19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

We’ve been handed a CC pack that is simply off this planet because of the work of ten different designers.

There are simply too many CAS and Build & Buy items in the Stellar Stuff Pack to list them all (check the CC page for details).

This CC collection offers everything you need to create a rich extraterrestrial world of your design, from constellation-themed clothes and tattoos to a massive Moon Laboratory that would put Area 51 to shame.

This CC will blow your Sim’s head off if they still feel confined to earthly pleasures.

19. School Spirit Cheerleader Outfit

cheerleader outfit school spirit 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

What would a high school be without cheerleaders? Whether the females have a decent character design or not, the uniforms they’re seen wearing are always among the nicest costumes displayed in the whole program, according to a prevalent cliche in movies and television shows.

The School Spirit Cheerleader Outfit is a traditional cheer squad costume that your Sims may wear whether or not they are on the team.

They come with a long-sleeved, cropped turtleneck shirt underneath the upper layer of the top and the short skirt we’re all familiar with, so they can move about freely while performing their routine.

18. Poongpa High School Uniform and Jacket

poongpa school uniform 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

While this uniform keeps things basic, it does so without sacrificing flair.

Poongpa High School Uniform and Jacket is a fantastic alternative for Sims that are nearing the end of their school year and are eager to get out.

It gives kids a sophisticated, refined appearance that they may wear after graduation when they get that office job!

17. Spring Knit Vests & Pleated Skirts

spring knit skirts sims4 mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Spring Knit Vests & Pleated Skirts is a pleasant change from the normal school uniforms we’ve seen thus far; instead of a blazer for the upper part of the uniform, it employs a sweater vest to cover up and keep warm no matter what the weather is like.

The sweater vests come in several beautiful styles and hues, including a Gucci-inspired pattern.

What could make this outfit better? Being able to accessorize! This combo includes a matching hairpin (that matches your Sims’ sweater vest) for a simple, unobtrusive accessory that won’t get them in trouble.

16. Loona Uniform Top + Skirt

loona uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

This is a charming uniform with an unusual tie option: a ribbon knotted in a bow! The Loona Uniform Top + Skirt is a basic yet lovely CC outfit.

The blouse and skirt are sold separately, so you may mix and match them in other combinations. However, this outfit can also be worn as a nice casual look on its own.

This CC is available in 14 color swatches, and Sims of all ages can wear it.

The shirt is in the character customization menu alongside the other tops, while the skirt is in the bottoms.

15. Cozy_yeons School Uniform

cozy yeons school uniform simsmod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

A school uniform that looks as comfortable as Cozy Years School Uniform CC is a winning mix.

Long sleeves that seem somewhat loose at the ends and a characteristic plaid skirt characterize this school uniform. The one-piece uniform has a little tie and is available in five colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and gray.

This costume also has a collar that looks like a sailor’s.

This uniform is fantastic for its intended use as a school uniform, but it would also look fantastic with jewelry and outlandish shoes!

14. UA Short Sleeve Uniform

UA short sleeve uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Most anime enthusiasts and casual viewers are aware that these episodes provide a lot of consistent inspiration.

The majority of them take place when the characters are still in high school, and despite minor differences in design, die-hard fans can tell which costume belongs to which school. If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, you might recognize this personalized content.

The UA Short Sleeve Uniform is an exact copy of the female students’ outfits from the program.

While the classic fantastic pleated skirt, white collared shirt, and red tie combo may not be ideal for wearing while it’s snowing outside, if your Sims live in a warmer area, they’ll have the opportunity to do so every time they go to class.

13. Togahimiko Costume

togahimiko uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

When it comes to My Hero, it’s vital to notice that not all of the major characters wear the same uniform.

Aside from the hero outfits, there is considerable variety among the supporting characters’ uniforms, and even if they aren’t usually the most moral individuals, their clothes nonetheless look amazing.

I’m referring to none other than Toga Himiko, of course. Even though she’s covered in blood from combat, she still wears her standard school uniform, which consists of a similar skirt and pullover sweater, and is a nice option for you Sims to wear when the weather starts to cool down.

Don’t worry, there won’t be any blood.

12. Lass

lass school uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Lass, a riff on the uniform seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield, is another popular media-inspired uniform design.

This outfit has a crisp blazer, correct matching patches, and a tie that is far shorter than those seen in previous uniforms.

The best part about this uniform is that you may have your Sim represent anybody they wish! Consider them to be schools rather than Pokemon teams.

A university dedicated to Pokemon training? It sounds like a fantastic university!

11. Schoolin’ Dresses

schoolin dresses sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

The versatility of school uniforms is one of its most appealing features.

Of course, there’s the standard skirt and shirt pairing, but they may also be worn with khaki trousers and even as a dress.

