Who is Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball?

Despite its shortcomings, Dragon Ball GT was a great source of inspiration for thoughts and ideas. 

A single of the more well-known things that came out in the world of Dragon Ball was the final Saga that witnessed the birth of the karmic Omega Shenron. 

But what’s this I hear, you may ask Who does Omega Shenron represent? Well…

Omega Shenron can be described as an Eternal Dragon born of Goku and his friends who played with the Dragon Balls numerous times. 

He is extremely powerful and evil and is the ultimate enemy in Dragon Ball GT.

What was the process that led to Omega Shenron’s being created?

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Each time the dragons were used to fulfill wishes, negativity was stored inside the Dragon Balls. The more wishful, the more energy negative.

The dream in Dragon Ball Z that brought back everyone who was killed in the battle of Frieza on Namek was the one that gave birth to Syn Shenron. 

However, it wasn’t until a few sometime later, and after continuous use that the Dragon Balls started to fail and let out Syn Shenron.

After getting his butt hit by Goku, Syn Shenron chose to take in the entire Dragon Ball, which resulted in an amazing transformation and a significant power boost. This transformation was the beginning of Omega Shenron.

Omega Shenron’s appearance

Omega Shenron first appeared on our screens in 1997 (2004 in America) in the episode entitled The One-Star Dragon Ball.

It was during the Shadow Dragon Saga, which was the final major Saga in the series Dragon Ball GT.

Omega Shenron vs. Syn Shenron Which one is the correct choice?

Syn Shenron was the title given to the Shadow Dragon before he absorbed the Dragon Balls and transformed into Omega Shenron. But, many fans simply refer to the two characters as Omega Shenron.

However, in the officially recognized Dragon Ball fandom, both characters are on a Syn Shenron-single page called Syn Shenron

If you wish to be 100% precise, you should make use of both names based on whether the character ate all of the Dragon Balls or not.

Is Shenron Omega Shenron?

It’s not true. Shenron is not Omega Shenron. Shenron represents the dragon that is summoned when it is time that Dragon Balls are collected, as well as Omega Shenron, who is an ethereal dragon that was created following the desire to bring back the dead by Namek. 

Thus, Shenron along with Omega Shenron are 2 separate beings that could possibly be able to meet.


Of the seven Shadow Dragons, Syn Shenron is the strongest. In the beginning, when he fights Goku (who was blind at the moment), he defeats him without difficulty, until Goku receives extra strength from Gohan, Goten, and Trunks. 

Syn Shenron gets a beating and then becomes desperate and absorbs all Dragon Balls that he can to attain the ultimate form of Omega Shenron. A fusion of the Seven Dragon Balls.

His appearance was almost identical, but he had all the powers associated with the Evil Dragons. 

As Omega Shenron, he’s the most powerful and final villain of the series, and the second most powerful character all-around, only to be overshadowed by the Super Saiyan four Gogeta. 

Omega Shenron was finally defeated by the Universal Spirit Bomb with energy collected from all over the universe.

Who’d win, Omega Shenron vs Beerus?

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Without a doubt, Beerus can defeat Omega Shenron all day long. If we do not consider Beerus’ God of Destruction power that Beerus is granted that allows him to Hakai his way out of existence, Beerus is just too fast and strong to be defeated by Omega Shenron.

Omega Shenron wouldn’t be able to put a glove on Beerus if he employed his super-smart instincts. We think that the best bet is on Beerus.

However, this could be a battle that won’t happen.

How powerfully can you tell the strength of Omega Shenron?

Omega Shenron appeared right after Dragon Ball GT, which occurred after Dragon Ball Z. Also, Omega Shenron was only defeated by the Super Saiyan 4 Goku, which is the strongest version of Goku that we’d seen until this point.

That’s right, Omega Shenron is extremely powerful and more powerful than Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu together. 

In terms of strength, Omega Shenron is more powerful than the Super Saiyan 3 but less powerful than the Super Saiyan 3 but a tiny bit smaller than Super Saiyan 4.

There’s been plenty of speculation about how Super Saiyan 4 would fit into the latest God Saiyan transformations, but unfortunately, there’s no way to know as they are in the different manga. 

But, I’d consider Super Saiyan 4 as stronger than Super Saiyan God but not as powerful as Super Saiyan Blue, but it’s just my opinion.

Is Omega Shenron a demon?

The answer is no. Omega Shenron is not a demon. 

Omega Shenron’s shadow is that of a Dragon however, he has similar characteristics to the demons in Dragon Ball and maybe Dabura’s long-lost cousin.

Is Omega Shenron canon?

The answer is no. Omega Shenron is not, in fact, canon, even though he appears in numerous Dragon Ball Z video games

This is because he was not an original character in Dragon Ball Manga and only was featured as a character in Dragon Ball GT, which isn’t in The official Canon. We wrote a piece about GT.

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