17 Dazzling Latino Anime Characters

As most of the anime characters are Japanese and this is totally understandable but today we re going to talk about Latino Anime Characters because not every fan is from Japan.

As anime get more and more popular in other parts of the world, creators diversify the anime characters in anime world to gain more traction.

So Today we are going to celebrate this diversify with this list of Latino and Latina anime characters.

Lets dive in to the list of 19 fabulous Latino anime characters.

17. Lala Gonzalez From School Rumble

Lala Gonzalez From School Rumble

Lala is an exchange student from Mexico, and a skilled practitioner of “Lucha Libre” fighting.

She belongs to the same amateur wrestling club as Ichijou, who she sees her as a rival, often shouting “Ichijou!” when she meets her.

Lala dislikes Ichijou’s name because her mother, who abandoned her and her father when she was a child, was also named Karen.

16. Carlos Rivera From Ashita No Joe

Carlos Rivera From Ashita No Joe

A Venezuelan bantamweight Latino anime boxer who was ranked #6 in the world.

Called a ‘king without a crown’ because the world champion was said to be too scared to face him in a match.

He was invited to Japan by Shiraki Yoko to help Joe recover from his yips.

15. Greiger From Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s’

Greiger From Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's'

An honorable duelist, Latino anime, Bommer is prideful, yet stoic. He comes from a destitute village and duels to provide it financial aid.

Later, he became a member of the Dark Signers, bearing the dark mark of the killer whale and having his “Earthbound Immortal Chacu Challhua” (however, in Z-one’s time-line he was not a Dark Signer).

An honorable Duelist, Greiger was prideful, yet stoic. Likely of South American origin, he came from a destitute village and Dueled to provide financial aid to it.

14. Pepe Iglesias From Megalo Box

Pepe Iglesias From Megalo Box

Pepe Iglesias is a Latino anime boxer who goes up against Yuri in Megalo Box.

He mostly communicates in Spanish and is known for using the language to taunt his opponents.

He uses Mexican sugar skulls to represent himself thematically. He’s a self-assured, talented boxer who knows how to hype up a crowd.

13. Ricardo Martinez From Hajime No Ippo

Ricardo Martinez From Hajime No Ippo

Ricardo Martinez is a semi-recurring character in Hajime no Ippo and the current WBA Featherweight Champion in the series. He is the main antagonist of the series.

Ricardo seems to be quiet and taciturn, choosing not to speak unless directly spoken to. In media, he speaks with his trainer (Bill Stewart) before speaking to the press and is shown to be a confident, but at the same time analytical man.

Famous for being a super champion (undefeated with many title defenses), it is said that even Mexicans who don’t recognize their political leaders know Ricardo’s name. He is also a Latino anime boxer who gave Date Eiji his iconic scar.

12. Quetzalcoatl From Luck & Logic

Quetzalcoatl From Luck & Logic

Quetzalcoatl, as you may or may not know, is a feathered serpent with wings who is an Aztec god and basically a Mesoamerican dragon. Yes, we have dragons too!

In Luck & Logic, Quetzalcoatl attacks the human world and sweet little Yukari Nanahoshi is forced to distract him while Yoshichika attacks him.

However, as gentle and pure as she is, she wins over the giant (and super cool-looking!) Quetzalcoatl. Once defeated, Quetzalcoatl decides to become Nanahoshi’s partner since she showed him humans aren’t as bad as he thought.

11. Nadie From El Cazador de la Bruja

Nadie From El Cazador de la Bruja

A maverick female bounty hunter and a top marksman, she carries an old Colt Government Model .45 pistol as her weapon of choice.

She holds an optimistic attitude but in actuality, Nadie was the sole survivor of an attack on her hometown.

Working for Hayward, Nadie accompanies Ellis on her journey. Before killing her opponents, Nadie has a habit of saying, “If you have any last words, say them now.”

10. Garcia Lovelace From Black Lagoon

Garcia Lovelace From Black Lagoon

Garcia Fernando Lovelace is the only son of Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace, aged about 12 to 13 at his first appearance. He was heir to the Lovelace family line, and as such, is its current head, the twelfth in succession after his father was assassinated.

He was kidnapped for a short while by a Colombian cartel and was transported by the Lagoon Company as “goods”. He and Roberta left Roanapur shortly afterwards, with some help from Hotel Moscow.

He has apparently returned to Roanapur searching for Roberta with a new maid named Fabiola, waiting in a local hotel called the “Sunken Palace Hotel” and seemed to have matured greatly in terms of emotional strength, as commented by Rock, since his last appearance.

