Animal Crossing Fan Makes Adorable Celeste Plush

A skilled Animal Crossing fan showed off a plush toy they made to resemble Celeste, the red-feathered owl from Nintendo’s cosy life sim franchise, and it looked fantastic.

These kinds of impressive achievements show how dedicated and creative the Animal Crossing fan base really is, even when there aren’t many updates about the series’ future.

The social simulation series has gained a sizable number of new fans ever since the franchise’s most recent game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, debuted with such fervour.

In addition to breaking all previous Animal Crossing games’ sales records, the new game in the franchise became one of the top 10 best-selling Switch games of all time, selling almost 45 million copies.

As a result, the Animal Crossing community has been busier than ever, with fans creating everything from crochet dolls and dioramas to smartwatch faces and mosaics to show their love for Nintendo’s hit franchise.

However, the most recent fan creation is particularly noteworthy because it is so impressive that it makes it difficult to tell whether it was made by a professional or a fan.

One Reddit user, AnnushkaToys, shared some pictures of a cute Celeste plush they made on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit. This plush of the bright red owl, who is probably best known for being Blathers’ younger sister in the Animal Crossing games, makes its cute look stand out even more.

Another Reddit user, not-the-swedish-chef, pointed out that it’s easy to mistake the stuffed animal for official Nintendo merchandise because AnnushkaToys stayed so true to Celeste’s unique character design.

The awesome Animal Crossing plush also got great reviews from other Reddit users. For instance, user SchnozTheWise said they’d buy the Celeste toy because it was so impressive.

Furthermore, Reddit user No_08 praised AnnushkaToys’s work as “amazing,” highlighting the large pink bow on the back of the Celeste plush’s head as a key feature. Like-minded commenters Xuravious and abellaire said the stuffed animal looked “really well done” and “professionally made.”

The Animal Crossing Fanbase Continues To Be Very Passionate About The Franchise

The Reddit user AnnushkaToys has also made plush toys based on other Animal Crossing characters like Kurt, Tangy, Bianca, and Butch, so this isn’t the only cute animal plush that she has made.

These plush toys are only a few of the impressive things that fans of the popular Nintendo franchise have made recently.

Others have made adorable fossil rugs, light-up flowers, and even amazing Animal Crossing-themed gardens made out of DS shells.

Animal Crossing franchise fans are still creating amazing fan art, plushes, and other crafts to show how much they love the series, despite Nintendo’s recent announcements about new games in the series being light.

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