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There are many extraordinary anime doctors characters in anime world who are ready to help someone in need or some of them are mad surgeon that wants your pretty eyes for his own experiment.

In anime universe, medical profession like doctors are not specifically are called a doctor but they can be called as healers.

And sometimes some of them can not heal you like Faust is a doctor but he is more like a pathologist than healer operating on dead people isn’t called healing right ?

22 Extraordinary Anime Doctors Characters

Lets check out this list and see some of the most iconic anime doctors and healers of all time.

22. Hatori Sohma From Fruits Basket

Hatori appears as a quiet, serious, and level-headed anime doctors who is cool and composed at all times. At first glance, he is mentioned to be rather cold and intimidating, which is why people can misunderstand him.

The reason why Hatori didn’t want Tohru Honda to involve her with the Sohmas is because he didn’t want her to suffer the same heartbreak as Kana did. He has also resigned himself to the fact that the Zodiacs shouldn’t love or be loved.

Hatori Sohma From Fruits Basket anime doctors

However, behind his somber and stern personality, Hatori is deeply gentle and kind, and prioritizes others happiness before his own. Ayame mentions that his kindness is his best trait as it is his worst.

This is especially evident by the fact that, even though Hatori is genuinely happy that Kana could find happiness with another man after forgetting him, he refuses to seek his own happiness.

21. Akari From Karneval

Akari is a anime doctors in the research division of the Circus organization. He excels greatly as a researcher, but he is also very prideful and can be a bit domineering at times. He’s a member of a group of important people identified by the government.

Akari is a dominant person. There are times when he is insensitive, making callous remarks such as, “What’s wrong with telling the truth? If you don’t like it, then improve things!” He also repeatedly makes enemies among the nurses.

However, despite this, he does not have any evil intentions. Among the nurses, there is also a faction which wants to genuinely aid him; they seem to idolize him and admire him greatly for his expertise and business-like demeanor.

20. Rei Takashima From Deadman Wonderland

Rei Takashima appeared to be a level-headed and typical anime doctors, even showing remote signs of care for her patients.

However, she received immense pleasure from removing body parts of Deadmen when they lost a Carnival Corpse and also becomes enraged when she doesn’t get to remove a non-regenerative organ.

Rei Takashima From Deadman Wonderland

Like most staff at Deadman Wonderland, she was very sadistic. Rei can be calm, collected and serious at times. Rei is also shown to be a smoker.

19. Barazo Mankanshoku From Kill la Kill

Barazō is a tall, overweight anime doctors with a rather slick-back brown hair, thick eyebrows, and brown eyes. Generally, he is seen wearing a tan jacket with a white shirt and a black tie along with a pair of salmon color shorts with blue stripes, and a pair of white slippers.

Barazō is a very loose, cheerful and slightly perverted man. Being a back-ally doctor, he jokingly states that he killed more people than he saved and does not worry about it.

Barazo Mankanshoku From Kill la Kill

He loves to eat large portions of food; talking with a mouth-full of it during dinner conversations.

18. Emilia Kishitani From Durarara!!

Emilia is cheerful and energetic anime doctors. She always tries to keep the mood lighthearted but knows when to act (or at least try to act) serious or respectful.

She is also a bit of a workaholic, which keeps her away from home most of the day.

Emilia Kishitani From Durarara!!

Like Shingen, she insists that Celty and Shinra call her “Mother,” but they find this extremely awkward, mostly due to the fact that Emilia is younger than Shinra.

17. Suikotsu From InuYasha

Suikotsu suffers from symptoms of dissociative identity disorder. He has two, definite split personalities. One a gentle, philanthropist anime doctors who looks after orphans, the other a psychopathic and sadistic thrill killer that earns him his place in the Shichinintai.

While the doctor is in control, he is has a severe case of hemophobia that causes him to hallucinate blood on his hands, and can trigger his evil personality.

Suikotsu From InuYasha

When the mercenary takes hold, he seems to possess a dry sense of humor and an insatiable desire for blood.

16. Danny From Angel of Death

Danny appears to be a normal anime doctors assisting Ray, his only abnormality being his constant want for Ray to take care of her eyes. However, their time together soon fell apart when Rachel found and read a bible left by Gray.

Danny’s obsession with eyes stems from his childhood after witnessing his mother’s dead eyes. Since then, Danny began collecting them which was shown on his floor.

Danny From Angel of Death

Danny is very clever as he survived throughout most of the experiment, pretending to be dead even after being targeted by the protagonists.

15. Masahito Date From Btooom!

While outwardly a professional and friendly anime doctors, he maintains this image only so long as it benefits him. When the going gets tough.

However, he has shown himself in the past to be manipulative and only concerned with being the first to escape the situation once he does escape.

He is in fact more than willing to engineer the downfall of his colleagues or companions at the very moment when the chance to make his own escape presents itself.

14. Nurse Joy From Pokémon

Nurse Joy debuted in Pokémon Emergency as anime doctors. With his Pikachu critically injured from the events of the last episode, Ash rushed the Electric Mouse Pokémon to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City with the help of the Officer Jenny of the area.

After healing Pikachu, Team Rocket overtook the Pokémon Center, forcing her to rely on her own Pikachu generator built inside the lab. While they hid from Team Rocket, Nurse Joy activated the computer and started to transfer the Poké Balls containing injured Pokémon to the Pokémon Center in Pewter City.

The next morning, Pewter City’s Nurse Joy called and told her sister that all the Pokémon had made it safely to her center, to which the Viridian Nurse Joy was grateful.

13. Angelina Dalles From Black Butler

In the past this anime doctors, Angelina was quite withdrawn and shy due to her red hair, which she was insecure about. However, in the present, Angelina acts frivolous and carefree and is even vulgar.

For example, she had suggested that Sebastian Michaelis work for her on account of him being handsome, while casually stroking his backside. On another occasion, she attempted to make Undertaker laugh by telling him a dirty joke.

Angelina Dalles From Black Butler

Despite her crude personality, Angelina believes that ladies are more attractive if they act innocent, naive, fragile, and cheerful, particularly around their lords; she had instilled this very concept into the young Elizabeth Midford.

12. Ōgai Mori From Bungo Stray Dogs

As expected of a mob boss, Ougai is analytical and tactical anime doctors. He often puts on overdramatic acts but rarely breaks his composure internally. 

He has been shown to be somewhat ruthless and unfaltering when it comes to violence. He hasn’t, however, shown any particular enjoyment from killing. His ruthlessness comes from his pragmaticism.

Ōgai Mori From Bungo Stray Dogs

Although he can be intimidating at times and emit a scary formal aura, he is often polite to the point of seeming approachable. He is polite to allies and enemies alike. 

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