10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Despite being heavily influenced by other characters, Class 1-B from My Hero Academia is not without powerful characters!

In contrast to class 1-A, students here are remarkably alike in strength. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since 1-B’s strength lies in teamwork, not their abilities.

However, there are plenty of students, besides Kendo and Monoma, at the heart of the class with their quirks and abilities that make them stand out within the school.

Although the class of Midoriya’s protagonist will be the center of attention this time, let’s examine the ten strongest students in 1-B.

10. Juzo Honenuki

juzo honenuki 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Juzo Honenuki is by far the most talented student in My Hero Academia’s Class 1-B.

He is among the very few students who were accepted and admitted through official recommendations and has fulfilled his potential.

Juzo is the best in his class because both his strength and teamwork make him a great leader.

Abilities and Quirks

The hero’s name is “Mudman.” Juzo’s special ability is that of softening, i.e., he can soften everything (non-living) when he gets it. There are no limits to the possibilities with this ability, provided one has the capability.

As a highly recommended pupil, Juzo is highly skilled and has a great understanding of his ability. As with Ibara, he is smart enough to recognize the strategy of his adversaries and execute it most efficiently.

In the Join Training Arc, Juzo was able to stand up to Todoroki and Ida, however, for a time, but then Juzo was overwhelmed. Juzo also did well by permitting his teammates to compete to the very maximum of their capabilities and was able to draw the team that was overpowered from class 1-A.

Although Juzo is a very underrated character, he deserves his place on this list because he is the most powerful character in class 1-B.

9. Ibara Shiozaki

ibari shiozaki 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Ibara Shiozaki called her a hero. Vine is the strongest female in class 1-B.

She ranked fourth in the U.A. Entrance Exam and scored high scores for her villain and rescue points. Her personality and character share a lot in common with religious Christians.

Abilities and Quirks

Ibara’s quirk can be described as vines because it gives her hair vine-like characteristics. She can alter the hair at will, and even separate herself from it.

What can make Ibara distinguish herself from others is that this characteristic provides her with a lot of ability and is also very secure. 

It’s excellent for capturing mobility, defense, and even offense! In addition, her calm, calm, and calming manner and shrewdness make her a tough adversary.

This can be seen at the U.A. Sports Festival, where she effortlessly takes on Denki Kaminari and is an undoubtedly strong competitor in class 1-A. 

Although it’s the case that she was later defeated by Ida, it’s due to her inability to fight at close quarters.

Ibara might be able to prove to be a great opponent for Ida shortly.

All in all, due to her ability, versatility potential, and abilities, Ibara ranks 2nd in this ranking, right behind Juzo Honenuki.

8. Jurota Shishida

jurota shishida 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Jurota Shishida Juzo and Ibara, along with Juzo and Ibara, are often described by some as being an example of one of the three “big three” of class 1-B, like Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugo in class 1-A.

Abilities and Quirks

The name of the hero is “Gevaudan.” Jurota is a true beast. The quirk of his beast can allow the transformation of Jurota into a kind of hybrid beast-man, dramatically increasing his speed, strength, as well as endurance.

In essence, he has developed creature-like characteristics and is now wild.

After the transformation, Jurota can send a person through the wall or outlast Denki’s electric flashes. Everything from his power of attack to his defense to his sense of becoming stronger.

He is an enormous powerhouse when it comes to his joint training battles, as he can destroy his opponents with a mighty force and determine their position from miles away.

Jurota is also blessed with sharp intelligence and tactical abilities, which increase his fear of any adversary.

7. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

tetsutesu 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Tetsutetsu: Also called the hero, Real Steel, is one of the best players in class 1B. He scored 8th on the U.S. Admissions Exam and had the 4th highest number of villain points.

Abilities and Quirks

His quirk The quirk: steel allows him to transform his skin into steel. It’s pretty similar to Kirishima’s ability to harden.

Tetsutetsu was skilled and proficient with his quirk to the point that it was capable of keeping Todoroki active for an extended period during their fight. This was particularly so given that his weak spot is fire.

Tetsutetsu also fought against Kirishima, which resulted in a draw. In the Joint Training Battle, his power dramatically increased, as the aforementioned Tetsutetsu was able to hold Shoto down for a short time with the help of Pony.

Tetsutetsu is among the most romantic characters from My Hero Academia and does not lack either strength in intellect, will, or intellect.

6. Setsuna Tokage

setsuna tokage 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Setsuna Tokage Also known as the name of the hero, Lizardy is a different student who was accepted into the U.A. through the recommendations of.

She is extremely skilled and is thought to be a formidable combatant.

Abilities and Quirks

Her peculiarity can be described as “lizard tail spitting,” and it allows her to break her body into up to 50 pieces. 

The reason her quirk is so frightening is that she can manage each of these pieces and can even regenerate them in the case of destruction.

In addition to the quirk’s obvious versatility, it is also effective in tackling as well as in spotting opponents and even spying. Additionally, their tiny size makes them tough targets, which allows Setsuna to get ahead.

Tokage’s sharp and imaginative mind is also a way for her to make use of her quirk effectively and strategically.

Tokage was the person who devised an intricate plan to take on Bakugo’s team even though she was defeated in the final.

Although being strong, Setsuna is perhaps the most controversial 1B character. This is because when she first came out as a character, she was promoted as the character who would overcome Bakugo and make fans look forward to their battle.

But the outcome was a complete disappointment when the match became one-person entertainment for Katsuki. 

The match was essentially meant to showcase Bakugo’s progress in his role as the major character in MHA.

