17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

There are much great anime that feature motorcycles, and they are worth your time. 

This list includes both older titles and newer motorcycle anime.

Kino’s Journey is a great example of a motorcycle anime.

It starred Kino as the protagonist and featured the talking motorcycle, Hermes. 

Based on Keiichi Sagawa’s original series, two short films were also made. 

Another recent adaptation is Bakuon, a TV anime that focuses on motorcycles. 

This was Hane Sakura’s story, which also included her time at Okanoue Girls High School, where all students were allowed to ride motorbikes. 

This list includes anime movies such as Akira, which features biker gangs riding cyberpunk bikes.

17. Ginga Reppuu Baxinger

Ginga Reppuu Baxinger 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

600 years ago, Ginga Senpuu Braiger was destroyed by Jupiter.

Many planets have since come from it, which has led to more colonization. 

Don Diego Condor, Samanosuke Dodi, and Layla Minesato gather together to combat increasing lawlessness. 

J9-II. They are pilots of Cosmo Bikes that combine to make the robot Baxingar.

16. Futari Daka

Futari Daka 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Two young motorbike-crazy men meet one day on a track. 

They almost meet and kill each other, but they soon discover they share the same first name. 

They are both great at racing and quickly become rivals.

But their passion for the sport isn’t all they share.

14. Scared Rider Xechs

Scared Rider Xechs 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

The Nightfly O’Note, which originates from the Red World and symbolizes instinct, is constantly attacking the Blue World, which represents reason. 

Akira Asagi (17 years old) is the protagonist.

She is a researcher at Blue World and is nominated as the leader of the war at Ryuukyuu LAG.

This proud defense facility is located on the Ishigaki islands. 

The sixth combat unit “IS” is formed after the destruction of the fifth unit. 

Akari must lead the six riders, also known as the Scared Rider Xechs to defeat the Other World while deepening their relationship.

13. Venus Wars

Venus Wars 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Humanity lives on two planets in the 21st Century. 

Massive terraforming, which resulted from the collision with an asteroid of ice, has made Venus a planet capable of supporting life. 

The Earth colonists tamed the hostile planet and survived for four generations. 

They also brought out the dark side of humanity. 

Venus is about to get hostile once again.

Hiro Seno is a motorcycle jockey and hotshot.

He witnesses the first attack by Ishtar against his country Aphrodisia. 

The city was quickly destroyed by massive battle tanks, warplanes, and other military aircraft. 

Hiro is forced to fight for his life at the frontlines despite his opposition to the war by the Aphrodian army.

12. Robotech: The New Generation

Robotech The New Generation 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

It is now 2031, and the Robotech Masters have been defeated by the Earth’s Robotech Force led by Dana Sterling’s 15th tactical squad.

The planet now faces a new threat. 

It has been noted that the spread of Protoculture spores over large swathes of the Earth’s surface was not unnoticed. 

The Invid, an alien race known as the Invid, are arch enemies to the Robotech Masters and launch a massive invasion on Earth. 

The new alien threat will threaten the survival of all remaining planet inhabitants. 

The survivors are left with little to no defense, and can only hope for the return to the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF), which will save them from destruction.

11. Blassreiter

Blassreiter 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Modern Germany is plagued with “Amalgams.”

These cybernetic entities are created solely to cause havoc and can spawn from rotting flesh.

They can also fuse with technology to create new abilities. 

The Xenogenesis Assault Team is created to counter the threat. 

The organization’s primary mission is to defend against Amalgam attacks.

However, it also studies newly discovered “amalgamated” people who possess rational thought and are much more dangerous than their non-sentient counterparts.

Joseph Jobson, an amalgamated human, has complete control over his abilities. 

Although successful in his line of work as a lone warrior, an unfortunate encounter with the recently-turned-Amalgam Gerd Frentzen makes him a priority target of the XAT. 

Joseph escapes the organization, seeking new allies, and is transformed into Blassreiter, a man who is considered the strongest Amalgam. 

He must now fight back using his newfound abilities to discover the truth about his past and the entire Amalgam conflict.

10. Megazone 23

Megazone 23 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Shougo Yahagi, a young motorcyclist, lives in a world full of hard rock, hot bikes, and J-pop idols. 

Unbeknownst to the rest of the population, the computer program Eve watches over them as they go about their daily lives. 

Shougo is mostly focused on riding his motorcycle and finding beautiful women like Yui Takanaka who dreams of becoming a dancer.

Shougo’s world is transformed when Shinji Nakagawa shows him a top-secret project.

