Pokemon Fan Designs Dewgong Evolutionary Form

Dewgong’s potential evolution was thought of by a creative Pokemon fan.

Although unlikely, such a new evolved form is not impossible. The media franchise has already released more evolved forms for old monsters.

One of the original 151 monsters introduced in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow is Dewgong, a Water/Ice type monster that evolves from Seel starting at level 34.

Dewgong, like other Pokemon from the first generation, is thought to have been inspired by a real-life animal, in this case the earless seal.

An impressive fan-made evolution of Dewgong has made its way online, and it also appears to take inspiration from aquatic mammals that live in freezing polar waters.

A potential Dewgong-evolved form called Nawrleo was recently proposed by user JJonnie in a post on the Pokemon subreddit.

This evolution, which resembles a cross between a leopard seal and a narwhal, has an expandable vocal pouch that can produce a big sonic wave, according to the artist.

Sonic Boom is one of the many special moves that were taken out of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games during the Generation 9 era, and this description makes it sound like Nawrleo can use something like it.

At What Level Does Seel Evolve Into Dewgong?

  • Level 34

Napple is not JJonnie’s first original concept for a Pokemon evolution. The talented artist also made the amazing Ballisteal, a Pokemon Charcadet evolution made by fans.

Recently, in November, someone on Reddit made Halloween-themed evolutions for Eevee, the first-generation Pokemon that has the most evolved forms of any monster with eight.

The Pokemon franchise has toyed with the idea of giving monsters from earlier generations new evolved forms, but the original evolutions created by JJonnie and other artists will probably always be considered fan theories.

For example, Scarlet and Violet had a lot of evolutions that happened between generations. The last evolution for the first generation Pokemon Mankey and Primeape was Annihilape.

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