Crazy Joy Boy theories from One Piece

Joy Boy was an important figure who played a significant role in the events that took place 800 years ago and served as a linchpin in learning about how to understand the Void Century.

The first time he was mentioned was during the Fishmen arc, when Robin was reading his story about Joy Boy and his connection to the Fishman Island on a poneglyph.

Joy Boy had a close connection to his fellow Merfolk and was also a close friend of the Mermaid Princess, i.e., Poseidon, at the time. 

Joy Boy was a key player in Noah’s creation and offered Poseidon to return the Merfolk home to the land.

But for a variety of reasons, he was unable to fulfill his promise and regretted it throughout his life.

What has kept Joy Boy relevant this whole time was the fact that he’s also the one who took down The One Piece on Laugh Tale.

His existence is of paramount significance in determining what transpired in the Void Century. Although we don’t have much to have to know about him, his theories support it.

Joy Boy’s Will is the Will of “D.”

Joy Boy theories 1 1 Crazy Joy Boy theories from One Piece

Joyboy is one of the men who was a man from the Void Century that dates back around 800 years old and is inextricably connected with his time in the Ancient Kingdom. 

His poneglyph has been discovered on Fishman Island solidifying this fact.

In addition, it is believed it was not just Joy Boy from the Ancient Kingdom and the Ancient Kingdom, but Joy Boy had also been the King as well as the king and a (founding) part of the “D” Clan.

Beyond his origins, the Joy Boy’s actions draw his attention the most. Before the demise of the Ancient Kingdom, his final act was to convey his apology to the Mermaid Princess. Mermaid Princess for not being able to keep his word.

The vow the man-made was to lead “Poseidon” along the right path to lead the world toward significant transformation. 

Joy Boy planned to carry the Merfolk up to the surface to live side-by-side with humans and put an end to slavery.

Despite his blunders, Joy Boy left this task to an individual who could take his place, and who that someone else is fairly obvious from this moment.

If we look at Luffy’s actions as part of the “D” Clan and compare them with Luffy’s, they’re remarkably alike, and perhaps there is a reason for it.

Conclusively, this theory states that the will of Joy Boy can be described as the desire of “D” in itself. 

Luffy is the heir to this will, which makes it possible that Luffy’s promise is the promise of Joy Boy, i.e., to carry Poseidon as well as Shirahoshi, the fishermen, and to show the world that they are equal to the human race.

This is probably incorrect in the sense that it claims that Luffy bears Joy Boy’s wishes, as it has been proven numerous times that he is carrying Roger’s will.

“Joy Boy” is a title rather than a name.

Following the first appearance of Joy Boy in the show, it was generally believed that the character was someone who lived in the Void Century, which might be the case. 

However, a hypothesis that has been gaining traction in recent times is also gaining many supporters.

Joy Boy is a title rather than the name of an individual; more specifically, it’s an alias of the “D” Clan. The reason behind this is two major events.

As Gold D. Roger was being executed, the man smiled. Similar to when Luffy thought he was likely to die on that identical platform gave a big grin.

The defenders from the desires of the “D” Clan keep laughing even when they are on the verge of death, thus earning them the title or the alias “Joy Boy.”

“Joy Boy” Reincarnation Theory

Joy Boy theories

Even though Joy Boy was around 800-900 years before the present narrative of One Piece, he’s likely to be resurrected.

In Oden’s flashback, there was revealed in the flashback that Joy Boy would come to Wano and change the world with his base.

It is widely believed that it’s now and it is believed the possibility that Joy Boy has already been born somewhere else across the planet. 

Several candidates fall within this period The most prominent choice is Luffy.

This is most likely to be false, in part because Oden claims that, according to Oden, Joy Boy was expected to arrive in Wano once the Wano gates had been opened to the outside world.

At the moment, Luffy is already in Wano and actively trying to beat Kaido and is doing what is expected to be done before Joy Boy arrives.

“Joy Boy” is based on the Javanese King Joyoboyo.

Oda has frequently employed myths and actual historical incidents within One Piece, be it to name the characters or plot. 

One theory provides evidence to prove the fact that the name of Joy Boy is derived and derived from The Javanese King Joyoboyo of 870+ years ago.

Joyoboyo was the ruler of an island located in Indonesia known as Java whose golden age ran from 1130 AD to 1160 AD, i.e., 800-900 years in the past. 

This in turn creates parallels with One Piece’s Void Century that occurred 800 years ago.

Today, Joyoboyo was known for predicting the fall of his kingdom at foreigners, and for predicting a period in which it would blossom again.

After their conquest of Java, the Kingdom of Java left three epigraphs, which spoke of an epic battle between the Pandavs and Kauravas in the Hindu mythology of Mahabharata.

It is very similar to the poneglyphs utilized during the Great Kingdom to transmit crucial information before their demise.

If we suppose the possibility that Joy Boy was based on Joyoboyo, then we could draw two conclusions from this. The second would be that Joy Boy was likely the King of the Great Kingdom.

He predicted the defeat of the hand of the Ancient Alliance and requested the Kozuki clan to construct and write the poneglyphs.

The other thing we can draw is the connection to another prophecy of Joyoboyo. The king said that according to him Ratu Adil, i.e. the person who would establish justice and peace throughout the world, will be appearing soon.

If we take this as a reference it is possible that one of the Revolutionaries or Luffy could have been Luffy, the Ratu Adil from One Piece, i.e. the person who can unite the world.

Although this theory isn’t 100% accurate, it does make some sense. Maybe, Oda has indeed taken the inspiration of this historical moment, and the mystery of Joy Boy is one step closer to being unraveled.

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