12 Anime like God of Highschool

So, if your heart yearns for the thrill of action-packed anime like God of High School, then let your spirit soar with excitement!!

I have news that will surely ignite a fire within your very being.

Brace yourself, for I bring tidings of a series that shall captivate your senses, much like the beloved God of high School.

Prepare to embark on a journey filled with adrenaline-pumping battles, breathtaking animation, and a story that shall leave an indelible mark upon your soul.

I wanted to share something truly special with you today: a list of the 12 most captivating anime, like God of Highschool that are sure to touch your heart.

These shows have a way of whisking us away to extraordinary worlds filled with adventure, emotion, and unforgettable characters.

As I perused this list, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Each anime in this carefully curated collection has the power to transport us to places we’ve never been before, allowing us to experience a range of emotions that resonate deep within our souls.

From the very first episode, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world. Let me tell you about these extraordinary series that are filled with intense battles that will leave you breathless.

The martial arts displayed in these shows are simply awe-inspiring, showcasing the incredible skills and techniques of the characters.

And let me not forget to mention the super cool tournaments that take place, where the characters’ determination and passion shine through.

Trust me, buddy, you are in for an unforgettable journey with this series.

Whether you have already immersed yourself in the captivating world of anime or are just beginning to explore its wonders, I assure you that the shows I am about to share will touch your heart and leave you yearning for more.

Get ready for an incredible journey, my friend, one that will take you on thrilling battles and introduce you to extraordinary individuals who will leave a lasting impression on your heart.

It will be like reliving the enchantment of experiencing the God of Highschool all over again.

Here are some of the Best Anime like God of Highschool

12.  Zodiac War

12 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

The Zodiac War (Juni Taisen) is based on a manga, and it aired in 2017.

Both the manga and the anime have finished!

The story is about an exciting battle royal that happens once every twelve years.

There can only be one winner, who will have their wish granted.

This anime is super interesting to watch! It features twelve awesome fighters, each representing the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac system.

As you might have guessed, the type and temperament of the animals a fighter is associated with have a significant impact on their fighting style.

I love how the story is presented! It does an amazing job of creating suspense and building up the tension.

Both the background stories and the battle royal fights are given equal emphasis.

This anime may have its flaws, but it’s one of those shows that doesn’t try too hard to be perfect.

However, it still manages to keep you engaged and entertained.

11. Hajime No Ippo

11 anime like highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

Hajime No Ippo came out twenty years ago, so it’s on our list of classic retro masterpieces.

It does a great job of capturing the shounen anime style, starting with the main character, Makunouchi Ippo, who is an outsider.

It was one of the most popular anime shows at the time, and the manga is known as one of the best in the martial arts and sports genres.

The best parts of God of High School were the fight scenes, which made up for the show’s other flaws.

So, Hajime no Ippo is a great choice for people who want to watch cartoons like that.

Ippo starts his path to becoming a professional boxer as a weak and bullied teenager from Kamogawa Boxing Gym.

Mori from GoH and he are both very naive, and he wants to know what it means to be better. The plot does a great job of showing trials and personal problems at a very realistic speed.

Because of this, characters are easy to relate to, and viewers are interested in how they will change as people in the future.

The anime also stresses the value of disciplined practice by showing boxers going through tough training to get better in internal monologues or backstories.

It gives a lot of time to those training scenes for unimportant characters without making them seem too much.

The way the characters are set up is so good that sometimes you want the other player to win instead of Ippo.

The fight scenes are exciting and are sure to get your heart racing.

In addition, it shows how the world of fighting works both inside and outside the ring.

The story of Hajime no Ippo is about fighting, being determined, wanting to be the best, and getting over your fears.

This is the last anime on our list of suggestions. It’s one of those truly inspiring shows that people love to watch again and again.

10. Baki

10 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

I wanted to recommend a cool martial arts anime for you. It’s called Baki and it’s divided into three awesome arcs: Baki Grappler, Baki Grappler – Tournament, and Baki.

Trust me, it’s worth checking out! Baki Hanma, who has been training since he was young, is determined to challenge his father, who is known as the strongest fighter.

In the second arc, our protagonist finds himself in an exciting tournament at the age of 16, where he has the thrilling opportunity to face off against his father.

In the newest chapter, he becomes the strongest character, which catches the attention of some really tough opponents!

The series is packed with 38 awesome martial arts styles and thrilling fights, with a touch of exaggeration to make it even more entertaining!

Perfect for all you martial arts enthusiasts out there who love action-packed battles!

9. Kill La Kill

9 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

In 2013, the anime adaptation of Kill la Kill debuted, and at the same time, the manga adaptation of the show began serialization.

The plot has concluded, and the final 24 episodes make for a satisfying binge.

Fan service abounds in Kill la Gill, which also features a formidable enemy, a similarly formidable lead character, and the ridiculously powerful transformation of children simply by changing their clothes.

Because of their genre association, Ecchi anime is often overlooked. Kill la Kill deserves its place on this list thanks to its exciting battles and its high entertainment value.

