Sims 4 Private School Mod Download & How to use it?

Education is among the most crucial aspects of how we live our lives. It’s both the basis and the basis of our character. 

However, not everyone has the opportunity to get an exceptional education, or one is truly needed. 

We’re pleased to introduce The Private School Mod in The Sims 4 – the school mod that can complete your education experience within the game!

What exactly is private school mods Mod do? First, it is a new method of education and throws it out the windows! 

Instead, it offers your Sims an opportunity to go to the highly regarded Simston Private School and continue their education at Simston Private School! 

This mod has received lots of attention from players in the Sims 4 community after Itsmetroi published an article on Youtube. 

You can watch the YouTube video for a look at how the extension works in the real game.

Now let’s jump ahead to look at what’s inside The Private School Mod!

Private School Mod Features

In the beginning, it is important to note that it’s true that the Private School Mod is a bit expensive. 

It’s not an issue typically, but for players who aren’t keen on cheating and want to earn their money through hard work could be a little controversial. 

However, no matter how you handle the issue, we believe that our Sims private school is worth every cent!

How to Start the Private School Mod?

Your adventure in this world of privately-run schools begins via your smartphone. You’ll need to go to the phone’s menu to select “Schedule Headmaster Visit” and then the “Schedule Headmaster Visit” option. 

Selecting this will inform you that the headmaster at Simston Private School will soon arrive to eat dinner at your home. However, here’s the first issue.

It is 500 simoleons to make a headmaster’s visit. The money you pay is not refundable regardless of what happens during dinner! 

Also, the visit is the only method to begin the process, however, it’s not certain whether the headmaster is going to be affixed to your child, and offer him to be a tutor at the school he attends! 

If cheating is your method, you’re free to try it out If not it’s best to be prepared for the dinner table!

The Headmaster’s Visit

The headmaster’s visit to the school is a different matter. First, headmasters are punctual, and always arrive on time. 

He could be male or female and is a distinct persona each time you begin the mod. Then, you must make sure you cook your ideal dinner. Here’s the reason.

The whole purpose of the visit is to showcase yourself, your house, as well as your child before the headmaster. 

This means you need to be extremely pleasant, charming, and present yourself as an outstanding citizen. 

There’s an agenda of objectives that will be met during the event, such as discussing specific subjects and showing off your unique possessions.

Remember those 500 dollars in cash that you paid to attend the party? It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to get them back if you do not make the headmaster happy. 

Our sole suggestion for you is, to be honest – To try your best!

Enrolling In A Private School

If the visit by the headmaster is a complete success, then your children will be accepted into Simston private school! 

The tuition will cost you 1000 Simleons, so make sure you are prepared to pay in advance. Soon the classes and homework will begin, and then your Sims will be enrolled in private school!

Final Words

This private school mod is an absolute blast to play around with! 

The option of avoiding the traditional educational system has been an enormous blessing for our team at MOW. We decided to share this mod with you!

One thing that’s been mentioned by players in the Sims 4 community is that the mod doesn’t have an official uniform! 

You’ll need to search for a custom uniform on the internet, and then download the mod for yourself. 

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