15 Best Kiss Him Not Me Characters

So here’s a synopsis of the Kiss Him Not Me Anime.

Second-year high schooler and otaku Kae Serinuma is kind. She’s enamored with Boy’s Love, a little-known fact.

Serinuma adores daydreaming about her male classmates falling in love. However, Serinuma’s obesity is well-known.

Serinuma watches her favorite character die one day. She’s too depressed to eat or go to school. She heals after a week. She lost a lot of weight and became attractive while refusing to leave her room!

She is suddenly the focus of four lads she has always known at school.

Though they all want to spend time with her, Serinuma prefers they fall in love.

How will Serinuma handle the four boys seeking her BL obsession?

15. Takurō Serinuma

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Takur Serinuma is Kae Serinuma’s older brother in Kiss Him Not Me. He is the son of Hideo and Mitsuko Serinuma and the eldest of their three children.

Takur is a tall teenage kid with a medium build who projects an image of defiance. He has dark red hair that is dressed in an undercut with bangs hanging on the left side. His eyes are dark and tiny.

He has a pair of piercings on his ears.

He nicknames his younger sister Kae Serinuma names like “Chubby” and “Fatty,” but he doesn’t mean it in a malicious way.

He still loves his sister, as seen by the fact that he came in when the other males visited her and played the role of the big brother who defended her and warned them about it.

14. Mitsuko Serinuma

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Mitsuko Serinuma is the mother of Takur Serinuma and Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him Not Me.

She is the wife of Hideo Serinuma and the mother of both of their children. Mitsuko is depicted as having a plump figure, short curly brownish-red hair, and small dark-colored eyes.

Her hair is short and curly. She wears a pink pair of slippers along with an orange shirt that has an apron attached to it.

She also has on brown slacks, short yellow socks, and pink slippers in Kiss Him Not Me anime.

When Kae Serinuma shut herself up in her room for a week, Mitsuko, being the caring and hilarious mother that she is, worried about her daughter.

In addition to providing guidance to Kae on the topic of romantic relationships, she expresses joy and excitement whenever Kae’s friends visit the house.

13. Kirari Nanashima

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In Kiss Him Not Me, Kirari Nanashima is Nozomu Nanashima’s younger sister and a student in elementary school. She is also Nozomu’s younger sister.

Kirari has blond hair that is tousled and is secured in twin pigtails by two dark-pink moon-shaped hair clips. Her bangs hide her eyebrows, and she appears to be quite small.

Her eyes are a pale amber color. A white shirt is visible through the dress that she is wearing, which is green on the outside.

Karir is a really sweet, lively, and fun young lady, but she also gives off the impression of being a little pampered in Kiss Him Not Me.

12. Shion

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Shion is the name of a character in one of Kae Serinuma’s favorite anime shows, and he was one of the main stars in the fictional anime series that aired in the manga named Mirage Saga.

Kae Serinuma is the author of the Mirage Saga manga series.

She was a major fan of Shion, and Kae’s classmate Nozomu Nanashima, who has a strong similarity to the character, was a huge inspiration for her.

During one of the events in the first chapter, Kae was traumatized by Shion’s passing, which causes her to lose a significant amount of weight.

This is also attributable to Shion. Because of her BL mind, she mistakes her classmate Nozomu for Shion himself, which causes Nozomu a great deal of consternation.

11. Takeru Mitsuboshi

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Takeru Mitsuboshi was Kae Serinuma’s boyhood friend in Kiss Him Not Me and it later came to light that he worked as a voice actor (seiyuu) for Akane, Kae’s most beloved character in the series.

Takeru was presented for the first time in front of fans during an event that featured voice actors performing live as their characters.

Fortunately, Ysuke Igarashi won a ticket that permits Kae Serinuma to walk up on stage to chat with the VA, and Takeru immediately recognized her upon the two of them making eye contact with one another.

10. Hideo Serinuma

Hideo Kiss Him Not Me 15 Best Kiss Him Not Me Characters

Hideo Serinuma is the husband of Mitsuko Serinuma and the father of Takur Serinuma and Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him Not Me.

His work is related to states, which he says is a secret, and he only comes home once per New Year. Mitsuko Serinuma is his wife and Takur and Kae Serinuma are his children.

Hideo is a man who is known to be highly protective in Kiss Him Not Me.

9. Akane

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In Kiss Him Not Me, he is an anthropomorphized version of the famous red armor that Hyakki Sametora wears in Kanchu Ranbu, and he is a character in the game.

Akane has fiery-colored hair and eyes that are a bluish-gray color. When he transforms into red armor, he is ready to fight.

Akane feels affection for his Lord and is devoted to serving him in all ways. Akane is the variant of Hyakki Sametora’s, and she wears a crimson armor that is very similar to that of her counterpart.

