Pokemon GO Giveaway Gives You Chance to Earn Free Purified Gems

PokeCoin GO has started a new giveaway where players can get free Purified Gems. As part of the World of Wonders: Taken Over event, the campaign started already and will last until March 29.

Pokemon GO players can do new Special Research during this event to meet Pokemon like Shadow Groudon and Shadow Mewtwo.

The World of Wonders is the name of the new Pokemon GO season that started April 1. The GO Battle League is back for another season, and during Shadow Raids, new Shadow Pokemon can be caught.

There are also brand-new Special Research items to learn. When Team GO Rocket takes over a gym, special battles called Shadow Raids happen.

A new Special Research to fight Shadow Groudon and a special weekend to fight Shadow Mewtwo during Shadow Raids will be added to the game during the World of Wonders: Taken Over event.

GO has started a giveaway where players can get free Purified Gems to help them fight these legendary Shadow Pokemon better.

Users who are interested in the giveaway may need to create an account on TikTok because it is only valid for participants.

The company has promised to give codes for Purified Gems to every player by March 29, when the Team GO Rocket Shadow Raids event will be under way, if the Pokemon GO TikTok post reaches 150k interactions.

How to Participate in the Pokemon GO Free Purified Gems Giveaway?

  • Follow Pokemon GO on TikTok
  • Like the TikTok Purified Gems Sweepstakes post
  • Tag a friend in the comments
  • Save the TikTok post
  • Share the TikTok post

When a player is faced with Shadow Raid Battles in Pokemon GO, Purified Gems are extremely helpful. A Shadow Raid Boss, which is much stronger than the traditional Pokemon Go Raid Bosses, will be faced by players during these unique raid battles.

When the Shadow Pokemon Raid Boss is angry, players can use a Purified Gem to calm it down, making the battle much simpler. More players using Purified Gems will make the effect last longer.

All players taking part in the World of Wonders: Taken Over event who want to add Shadow Groudon or Shadow Mewtwo to their team should check out this Pokemon GO giveaway.

Purified Gems will make the battle much more man ageable, increasing your chances of catching these legendary Pokemon.

While Shadow Groudon will be available until the end of the season on June 1, Shadow Mewtwo will only be available on March 30 and 31 (the last two days of the March event calendar in Pokemon GO).

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