You may use Schoolin’ Dress to build a uniform for your school that is inspired by different eras.

A button-down dress with a pleated skirt, collared top piece, and bow embellishment at the collar is not only stylish but also acceptable for school.

10. S1 Uniform

s1 uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

What could be lacking from your Sims uniform than blazers, neckties, pleated skirts, and knee-high socks?

They only need a good pair of shoes to keep them comfy during the day, and they’re good to go! The S1 Uniform is a uniform style inspired by K-Pop groups that we would expect to see in the real world but brought to our Sims.

There are 12 swatches to pick from, with the bulk of the hues being pink, yellow, black, and grey, and 10 swatches for the knee-high socks.

9. Pants For A School Uniform

pants for school uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

These pants by Bukovka may be used with any school uniform! If you’re creating your own dress code for your school, you could discover that they are a must-have when selecting bottoms.

8. Back 2 School Set

back to school uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Does anyone remember how difficult it was to get your child into a private school in The Sims 2?

It was a nerve-wracking process, but seeing your kid Sims away in style in their magnificent private school uniform was well worth it.

While it isn’t available in The Sims 4, Moonchild’s Back 2 School CC adds a touch of nostalgia to our current saves.

This set of 11 HQ formal uniforms contains two full outfit options for both male and female Sims.

Note that some of the products require EA meshes, so make sure you have Realm of Magic, Dine Out, Cats & Dogs, and Spa Day installed before downloading.

7. Teen School Uniform

teen school uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

This is another private school uniform. However, this one is Maxis-Match compatible.

And ZitaRossouw’s custom set is refreshingly straightforward:

A button-up sweater is paired with a white collared shirt and a tucked-in tie. A matching pleated skirt on the bottom for female Sims.

These appear to be something EA would develop for a private school bundle (hopefully!).

You simply need to download the main game to dress in brown, green, blue, and purple.

6. Above The Time Set

above the time set sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Do any of your adolescent Sims regard school as a fashion display rather than a place of learning?

Then New en092’s custom CC is perfect for them.

These stylish uniforms are available in two variations with a total of 40 swatches, with both outfits including long-sleeved fitted jackets and pleated skirts.

We don’t rule out the possibility that the creator was motivated by the film Clueless since we’re getting strong Cher Horowitz vibes.

5. Witchy School Uniform

witchy school uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Is your Sim’s high school more The Craft than Mean Girls?

Elfdor’s Witchy School Uniform CC is ideal for magical Sims who haven’t yet discovered a spell that allows them to skip school.

It’ll be a while before they run out of alternatives, with three goth/Halloween-themed ensembles and a total of 55 swatches.

And there’s more good news: they’re compatible with the base game and may be worn by anybody from teenagers to the elderly.

I’m not sure why Grandma would put this costume on, but it’s a possibility.

4. Back 2 School For Kids

back to school kids uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

Moonchild returns, this time with the Back 2 School attire designed particularly for children.

Yes, the first entry applies to this 14-item collection as well:

New private school asks for male and female Sims, as well as high-quality meshes and meticulous attention to detail.

Both costumes include coats. However, male Sims have shorts on the bottom and female Sims have skirts.

You’ll also need the following packs, much like the original Back 2 School outfit: Dine Out, Kid’s Stuff, Get Together, and Island Living.

3. Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper

private school uniform sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

On this list, children are underrepresented.

So we’re excited to present Christine’s Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper to you.

The uniform shirt and jumper are both Maxis-Match compatible, so if the last item on our list didn’t appeal to you, this would be a perfect option.

We count four swatches for the uniform shirt and one for the jumper, but please download them and let us know if you find any more!

2. Female Backpack

female backpack sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

What matters more than school uniforms?

Of course, backpacks!

While an EA backpack (along with certain backpack CC) is available, they are primarily cosmetic.

But, of course, who needs a wearable bag when CC is available?

The Female Backpack CC by Dissia is a book bag that your female Sims may use!

Aside from the cute design (the bag says ‘Queen’ in Simlish), there are 37 other colors to choose from.

You’ll discover this bag in the ring category while you’re trying it on.

Keep in mind that your Sim won’t be able to wear this bag and a hat at the same time.

1. Male Messenger Bag

male backpack sims mod 19 Sims 4 School Uniform CC + Mods

We can’t forget about the guys, so here’s another personalized bag.

Sims4Marigold is one of the best when it comes to lovely Alpha CC.

This personalized messenger bag for men is no exception.

It’s a roomy bag with 43 swatches to meet all of your male adolescent Sim’s demands, and it has a thick strap for extra support.

Did we mention that this one can be worn?

There’s also a download for two other CAS categories: one for spectacles and one for necklaces.

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