8. Amane Nakano

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Amane Nakano, also known as “A-chan,” shows up again and again in Kiss Him Not Me. She is in the second year of Class 2-A and is a nerd like Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him Not Me.

She is Kae’s best friend. A-chan is a young teen girl with brown hair that goes down to her chin. She has big purple eyes, a small body, and is just a bit shorter than average, making her one of the smallest characters in the show.

At school, A-chan wears the standard uniform for girls, which is a dark, short skirt and a white, long-sleeved shirt worn under a vest or jacket with a ribbon.

7. Kazuma MUTSUMI

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In Kiss Him Not Me Asuma Mutsumi’s brother, Kazuma Mutsumi, is a student teacher at the same school where Asuma goes to school.

Asuma Mutsumi and Kazuma have the same hair color, eye color, and height, but Kazuma’s hair is much messier, and he has a mole under his left eye.

Some parts of Kazuma’s personality are like Asuma Mutsumi’s. Even though he is open-minded and kind like his brother, Kazuma is a bit more childish.

During his card fights with Asuma, he wore a battle helmet. After he graduated, he left a prize for the new History class.

6. Yuusuke IGARASHI

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Ysuke Igarashi is a sophomore in high school and one of the four boys trying to win over Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him Not Me.

Igarashi is a beautiful teenage boy with tanned skin, short dark green hair, purple eyes with a hint of yellow, and a tall, athletic build.

He has a lot of muscle because he has to be in good shape for the soccer team he plays on. Igarashi is a nice guy who is also very competitive.

This is especially clear when it comes to sports or when he is trying to win Kae Serinuma away from his enemies.

5. Shima NISHINA

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Shima Nishina is in his first year of high school. He is a fujoshi, a mangaka, and a cosplayer. He is fighting with four other boys to win the heart of Kae Serinuma.

Nishina has short dark-green hair, purple eyes, thick eyebrows, and a well-toned body. At school, she wears a miniskirt and a red bow tie with a short-sleeved shirt underneath a sweater and a vest.

Nishina is a high school student who is wealthy and has many skills. She is very popular with girls. She is also a mangaka whose group has been making a popular manga series.

She is a fujoshi and an otaku with a library full of books, stories, and comics. She collects figurines and is a cosplayer who makes her own costumes.

4. Hayato Shinomiya

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Hayato Shinomiya is in his first year of high school, and he is one of the four boys trying to win over Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him Not Me.

Shinomiya is a boy who is about the same height as the other main male figures. He has light reddish hair and eyes that are a mix of brown and green.

Shinomiya was a very serious person when he first showed up. He is a member of the Nursing Committee, so he knows how to help kids who are hurt or sick. He is also a Student Council member.


73620f781ed29c8a8966fa55db635ac3 Kiss Him Not Me 15 Best Kiss Him Not Me Characters

The main character of the show Kiss Him Not Me is Kae Serinuma. She is in her second year of high school and is a full-fledged otaku and fujoshi.

She is the daughter of Hideo Serinuma and Mitsuko Serinuma and the younger sister of Takur Serinuma. In the manga, she marries Asuma Mutsumi and becomes known as Kae Mutsumi.

She gives birth to Shion Mutsumi and is known as his mother. Kae is a very carefree (free from worry or duty) girl who likes to go with the flow.

She doesn’t pay much attention to the little things, and she says herself that she’s not hard to figure out.


f8387f4806985188311fe135f3505ae4 Nozomu NANASHIMA 15 Best Kiss Him Not Me Characters

Nozomu Nanashima, who is in his second year of high school and goes by the nickname “Nana,” is one of four boys trying to win over Kae Serinuma in Kiss Him Not Me.

He is the older brother of Kirari Nanashima, whom he loves and takes care of. Nanashima has wavy blonde hair, pale amber eyes, and a body that is a little bit strong.

He usually wears a simple white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a red tie, and brown pants. One of the things that makes him stand out is that he looks a lot like “Shion,” a bad-boy character from an anime called “Mirage Saga.”

1. Asuma Mutsumi

maxresdefault Kiss Him Not Me 15 Best Kiss Him Not Me Characters

Asuma Mutsumi is in his third year of high school and is trying to win Kae Serinuma’s love. He is the younger brother of Kazuma Mutsumi, who is also trying to win Kae’s love.

In Kiss Him Not Me, he gets married to Kae and has a child named Shion Mutsumi. Mutsumi is usually shown with straight, shaggy brown hair that is trimmed on both sides.

He also has slanted light brown eyes, a calm face, and a soft, sincere smile. Mutsumi is usually as calm as he looks.

The few times he’s gotten upset or angry were when he held Kae Serinuma’s hand, when he and the other boys stood up to Serinuma’s cat-callers, and when his older brother started to chase after Serinuma.

He is very smart and has a very orderly mind, which was clear when he figured out that Serinuma had been taken.

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