Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

After the release of the scenarios in The Sims 4, are you looking for mods for the scenarios?

The following is a list of all of the Sims 4 custom scenarios that are currently available for download.

As soon as I heard EA’s announcement that The Sims 4 will be getting new situations, my first thought was of our fantastic modding community and how they are going to create some AMAZING new custom scenarios. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

According to what I’ve been told, the creation of these scenario mods is turning out to be rather difficult and is not as simple as converting an ordinary Sims 4 challenge into a scenario.

This indicates that at the time that I am writing this, there are very few scenario mods to share with you. However, I will be updating this site as more scenario mods are made available!

And finally, I wanted to let you know that TwistedMexi has been kind enough to create a mod that, instead of having a limited period, would allow you to keep all of the Sims 4 Scenarios that EA puts out FOREVER.

Best Sims 4 Custom Scenario

7. Video Game House Scenario Mod by KawaiiStacie

video game house sims 4 custom scenario 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

Here is a one-of-a-kind new custom scenario that has been painstakingly crafted by the incomparable KawaiiStacie.

The competition is called Video Game House, and the objective of this challenge is to become a popular streamer in order to pay off your debts plus an additional $500,000 in loans.

In order for you to finish this scenario, you will also need to download the streaming mod that was developed by KawaiiStacie.

6. Not So Berry Challenge Scenario Mod by DaleRune

not so berry scenario mint generation 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)
not so berry scenario pink generation 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

What we have all been hoping for has finally arrived!

A scenario based on a Sims 4 challenge has been created!

This one, of course, is going to be about the wildly popular Not So Berry Challenge.

As you can see to some extent from the photographs that are located above, each iteration of the Not So Berry Challenge has been transformed into its own unique situation.

If you wish to complete the challenge in the correct order, you should begin with the Mint scenario, then go on to the Rose scenario, then the Yellow scenario, and so on and so on!

5. Sibling Rivalry Custom Scenario by DaleRune

sibling rivalry sims 4 custom scenario 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

I really like how this unique situation has been built up.

It is quite imaginative as well as completely original.

In general, you’ll want to make two adult siblings, and give each of them a young kid of their own age to care for.

The next step is for each sibling to demonstrate why their child is the most deserving of the position of heir or heiress.

There are clearly a variety of conclusions that may be drawn from this situation, including the parties involved in making up and the competition coming to an end.

But why would you want to do that?

4. Bachelorette Challenge Custom Scenario by DaleRune

bachelor sims 4 custom scenario 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

A timeless favorite, The Sims 4 Bachelor and Bachelorette Challenge!

This mod for the scenario recreates the task in its entirety.

You will begin with a total of 8 Sims in your game.

One of the Sims is designated as the “bachelor” or “bachelorette,” and the other seven Sims compete with one another to become that Sim’s significant other.

The events that follow from this situation may develop in an incredible variety of ways.

It is entirely up to you to decide how hot you want the gameplay of The Sims 4 to be!

3. Greek God Challenge Custom Scenario by DaleRune

greek god challenge sims 4 custom scenario 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

This Greek God Challenge custom scenario for Sims 4 was inspired by the initial iteration of the original challenge.

It is impossible for it to be anywhere near as thorough as the actual challenge because there are so few possibilities to choose from.

However, despite this, it is still enjoyable to keep the challenge’s objective visible on the screen at all times while you are playing.

To give you a high-level picture of the situation, your adult sim is expected to be based on the life of Apollo, accomplish the “super parent” aspiration, reach level 10 in the medical vocation, and master one instrument. In addition, your adult sim is supposed to play one instrument.

I have such high hopes that in the future, we will be able to face difficulties that span multiple generations.

That is a great possibility!

2. High School Sweethearts Custom Scenario by kawaiistacie

high school sweethearts sims 4 custom scenario 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

As of right now, this is KawaiiStacie’s first and only scenario mod for The Sims 4, but I have a feeling that she will be releasing a lot more scenario modifications for The Sims 4 in the future.

The High School Sweethearts storyline follows a pair who have been together for a significant amount of time and are currently contemplating the future of their relationship.

Will they turn out to be perfect for each other?

Just be friends?

In order to discover what else is available, why not sleep around? or start dating multiple people at once?

In my opinion, that is the kind of situation that might easily be replayed time and time again.

An absolutely essential download!

1. Therapeutic Tenderness Custom Scenario by DaleRune

therapeutic tenderness sims 4 custom scenario 1 683x1024 1 Sims 4: Best Scenario Mods to Download (Ultimate List)

I am totally blown away by the amount of originality that has been put into the creation of Sims 4 custom situations, especially with this particular one!

In this scenario, you will begin with a disturbed adult Sim who has to find various ways to get through their trauma.

You will have to come up with a plan to help them.

It’s astounding to think that there are potentially FIVE distinct endings that could happen.

To get the most out of this modification, you will require one more piece of Sims 4 custom content.

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