The “Garland” is an advanced motorcycle that can transform from a bike to a robot. 

Show escapes from the military by hijacking the Garland and is then ambushed by them. 

With the aid of Yui, her friends, and the military, Shougo discovers that the idyllic society he has imagined is a lie.

9. Circuit Angel: Ketsui no Starting Grid

Circuit Angel Ketsui no Starting Grid 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Mariko is a tough but kind girl who loves motorcycles. 

Mariko ends up racing to settle the differences between herself and the bike maker’s son.

8. One Off

One Off 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Here’s a glimpse into the lives of high school girls during the summer. 

Shiozaki Haruno, a 17-year-old girl, loves her HONDA’s Giorno motorbike. 

She lives in the highlands but longs to live in a vibrant city.

Haruno is encouraged to pursue her dream by meeting people who stay at her parents’ boarding house.

7. Two Car

Two Car 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Two Car Follow high schoolers Yuri Miyata & Megumi Meguro, as they compete against six other pairs in the sport motorcycle sidecar racing.

6. Terror in Resonance

Terror in Resonance 2 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

The word “VON”, painted in red, is the only thing left after a terrorist attack against a Japanese nuclear facility. 

.The inability of the government to act leaves the government devastated and police scrambling to find ways to punish the perpetrators. 

Six months later, strange footage appears on the internet. 

Two teenage boys, identified only as “Sphinx”, challenge the police and threaten to bring destruction and mayhem to Tokyo. 

The police are unable to stop panic from spreading quickly through the city, and desperately need leads to their investigation.

Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki is caught in the middle.

Zankyou no Terror is the story of Nine & Twelve, the boys behind the masks of the Sphinx. 

They shouldn’t exist. Yet, they keep the city falling around them in a world full of lies and deceit.

All in the hope of finding their tragic truth.

5. Kino’s Journey

Kinos Journey 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Kino, a 15-year-old traveler forms a relationship with Hermes, a talking motorbike. 

They travel together, exploring different countries and locations, even though they don’t know what to expect. 

Life is full of unknowns.

They encounter many customs on their travels, from the sanitized to the tragic and interesting. 

They meet many people, including those who live to work, others who live for their families, and others who are driven to achieve their goals. 

In every country they visit, there’s always something to be learned from how people live their lives.

Kino and Hermes do not have to decide if these values are right or wrong.

They merely play the role of observers in this small world. 

They don’t try to influence or change the environment they visit, no matter how absurd their values might seem. 

They believe that everything is fine and beautiful as it is.

4. Ride Back

Ride Back 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

The GGP, an international organization, will take control of the future. 

Rin Ogata was a promising young ballet dancer.

However, she suffered serious injuries while dancing and decided not to continue. 

She stumbles upon a club building years later and is soon intrigued by the “Rideback”, a motorcycle-like robot vehicle. 

Soon, she discovers that her ballet skills and balance make her an excellent rider on the Rideback. 

These same skills can land her in serious trouble with the government.

3. Barbara Densetsu

Baribari Densetsu 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

The film tells the story of four high school students who race bikes illegally on public roads at night.

2. Akira

Akira 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Japan, 1988. A young boy with psychic powers explodes through Tokyo, igniting the spark that will lead to World War III. 

To prevent further destruction, he’s captured and taken into police custody. 

In its place are a rebuilt Neo-Tokyo, a city rife with gang violence and terrorist attacks against the current government. 

Shoutarou Kaneda is the leader of “the Capsules”, a misfit group known for riding custom motorcycles and being constantly in conflict with “the Clowns”.

Shoutarou’s friend Tetsuo Schima gets into an accident with an esper, who ends up on the streets of Tokyo after fleeing confinement at a government institution. 

As Tetsuo discovers his psychic abilities through this encounter, the government tries to quarantine the latest psychic to stop him from unleashing the destructive power which could bring the city to its knees again.

1. Bakuon !!

Bakuon 1 17 Best Motorcycles Anime Of All Time

Hane Sakura rides her bike up a steep hill every day to school each morning. 

Once, Amano, a motorcycle enthusiast, meets Sakura one morning, and she is then introduced to the motorcycle club led by Raimu Kawasaki. 

Sakura, who is new to riding motorcycles, experiences the difficulties of learning how to ride again. 

Sakura hopes to recreate her first bike ride, which was both terrifying and thrilling.

Sakura is determined to get her motorcycle license and experience the joys as well as the hardships of riding a motorcycle.

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