But, Setsuna is a skilled individual who deserves 5th place on this list.

5. Itsuka Kendo

itsuka kendo 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Itsuka Kendo, also known as the name of the hero, Battle Fist, is the representative of Class 1B.

She is frequently seen with Monoma and cutting him up with a karate chop for his angry words.

Kendo is among the most powerful female characters from 1-B. She scored 5th in the U.S. Entrance Examination.

Abilities and Quirks

Kendo’s quirk can be described as a “big fist.” It gives her the ability to expand her hands to an enormous size. 

The size of her fists and the powerful power she possesses can cause massive destruction in a single strike.

She is an effective close-range melee fighter, but she’s pretty effective in training and protecting herself.

Kendo was able to hold her own against opponents from her League of Villains, mustard, and Tetsutetsu.

Due to her ability to smother the gas, the other fighters were able to seize the chance and fight the villain.

Kendo’s Joint Training Battle further highlighted the power of Kendo when she fought against Momo Yaoyorozu.

She was able to keep the match to a draw. In all, when you consider her abilities and intelligence, it is safe to declare the fact that Kendo is a formidable force.

4. Neito Monoma

neito monoma 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Neito Monoma can be described as the heart of class 1B. Phantom Thief is another name for him.

He is recognized for provoking Class 1-A and trying to sabotage their fame.

Abilities and Quirks

Neito Monoma’s ability to copy can allow the actor to duplicate and utilize the quirk of his target after physical contact with the person. 

Although this ability sounds powerful, it’s dependent on the situation, making Monoma at the bottom of this list.

For 10 minutes, the copy ability grants him full access to the quirks of the target. In addition, he can keep up to four quirks simultaneously, even if he is not using them at the same time.

Monoma is also unable to copy previously-stored resource quirks, such as the One for All. Neito Monomoa’s copy quirk is one of the most powerful in the 1-B class.

It is, however, highly dependent on the situation, and the conditions for activating the quirk are quite strict. Monoma can do very well in a group match.

However, in a one-on-one, one in which his opponent is conscious of his quirk, it’s difficult for him to handle. Additionally, the process of copying a quirk can be distinct from copying the target’s experience.

Monona’s quirk can be amazing when he’s working with the right team. However, he’s uninterested when he’s on his own.

Although he’s not the most powerful individual, Neito is the best in class 1-B in terms of collaboration and strategy.

3. Pony Tsunotori

pony tsunotori 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Pony Tsunotori, also known as her hero Rockette, is a highly-skilled student in class 1-B. 

She is a strategic and meticulous individual who excels at tactical thinking. It is because of Pony’s plan that her team didn’t defeat Class 1-A.

Abilities and Quirks

Pony Tsunotori’s quirk is the Horn Cannon. It lets her develop hair horns and make their projectiles. It also allows her to remotely control the horns of up to four vehicles at once, as with Hawks.

Pony is a master of her quirk, and she primarily employs it for long-range battle. Horn projectiles’ mobility makes Pony one of the most agile learners in her class.

In this joint session of training, Pony was observed watching and analyzing situations to ensure she would make the most of them.

She never lost her cool mind, even when she lost the final. In the third game, Pony used Horn Cannon to secure Mezo to the floor and even took Todoroki to the ground thanks to Tetsutetsu’s assistance. But, her skills require polishing.

2. Manga Fukidashi

manga fukidashi 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Manga Fukidashi, also known as Comicman, is under-rated in the MHA fandom because of his absence of prominence.

Manga is an amazing character who is to be taken seriously. As the series develops, it is likely for Manga to climb the ranks significantly.

Abilities and Quirks

Manga’s distinguishing feature is that he is a comic book fan, allowing him to create words out of thin air. the air simply by speaking the words.

However, the words must describe sounds like “Bam!” etc., i.e., onomatopoeia. This is why his peculiarity manifests the effects of the phenomenon implied by the word.

Due to his ability to generate various outcomes, Manga is one of the most versatile fighters in his field. Manga is a master at offense, defense, and also support.

His skills are at their best when he is fighting in a group since Manga’s quirk is more of an encouraging one.

This can be seen in the second phase of the Joint Training Battle, where Manga was a major player in increasing Kinoko Komori’s mushrooms and also separating Momo Yaoyorozu from her teammates.

At present, Manga is interning under the No. 8 Pro Hero, Wash, and is advancing even more.

1. Kinoko Komori

kinoko komori 10 Strongest Class 1-B Characters From MHA

Kinoko Komori, also known as her hero’s name, Shemage, is among the most fearsome students in class 1-B. 

Komori can impede her opponents while allowing them to properly fight back.

Like Monoma stated, despite having weak combat skills, Komoro can combat against Tokoyami and render the Jet-Black Hero ineffective by causing asphyxiation.

Abilities and Quirks

Kinoko Komori’s peculiarity is mushrooms. It allows her to release diverse fungal spores around her body.

They quickly develop into mushrooms when they make contact with an un-smooth surface. In round 2 of the joint battle, the spores are more prolific in humid environments.

Kinoko is a master of her quirks, and she can produce spores that produce a plethora of mushrooms that take on her foes.

They can also function as a smokescreen that blocks the opponents’ eyes. Komori’s quirk can be terrifying in that she can develop mushrooms within the windpipe of someone else.

But it could also be a double-edged weapon. To keep her colleagues from getting affected, Komori cleans her teammates with antifungal spray before doing so. 

Although her abilities are powerful, they are ineffective when faced with all of her opponents.

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