9. Rosarita Cisneros From Black Lagoon

Rosarita Cisneros From Black Lagoon

Roberta is a maid who worked for four years at the Lovelace household in Colombia.

Although her domestic skills, such as cleaning and cooking, were poor, she has developed a close friendship with the young scion of the Lovelace family, Garcia.

Roberta was once known as Rosarita Cisneros, a former FARC guerrilla trained as an assassin in Cuba and an internationally wanted criminal.

She earned the moniker “Bloodhound of Florencia” for her relentless drive to achieve her objectives.

8. Pedro Domingo From Excel Saga

Pedro Domingo From Excel Saga

Pedro left his home in Colombia, South America, to work hard and earn a wage to support his son and sexy wife.

Instead, he ended up dying in a horrible fire for which Excel was more than a little responsible.

After spending some time as the Great Will of the Macrocosm’s boy toy, Pedro escaped and returned home- only to find that his loved ones had already forgotten him and taken up with his neighbor, Gomez.

7. Io Scylla From Saint Seiya

Io Scylla From Saint Seiya

Io de Scylla is one of the few anime characters with Chilean heritage.

He’s tasked with defending the Mammoth Pillar of the South Pacific Ocean, and he uses a huge variety of techniques to do so.

Including controlling animals and firing off tornados at his enemies.

6. Sunshine From Kinnikuman (Peru)

Sunshine From Kinnikuman

Though he nearly killed Geronimo, he was ultimately defeated by his Apache War Cry technique after his weakness was discovered to be loud noises. Like the other Devil Knights, he was absorbed by Akuma Shogun before the fight with Kinnikuman.

Later, he and Ashuraman escape and plot to steal the Friendship Power of the Seigi Choujins using Cursed Dolls. They enact their plan during the Dream Tag Tournament, where they compete as the Stray Devil Choujin Combo.

Sunshine appeared as one of the Devil Knights, a group of Akuma Choujin who had supposedly stolen the Golden Mask, a sacred relic on planet Kinniku that was once the head of a god. He fought Geronimo during the Five Story Ring battle within Warsman’s unconscious body.

After they are defeated by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great during the semi-finals they become good, but Sunshine is killed by Neptuneman.

5. Michiko Malandro From Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko Malandro From Michiko & Hatchin

A wild and independent woman who has just recently escaped one of the most heavily guarded prisons in existence for at least the fourth time.

Michiko rescues Hana from her abusive foster parents by busting through their window with her motorbike.

She says that she knows Hatchin’s father and that he was a good man, and that he “made her fall in love with him right away.” She has a mysterious tattoo on her stomach.

4. Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy From One Piece

Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and is best friends with all of them and values them over all else. At first glance, Luffy does not appear to be very intelligent, often seeing things in a childish manner and can easily be amazed by the simplest things.

However, because he views the world in a straightforward and simple manner, he is occasionally the only person who can see past the events and see what should be done.

Luffy seems to have an unstoppable appetite, a characteristic that is common to the Japanese archetype of the (at times simple-minded) young male hero/adventurer with a heart of gold; perhaps the hunger more so in Luffy’s case due to having an elastic stomach.

3. Chad Yasutora From Bleach

Sado Yasutora From Bleach

Chad is a teenager of Mexican descent. He is extremely tall and appears to be much older than he actually is. Chad has a tattoo on his left shoulder which reads Amore e Morte (“love and death” in Italian) and consists of a heart, a snake and angel wings around the heart.

In the series, he is usually seen wearing either his school uniform or a t-shirt. At one point in the series, he is seen wearing a dark, long-sleeved shirt with a rose emblazoned on the left sleeve.

The rose may be in honor of his grandfather seeing as how his grandfather’s name was Oscar Joaquín de la Rosa, de la Rosa being Spanish for “of the Rose.”

2. Juan Diaz From Captain Tsubasa

Juan Diaz From Captain Tsubasa

Juan Diaz is the Captain and top scorer of the Argentina team. At first Diaz is arrogant and conceited, but he is somewhat humbled after his match with Japan and duel with Tsubasa Ozora.

Diaz is very talented and has been deemed to be the next generation superstar of Argentina Soccer, even being compared to Diego Maradona.

Because of their talents and similarities he has developed a rivalry with Tsubasa of Japan.

1. Leo de la Iglesia From Yuri!!! On ICE

Leo de la Iglesia From Yuri!!! On ICE

A Mexican-American, he is one of the representatives for the United States. He is “full of originality.”

He is also very considerate of his friends and is full of spirit of entertaining.

He takes care of his own choreography and attracts audiences with his programs full of originality. He updates SNS frequently and always enjoys the game with full energy.

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