Sexy Dragon Ball Girls

21 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

The Dragon Ball franchise boasts of some of the sexiest female characters. 

They have aided their male counterparts not just during battle, as well as in their life. 

Today, let’s look at their profiles and rank them among the top 21 most attractive Dragon Ball female characters.

We will cover all female characters starting right from the beginning until the present ongoing season of Dragon Ball Super

Let’s look at the rankings and see which of these rankings surprise us.

21. Gine

21. Gine

After decades of wondering who Goku’s mother was (many fans suspected it was Bardock’s comrade Fasha), Gine was finally unveiled.

Atypical of most Saiyans, she’s surprisingly kind-hearted, showing compassion for both her young sons and forming a genuine relationship with Goku’s father.

Gine took a long time coming, but she proved that Saiyans carried the capacity to love and weren’t just vicious conquerors.

20. Cocoa


Cocoa is a well-known model and actress from Dragon Ball Super, which is the reason she’s included in this list. She’s a pretty girl with a beautiful appearance.

She is a girly person and her attire emphasizes that. She wears her hair in a ponytail and typically is seen in a pretty pink dress.

She had a charming personality, and she developed an obsession with Gohan who was adorable.

19. Brianne


Brianne is one of the characters from Dragon Ball Super who has two personalities and appearances. 

In her second appearance, she is identified as Ribrianne and will give her an extra boost in strength. 

She is a slim, beautiful girl with a sweet and soft facial expression.

She loves dressing in pink, which is evident not only from her clothing but also from her accessories. 

She has a great style and has an elegant appearance, which makes her one of the most popular female characters from Dragon Ball.

18. Miss Piiza

Miss Piiza

Miss Piiza is a gorgeous woman from the Dragon Ball universe who can make any male character fall in love with her. 

Her curvaceous figure with long, dark hair typically helps her stand out from the other characters.

Her attire is extravagant with a choker, high-heeled shoes along with earrings.

Also, she has a gorgeous voice that is a perfect match for her beautiful appearance and is undoubtedly among the top beautiful Dragon Ball female characters.

17. Fasha


Fasha who we are familiar with as Celipa was the very first female Saiyan to be featured in this list of the most popular Dragon Ball female characters.

She is an ebullient Saiyan soldier who’s not just an attractive beauty, but also a powerful. 

She has a confident smile in her eyes that suggests she will slam anyone who is in her path.

The blonde has a short haircut and typically wears battle armour over casual clothing. 

She has a muscular physique and a fiery temper to match up to it.

16. Annin


Annin is a Dragon Ball female character introduced in the early parts of the series in the Piccolo Jr. Saga. 

Annin is a dedicated protector of the sacred Furnace of eight Divisions.

In addition, unlike the other members of Queen Yemma, she is the most beautiful and the most mature.

She is easy to approach because of her warm persona and beautiful exterior appearance. 

She wears a red outfit and has two strands of hair that hangs from at the edges of her hair.

15. Pan


Pan was the child the daughter of Gohan as well as Videl who has grown to become one of the most popular characters from the show. 

Being a quarter-Saiyan pan, she has a punchy appearance thanks to her cute, innocent looks. 

She wears a hat on her head and sports an even skin tone.

She is extremely active and has a lot in common with her Trunks in her manner of conduct. 

Her flamboyant personality is attractive to a lot of male admirers.

Additionally, she has an aggressive personality, and her temper can take the best of her many times.

14. Kefla


Kefla is yet another Saiyan to make her mark on this list of hot Dragon Ball girls. 

While she’s a Saiyan she comes from the alternate Universe 6.

She is a slim beautiful female with black dark hair that transforms green when she transforms into a Super Saiyan. 

She’s the fusion of Kale as well as Caulifla and has both of her desirable traits.

In addition to being beautiful In addition, she is strong, as she was able to win a tough battle with Goku himself. 

Her character is more similar to that of Caulifla as Kale generally has a shy personality.

13. Colonel Violet

Colonel Violet

While Colonel Violet does not have a long amount of screen time in the show but she’s certainly one of the most attractive female characters from Dragon Ball.

She is an officer with the Red Ribbon Army and is a calm and steady girl with the ability to fight through a difficult fight.

She’s also a nice woman from within as we witnessed when she helped an animal escape, who was taken prisoner in turmoil.

It’s a beautiful lady who is wearing an orange flannel and green military trousers.

12. Mrs. Briefs

Mrs. Briefs

Mrs. Briefs has the title of mother to Bulma and, as her daughter, she also has an extremely attractive appearance.

Her most notable feature is her messy and curly yellowish hair which makes her shine more bright than the majority of female characters. 

She is cheerful and is always smiling.

She can alter the atmosphere of any space by her charming appearance. 

She is elegantly dressed and is incredibly innocent. In the end, she doesn’t understand the importance of things, that can appear adorable.

