27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

One of the most famous series in the world is Dragon Ball. And even though the epic battles between the male characters are the main focus of all anime shows, the women play a big role in all of them.

They have helped their male peers both in battle and in their everyday lives.

From the spunky and determined Bulma to the fierce and powerful Android 18, the women in Dragon Ball are just as important to the story as the men.

And let’s be honest, they’re also some of the hottest characters in the series.

Let’s give these hot and sexy Dragon Ball girls a shout-out.

Today, let’s look at their profiles and rank them among the top most attractive Dragon Ball female characters.

We will cover all female characters starting right from the beginning until the present ongoing season of Dragon Ball Super. 

Let’s look at the rankings and see which of these rankings surprise us.

27. Kusu

Kusu 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

She is a slim young woman who is cute and charming.

Kusu is also the Angel of Destruction for Universe 10 and is one of the most powerful members.

Even though she looks young, she is one of the older people in the group and has a lot of knowledge.

Even with all of this, she stays true to herself and shows a lot of feeling, which is different from other people.

26. Hop

Hop 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Hop is one of the characters that both furries and regular people would find interesting.

She is pretty and has a hot body, but not many people like her.

Hop looks like an attractive and sexy anime cat girl. In addition to this, she is also a fighter from Universe 9.

People keep looking at her big bust, which is enough to steal the show on its own.

25. Marcarita

Marcarita 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Marcarita, another angel on this list, is neither weaker nor less attractive than any of the others.

She is also tall and slim, like her sister Vados.

The most attractive thing about her is her twin ponytails, which make her look pretty hot.

Her normal clothes are the same as any other Angel’s clothes, and they show off her pretty body the best.

24. Lagss

Lagss 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Lagss, who is one of the main bad guys in Universal Conflict Saga, is also a unique character because she is not human.

She is also one of the most attractive characters in the series and might be the sexiest Glass person.

Her outfit is unique, and it works both to draw attention to her and to show off how hot she is. She also has a big bust, which is kind of visible because of the way she dresses.

Her best outfit is also one that shows off some of her body, which makes her one of the hottest female characters in Dragon Ball.

23. Towa

Towa dragon ball 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Towa is a rare Demon race, and she is also the prettiest one. She has a curvy body and is very sensual, which is another reason why she is in this list.

She also has a hot body and looks good. Towa also has a pretty full bust, and most of the time, she wears tight clothes that keep showing off and emphasizing her curves.

22. Heles

Heles 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Heles is one of the most beautiful and hottest female characters in Dragon Ball.

She is also very strong. She is also the hottest and one of the strongest gods of destruction.

The way she dresses makes her curves look better and makes her look more attractive.

Heles also has a very large bust, which makes her one of the most attractive people on this list.

21. Gine

Gine 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Gine is the Saiyan woman who gave birth to Goku and Raditz. She is very strong in fight, but she also has a kind heart and a gentle personality.

Atypical of most Saiyans, she’s surprisingly kind-hearted, showing compassion for both her young sons and forming a genuine relationship with Goku’s father.

Even though she’s not a cat girl, her tail is the most attractive thing about her look. She is also very attractive for her age group, and her attitude is very captivating.

Gine took a long time coming, but she proved that Saiyans carried the capacity to love and weren’t just vicious conquerors.

20. Cocoa

Cocoa 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Cocoa is a well-known pop idol and actor in Dragon Ball Super, which is why she is on this list. She is a cute girl who looks pretty.

She acts and dresses like a girl, which shows in both ways. Cocoa keeps her hair in a ponytail and wears a cute pink dress most of the time.

She was a very nice person, and it was cute that she had a crush on Gohan.

19. Ribrianne

brianne 71h6.1280 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Brianne is one of the characters from Dragon Ball Super who has two personalities and appearances. 

In her second appearance, she is identified as Ribrianne and will give her an extra boost in strength. 

She is a slim, beautiful girl with a sweet and soft facial expression.

She loves dressing in pink, which is evident not only from her clothing but also from her accessories. 

She has a great style and has an elegant appearance, which makes her one of the most popular female characters from Dragon Ball.

18. Miss Piiza

Miss Piiza

In the world of Dragon Ball, Miss Piiza is a beautiful woman who can make any guy fall in love with her.

She has a curvy body and thick orange hair, which make her stand out from the crowd.

With a choker, high-heeled boots, and earrings, her outfit is quite fancy. She is also very pretty and has a beautiful voice.

She is without a question one of the most attractive women in Dragon Ball.

17. Fasha

Fasha 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Fasha, who is also called Celipa, is the first female Saiyan on this list of the hottest female Dragon Ball characters.

She is a beautiful, proud Saiyan fighter who is also strong. She looks sure of herself, and if anyone gets in her way, she’ll drop them like a rock.

Fasha has short hair and is usually seen wearing war armor over her regular clothes. She has a strong body and an even stronger attitude.

16. Tights

tight 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Tights is Bulma’s older sister and another blonde beauty on this list.

With this information, we can see how beautiful she is.

Tights’s hair is also a pretty shade of blonde, which adds to her charm.

Like her sister, she can quickly change from being mean to being cute.

Tights has a small body, and her clothes make her curves look even better.

15. Pan

Pan 1 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Pan is the daughter of Gohan and Videl. She has grown up to be one of the most popular characters in the series.

Pan’s cute, innocent looks are just as strong as the fact that she is a quarter-Saiyan. She has pale skin and wears a scarf on top of her head.

She has a lot of energy, and her behavior is a lot like that of her Trunks.

Most of her male fans like the fact that she acts like a boy. She is also very aggressive, and most of the time her fiery anger gets the best of her.

