How Powerful is Makima in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man has been around for quite some time. It’s a wildly popular show whose initial arc was completed in December of 2020. 

Since the announcement of the anime and the release of its official trailer, it has received lots of attention.

We can only hope from now on that the show will take the world by roar upon its debut and become one of the most loved series of all time.

Like the title suggests, Chainsaw Man is about the story of a boy called Denji who transforms into Chainsaw Man. In order to live, his dog, Pochita, decides to donate his life to Denji.

Denji is scouted by Makima, who is an official devil hunter for public safety. Makima quickly enlists Denji to fulfill the requirements of being a hunter devil and he is also assigned a buddy. 

As the story progressed, we realized that Makima isn’t just a normal devil hunter.

She is among the strongest and has a mysterious secret that is hidden within her. 

Today, let’s discover the strengths and talents of the devil hunter, Makima, who is an awe-inspiring figure to his followers.

Alert Spoilers: Readers are asked to be aware that this article may contain spoilers for manga.

The Power of Makima in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man a 1 How Powerful is Makima in Chainsaw Man?

Makima is presented to us as a typical public security devil hunter. As we go deep into the story, we learn Makima isn’t just any ordinary devil hunter, but perhaps the most powerful.

We all know that each hunter of devils makes agreements with devils to increase their odds of success in battle.

However, Makima’s contract with the devil was kept from the public for unidentified motives. Later, it was revealed that Makima had no deal with devils because she had a devil.

The HTML0 had been the Control Devil who had signed an agreement with the Prime Minister of Japan which made her virtually invincible.

We began to realize that she was the main antagonist of this series. She had the ability to kill much more powerful demons than herself without much effort. 

The show also demonstrated her terrifying abilities and the amazing power she had as an evil demon.

Capabilities and abilities from Makima (Control Devil) in Chainsaw Man

Makima 1 How Powerful is Makima in Chainsaw Man?


In the role of a controlling Devil, Makima was immortal. First of all, she was extremely difficult to kill as she had signed a deal in the presence of the Premier to ensure that any harm she caused would be remedied to the people of Japan.

This gave her the ability to blow after blow without experiencing any effects.

Also, even if she is successful in killing someone by one method or another, she’ll be resurrected in hell and then be revived as a different person.

We witnessed how, even though Denji did not seem to be capable of killing Makima, she was revived as a tiny girl called Nayuta.


It’s no surprise that the principal strength of the control devil is to influence other people. Anyone who was under the influence of Makima’s will was able to fall asleep and was able to obey her without resistance.

This was a terrifying power that provided Makima with an unfair edge in fights.

When she gazed at someone’s eyes and then commanded them to do something, there was absolutely no way they could have ignored her or done something else.

Invisible Crushing Force

On that occasion, Makima demonstrated her destructive power and the luster of her techniques for devils. Makima is able to crush all her enemies with this power.

The only thing that is required is that she has to know the names of those she hates as well as have sacrificed human lives.

By using this technique, she was capable of killing all her enemies, who were distributing gun violence and attacking public security devil hunters.

Close Range Combat

Makima was a fierce close-range fighter. If she was focused on someone, she’d be sure to kill them.

Her tactics ranged from staring down her enemies to inflicting fatal injury by pointing her finger at them.

With this powerful strength, she was able to effectively defeat Power and the Bomb Devil, in addition to Power, who was very strong.

Voice Transmission

This was a special capability used by Makima, which allowed her to broadcast everything she said to the person, whether in a state of death or alive.

The only condition was that they hold her hand over their heads in order to create an impression.

This enabled Chainsaw Man Makima to connect with the devils the person was in agreement with, and then order them to perform her own bidding.

Instant Transportation

This capability gave Makima (CSM) an insane amount of mobility, allowing her to appear before anyone without anyone even noticing a thing.

The way she did this was by controlling a lot of rats that would clump together to form her silhouette before she’d break from them.

This is exactly how she caught her Bomb Devil by surprise and was able to finish her off in a snap.

Animal Hearing

Makima demonstrated another of the most terrifying abilities in Chainsaw Man. Makima could make use of the hearing of other living creatures, like rats and birds, to hear the conversations of everyone and anywhere.

There was no one safe from this power, and she was able to keep a watch on anyone she was unsure of.

Makima of the Chainsaw Man appeared to be practically invincible at one point in the plot. The odds seemed bleak in the eyes of Denji and the other characters, but somehow, the Chainsaw Man was able to find a way to defeat her and beat Makima.

But like we previously mentioned, it was possible for her to return as a different human being, whom Kishibe put under the supervision of Denji.

After the second arc comes back, it will be fascinating to observe if she gains any new powers or delights the viewers.

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