11. Kale


Kale is another among Kale is another Saiyan in Universe 6 and lived with Caulifla. 

She is a quiet person and is extremely loyal to Caulifla.

Her love for her family was so strong that she was able to suppress her insane ability to ensure that Caulifla be noticed each time.

In the end, when she realized her potential that was hidden She showed us that she’s not just a gorgeous Saiyan but also able to uphold the dignity of a Saiyan warrior by her strength.

She had the red crop top with a black belt and red pants.

10. Bulla


Bulla has the surname Vegeta and Bulma and is the sibling of Trunks. 

She is half-Saiyan, and has modelled herself after her mother but with very little similarity to Vegeta.

Contrary to Pan as well as Marron, Bulla is more feminine and has a jovial personality. 

The blonde has a bluish-green colour and is typically dressed in plain and basic clothing most often.

9. Ran Fan

Ran Fan

Ran Fan is among the most popular Dragon Ball female characters who have hairstyles similar to Mrs Briefs, except that her hair is a purple colour.

The girl has a great amount of charisma that she utilized to her advantage at her participation in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

She is stunning and is spotted wearing baggy pants and sleeves-less tops. 

She also tends to be flirty with male friends and she can charm her way into everything.

8. Caulifla


Caulifla is the only female Saiyan from Universe 6 to make her appearance on this list. 

She has a strong personality and is the leader in most situations.

This appears to be very attractive, especially with her already good appearance. 

Her slim and slim figure and sharp eyes will captivate anyone. 

Being a Saiyan she’s also a fierce warrior who can defeat any opponent quickly.

7. Mai


Mai is also of those Dragon Ball girls whom we have watched grow into a beautiful and confident lady, with the help of Dragon Ball Super.

She’s quite tall, with dark black hair, and is unflinchingly determined to stand tall against any type of danger.

Her relationship with Trunks is adorable and she has that kind of charming personality that made the most attractive male character from Dragon Ball fall for her. 

Mai is also extremely smart and can remain cool in stressful situations.

6. Videl


Videl has been Gohan’s spouse and a member of Gohan’s wife in the Dragon Ball universe and one of the most sexually attractive female characters from the anime. 

It’s not an easy task to get any attention from one of the Saiyans with the greatest power within the Dragon Ball universe.

Videl is an energetic family girl who can connect with everyone quite easily.

Her attractive appearance is matched by her attractive personality with a slim physique and a beautiful face. 

In the beginning, she had curly hair that made her look a bit sexy. Then, she grew into a beautiful woman who was supportive of Gohan throughout.

5. Launch


Launch is an original character from the Dragon Ball series who has two personalities. 

She’s very hot in both her appearances and they’re only different in their personalities. 

One of her looks is a sweet, calm and innocent girl with a beautiful perspective on life.

And the other is a sly evil mastermind who constantly tries to steal something or the other through deceiving people. 

Launch typically dresses fashionably, wearing an emerald crop top as well as light brown briefs.

Her hair is blue, which turns gold whenever she changes her character.

4. Chi Chi

Chi Chi

Chi Chi as we all are aware of as Goku’s wife.

Besides being among the most beautiful female characters from the series She is also very well-known among fans.

The most prominent characteristic that distinguishes Chi Chi is that she wears her hair in a bun, which makes her stand out from the other male characters.

The actress is extremely attractive and has a charming personality. 

Furthermore, the way she can render the most powerful person on the planet in her position to be helpless is scary and adorable simultaneously.

3. Maron


Maron has been the girlfriend ex of Krillin and, like the other young characters of the show, she has developed into a beautiful woman.

She has a slender figure and a strong body. Her normal outfit is an attractive red dress, while she is sporting the yellow suit she wears while swimming.

She is also adorable and is oblivious to the things that are common to other people. She is a kind and caring girl, and her innocence is a thing to admire.

2. Android 18

Android 18

Android 18 is Krillin’s wife and is she is by far the sexiest Dragon Ball female character. 

Her first appearance was to us as an antagonist in the series, but she made her way into the hearts of the fans.

She has a fiery personality with an attitude to be matched.

She also puts importance on money over anything else and can accomplish any task when she’s well compensated.

Furthermore, as an android, she is very powerful, in addition to her attractive appearance as evident in the inter-universe competition.

1. Bulma


We’re not sure there was any doubt about Bulma being the sexiest Dragon Ball female character. 

Bulma is among the first characters introduced in the series that was shown to be fun and lively. 

She is an adventurous woman with a fabulous style.

Like her mother, she had curly and bushy blue hair, which changed over the final sections of the show.

So, we’ve finally concluded this thrilling and entertaining list. Dragon Ball is a popular anime series. 

Dragon Ball series is one of the most stunning and powerful female characters simultaneously. 

It’s nice to know that in a series, which is one of the most powerful characters in all of anime, the female characters aren’t far behind.