Pokemon GO Player Catches Super Rare, But Useless Pokemon

Recently, a Pokemon GO player caught a shiny Pokemon that was very sought after, only to find that it has stats that make it pretty useless.

The hugely popular monster-catching mobile game has a huge roster of creatures to find, and it also has a lot of different variants of Pokemon.

Alongside the Pokemon franchise’s traditional “shiny” variants, each Pokemon a player captures can have different base stats, with some having special benefits for the game’s battles. At this point, one player has found a very strange shiny Pokemon in the game.

A simplified version of the franchise’s in-game statistics are available in Pokemon GO, making it easy for players to figure out how good a Pokemon is at fighting.

Players can find out a Pokemon’s base values for ATK, DEF, and HP by breaking down each creature’s statistics into three basic stats.

A Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses are added together to get its “Combat Power.” Some of the game’s strongest Pokemon have CPs of more than 4000. The newly caught shiny of one player, on the other hand, is at the other end of the power scale.

On the Pokemon GO subreddit, Reddit user gabri6446 posted about their strangely unfortunate find, showing off their shiny new Pokemon.

The post shows a shiny Eevee that was recently caught in Pokemon GO, revealing that all of its statistics are zero.

Only 1 in 4096 players have a chance of finding a Pokemon with the shockingly low stat line, making it one of Pokemon GO’s rarest encounters.

The Eevee is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game, which is unfortunate given the low likelihood of finding a shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Player Finds Super Rare Shiny “Nundo”


In the comments, people agreed with the player’s initial shock and made fun of the situation involving the shiny Eevee.

One fan provided a rough estimate of the unusual Eevee’s rarity, suggesting that the odds of receiving a shiny “nundo” in Pokemon GO are about 1 in 2 million.

Others advised the player against evolving the Eevee, suggesting that they fully level up its stats to show off the unusual situation.

Because in-game factors like weather can raise a Pokemon’s base stats, others pointed out that finding a shiny “nundo” is even more difficult.

One of Pokemon GO’s unusual encounters in a game full of difficult Pokemon is the rarest shiny “nundo.” Numerous “Mythical Pokemon” from the franchise are present in the game, only available through in-game activities like the recently released Diancie Special Research.

While Pokemon GO has a lot of creatures that are only found in certain areas of the world, some of them, like Corsola and Tropius, are only available in those areas. One of the most unusual and unglamorous achievements in Pokemon GO is catching a shiny “nundo.”

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