14. Kefla

Kefla 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Kefla is another Saiyan who makes this list of the hottest Dragon Ball girls. Even though she is a Saiyan, she comes from Universe 6.

She is a thin, beautiful woman with dark black hair that goes green when she turns into a Super Saiyan. Kefla is a mix of Kale and Caulifla, so it has both of their good qualities.

She’s pretty, but she’s also pretty strong, because she was able to beat Goku pretty well. Since Kale is usually shy, she is more like Caulifla in how she acts.

13. Vados

Vados 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

She is the older sister of Whis and one of the strongest angels. She is also by far one of the hottest women in Dragon Ball.

Since she trained Whis’s brother, Vados is also much stronger than Whis.

She is a kind person, and she also wears very beautiful clothes that show off her curves.

This makes it easy to put her in the top five hottest female Dragon Ball characters.

12. Mrs. Briefs

Mrs. Briefs

Mrs. Briefs is Bulma’s mother, and just like her daughter, she has a very beautiful look.

Her yellow hair, which is curly and messy, stands out the most. It makes her stand out more than most of the other female characters.

She always has a smile on her face and is a happy person.

Mrs. Briefs is so charming that she can change the mood of any place she goes. She dresses very nicely and is a very good person.

Because of this, she doesn’t always understand how important things are, which is kind of cute.

11. Kale

Kale 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Kale is another Saiyan who lived in Universe 6 with Caulifla. She has a shy nature and loves Caulifla very much.

Her love for Caulifla was so strong that she hid her crazy power so that Caulifla would always stand out.

When she finally used her hidden power, she showed that she is not only a beautiful Saiyan but also a strong warrior who can support the honor of a Saiyan.

Kale had on a red crop top, a red skirt that went with the top, and a brown belt.

10. Bulla

Bulla 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Bulla is the sister of Trunks and the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma.

She is half-Saiyan and looks a lot like her mother. She doesn’t look much like Vegeta at all.

Bulla is more girly and has a happier attitude than Pan and Marron.

She has hair the color of blue, and most of the time she wears simple, plain clothes.

9. Android 21

Android 21 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

The main bad guy in the Dragon Ball Z Fighters Game is Android 21, who also shows up in an OVA. She is tall and thin, and one of the most attractive women in Dragon Ball.

She looks different from the rest of the people on this list. Android 21’s body is very curvy and hot, which made her a fan favorite right away.

8. Caulifla


Caulifla is a female Saiyan from Universe 6. She is the only one on this list from that universe.

She has a strong attitude, and most of the time she is in charge.

Along with how pretty she already is, this makes her look even better. Her slim body and sharp eyes can make any man fall in love with her.

As a Saiyan, she is also a strong fighter who can easily beat anyone.

7. Mai

mai 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Mai is also one of those Dragon Ball girls whom we have watched grow into a beautiful and confident ladies.

She’s quite tall, with dark black hair, and is unflinchingly determined to stand tall against any type of danger.

Her relationship with Trunks is also very cute, and her attitude is so sweet that even the most handsome guy in Dragon Ball falls for her. Mai is also very smart and knows how to stay cool when things get tense.

6. Videl

Videl 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Videl is Gohan’s wife and one of the sexiest women in the show. Getting the attention of one of the strongest Saiyans in the Dragon Ball world is not easy.

Videl is a happy family girl who gets along well with everyone.

She has a pretty face and a slim body, which make her seem appealing. At first, her hair was very short, which made her look like a boy.

Videl slowly turned into a beautiful woman who was always there for Gohan.

5. Launch

21. Gine 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Launch is a special character in the Dragon Ball stories because he has two different sides to him. She is very hot in both of her shapes.

The only difference between them is how they look. One of her forms is a calm, sweet, innocent girl with a great view on life.

While the other is a smart, evil genius who is always trying to trick people into giving him something to steal.

Launch looks stylish in a green crop top and light brown shorts most of the time. Her hair is blue, but whenever she changes who she is, it turns golden.

4. Chi Chi

Chi Chi 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Chi Chi is Goku’s wife, which everyone knows. She is also one of the most beautiful female characters in the show, and fans like her a lot.

Chi Chi is easy to spot because she always wears her hair in a bun. This makes her stand out from the other female figures.

She is very pretty, and people like her. She can also make the strongest person in the world helpless in front of her, which is both scary and adorable.

3. Maron

Maron 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Krillin’s ex-girlfriend, Maron, has grown up to be a pretty and sexy woman, just like the other young people in this story.

She is very curvy and has a very strong body. Maron usually wears a bright red dress. When she goes swimming, she wears a yellow bathing suit.

She is also very cute and often doesn’t notice things that other people take for granted. She is kind and helpful, and her pure heart is something to admire.

2. Android 18

Android 18 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

Android 18 is Krillin’s wife and is she is by far the sexiest Dragon Ball female character. 

Her first appearance was to us as an antagonist in the series, but she made her way into the hearts of the fans.

She has a fiery personality with an attitude to be matched.

She also puts importance on money over anything else and can accomplish any task when she’s well compensated.

Furthermore, as an android, she is very powerful, in addition to her attractive appearance as evident in the inter-universe competition.

1. Bulma

Bulma 1 27 Sexy Dragon Ball Girls of All Time

We’re not sure there was any doubt about Bulma being the sexiest Dragon Ball female character. 

Bulma is among the first characters introduced in the series that was shown to be fun and lively. 

She’s a very stylish girl who likes to try new things. Like her mother, she had blue hair that was bushy and curly, but it changed as the story went on.

So, that’s the end of this fun and interesting list. Some of the most powerful and beautiful women in the world are in the Dragon Ball series.

It’s good to see that the girls aren’t too far behind in a show with one of the best characters in the history of anime.

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