy-go-lucky character who, like all other good characters that come in as a beacon of sunshine, met an early tragic death.

Although made to look like a suicide by slitting her wrist, there’s a strong suspicion that the one responsible for her death was none other than Frill.

Himari was always shown with a smile and cheerful nature and her happy-go-lucky demeanour.

She is definitely one of the most wholesome and likeable characters in the series!

10. Kotobuki Awano

Kotobuki Awano

Neeru’s friend and fellow genius, Kotobuki was insane.

She was inquisitive and yet reckless.

She was deeply interested in the state of death and eventually ‘experimented’ herself into a coma.

She was preserved in a vegetative state.

When she appeared as an egg person in Neiru’s world, she was quite calm and even intrigued about her state.

She doesn’t care about her body and tells Neiru that it’s better if her body dies than to hand it over to the government.

Affected by albinism and heterochromia, Kotobuki has almost an unreal appearance.

Her hair is pure white, her eyes are red and blue and her skin is very pale.

She is a genius who thinks rationally but also knows how to enjoy life.

9. Chiemi


Chiemi idolized Rika. She often attended Rika’s handshake events.

Rika seemed to be using her as a ‘wallet’. Chiemi didn’t mind as long as she got to stay around the junior idol.

Rika happened to insult her one day calling her ‘fatty and telling her never to come again.

This had a huge impact on Rika who possibly starved herself to death.

This caused Rika to get into the Egg World to bring back Chiemi.

Chiemi has brown hair, which she has in two buns and is seen smiling, just happy to be around Rika.

8. Haruka

Haruka wonder egg priority

The reason why Momoe Sawaki is fighting in the Egg World.

She was an average school student. She was a good friend of Momoe’s.

One day she pulled her clothes off and confessed her feelings to Momoe. Scared of her advances, Momoe pushed her away.

Haruka died shortly after that. She usually wore a carefree smile on her face.

She was the first one to be revived.

As soon as she was revived, she immediately walked towards Momoe trying to her hug her.

7. Nagase Koito

Nagase Koito wonder egg priority

Koito is the reason Ai is in the Egg World.

Koito is known to be a very kind and understanding person who didn’t bully Ai for her heterochromia and was her best friend.

She was the only reason why Ai continued to go to school despite all the bullying.

Koito was also bullied as she often spent her time with Ai.

Soon after Koito threw herself off the school rooftop, Ai stopped going to school.

Koito was a very wholesome character who was Ai’s only support system and thought that Ai’s eyes were pretty.

6. Shuichiro Sawaki

Shuichiro Sawaki

Shuichiro Sawaki is a counsellor in the school that Ai goes to.

He is a young handsome man who is actually very patient, kind and understanding.

He is Koito and Ai’s homeroom teacher and the advisor to the art club.

He is also Momoe’s uncle.

Sawaki-sensei visits Ai’s house regularly to see how she is doing after the death of her best friend.

He insists that Ai starts going to school again and tells her to have more confidence in herself.

He even draws a painting of Ai as an adult showing her that she is pretty.

5. Frill

Frill wonder egg priority

Frill is an AI artificially created by Acca and Ura-Acca.

She is designed to be the perfect daughter any father would want to have.

She is cheerful and happy.

Set to an age of 14 years, ill has intelligence much more than that of a regular 14-year-old.

She is designed to show selfishness, plays pranks and in general love their father a lot.

She also believes that she is completely human.

However, everything goes wrong when Frill’s selfishness turns into murderous jealousy after Acca gets married.

4. Neiru Aonuma

Neiru Aonuma wonder egg priority

“I’m going to blow your mind.”

Neiru is a strong silent with a genius intellect.

She doesn’t like interacting with people and thus has a hard time making friends.

She is very logical, isn’t able to express her emotions properly, and doesn’t like to do so either.

She often only relies on herself not asking anyone for help since her younger sister stabbed her in the back and threw herself off the bridge while her only friend Kotobuki was in a coma due to an experiment.

Neiru appears to have everything together and is headstrong being the genius president of the company Japan Plati despite being a child.

The series only reveals the whole truth about Neiru after that.

3. Momoe Sawaki

Momoe Sawaki wonder egg priority

Momoe is one more character in the series that acts selflessly for others.

She often is mistaken for a guy because of her short hair and tall and slim build, but she is quite fond of cute things.

She is very conscious and insecure about her masculine appearance and is often upset about that.

Momoe stands up for herself and others that she cares about when she feels like they’re being blamed or accused falsely.

She is a humble person and does not believe in appearances, which leads her to have a few clashes with Rika.

Momoe seems to have issues with her identity as a boy or girl and sexuality since she did reject Haruka and other Egg people like Miwa.

However, she seemed very flustered upon meeting Kaoru.

2. Kawai Rika

Kawai Rika

Rika has no barriers.

She says what is on her mind no matter who it is.

Given all of this Rika does have a hard time being really honest or even asking for help.

She puts up a mask of recklessness and confidence to hide her inner true feelings of guilt, shame and loneliness.

Rika also has a self-harming tendency. Rika was a junior idol in the group All-Out Kiss.

Rika seems like she is judgemental, shallow and superficial but that is only a protective mechanism since she has created such an image to protect herself.

Over the course of the series, Rika softens up to her group of friends initially having problems with Neiru’s true and logical side.

1. Ai Ohto

Ai Ohto wonder egg priority

“Now, I’m really mad!”

Ai is the very loveable protagonist of the story.

Despite all the bullying for her heterochromia, she is very brave and does everything in her power to protect the ones she loves.

She often checks in with her friends even in the middle of a battle to see if they are doing okay in their Egg Worlds.

She is consistent and keeps her promises.

Ai genuinely bonds and cares about her Egg people and learns valuable lessons from each of them over the course of the series.

This often leads to her Egg people helping her in her fights to protect them.

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