The protagonist heroine, Ryuko Matoi, joins Honnouji Academy to learn the truth behind her father’s death, and to achieve that, she has to fight other students.

The narrative does a wonderful job of developing her character and making her plight sympathetic.

Mako Mankanshoku, who is as adorable as she is quirky, is her best friend and emotional support.

A series of random occurrences keeps the characters in more absurd situations.

The flashy action sequences are the highlight of the show, and they almost make you forget that it’s an ecchi anime.

The fight scenes are well-written and animated, and they feature some truly wicked lines of conversation.

8. Hunter X Hunter

8 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

In a world full of esteemed hunters who take on daring missions, there’s a determined young man named Gon who dreams of following in his father’s footsteps.

Becoming a hunter is quite an adventure! It involves a challenging exam and discovering your special Nen abilities. Stay brave and enjoy the journey!

Gon forms some amazing friendships along his journey, all while keeping his eyes on the prize of meeting his father and showing off his true fighting skills.

The anime explores the exciting challenges of the Hunter Examination and follows Gon’s inspiring journey as he seeks strength and discovers his true purpose.

7. My Hero Academia

7 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

In the amazing world of My Hero Academia, where everyone has awesome powers called Quirks, Izuku Midoriya stands out as one of the few without any abilities.

His childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo, sometimes teases him about it. But Izuku dreams of becoming a Hero just like All Might!

All Might recognizes his unwavering determination and selects him as his successor.

Even though Izuku doesn’t have powers, he puts in a lot of effort and manages to get into a top school.

During his journey, he discovers the true essence of being a hero, encountering obstacles that help him grow into an extraordinary individual.

6. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

6 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple is an awesome genre of action comedy shounen anime! It aired from 2006 to 2007!

It’s an amazing anime that combines comedy and martial arts perfectly! Oh, just like God of High School, this story revolves around exciting martial arts battles!

It’s such a blast with the main character, Kenichi Shirahama! Even the awesome side characters make a lasting impression.

This anime is awesome, even though it’s not trying too hard to be! The plotline always flows smoothly, even during intense moments.

The characters in the story grow and change in a realistic setting, and there are also exciting action-packed fight scenes to keep things exciting!

It effortlessly transitions between being wacky and tense! Kenichi: The Strongest Disciple is a fantastic show that knows how to make you laugh and get you pumped for the exciting fight scenes ahead!

Kenichi is such an adorable goofball with a passion for martial arts! He’s so dedicated to his training and has the opportunity to learn from eight amazing masters at his dojo.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific tournament setting in this, but don’t worry!

As the episodes progress, you’ll encounter rowdy hooligans who become stronger and more challenging.

This is one of the most awesome action-comedy shounen anime shows that revolves around martial arts.

I highly recommend giving this anime, like God of Highschool, a watch!

5. Darwin’s Game

5 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

I just wanted to let you know that Darwin’s Game, a super cool show, came out in 2020. It had a total of 11 awesome episodes for its first season.

Oh, absolutely! The manga has been making great progress, so a second season will likely be announced soon.

We just have to wait for the official confirmation. The first season of Darwin’s Game is quite intriguing to watch, although it does leave some questions unanswered due to the limited number of episodes.

The story begins when Kaname Sudo, a friendly 17-year-old high school student, decides to try out a mobile gaming app called Darwin’s Game.

Little did he know, he would soon find himself caught up in an intense deathmatch with other players. Players are granted awesome abilities through “Sigils” and earn points that can be converted into real-world currency.

That’s why a lot of players happily joined the game, unlike Kaname, who accidentally joined when his friend sent him the download link.

The showstoppers are a group of awesome side characters who have all sorts of cool abilities based on their sigils.

They know just how to use their powers to save the day when things get tough!

This anime has some awesome battle scenes that you can enjoy! Just sit back and watch how each player fights to survive without worrying too much about the explanations.

Have fun! Just like many other anime, it may not be perfect in every way, but it’s a great show to binge-watch!

4. Dragon Ball

4 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

Goku is an incredibly strong warrior from a different planet! He joins forces with his friends to safeguard their world from extraterrestrial foes.

They use awesome martial arts and incredible special abilities to bravely battle against formidable foes!

Goku’s amazing bravery and warm-hearted nature serve as a constant source of inspiration for everyone in the series.

They get to explore all sorts of amazing places and take on exciting challenges along the way!

Together, they make an awesome team, protecting their home from cosmic threats! It’s such an exciting story filled with courage, friendship, and incredible powers!

3. Bleach

3 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

Ichigo is just your average high school student who happens to have the ability to see wandering souls.

When a scary spirit comes after his family, he meets Rukia, a super cool Soul Reaper. Rukia kindly shares her powers with Ichigo, allowing him to also become a soul reaper.

Now, he gets to safeguard his family and loved ones from mischievous spirits known as hollows.

Ichigo likes to keep his powers a secret, but he eventually discovers that some of his friends also have special abilities.

They all team up and work together to fight against Hollows and other dangerous threats that they encounter.

2. Tower Of God

2 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

Tower of God (Kamo no Tou) is a fantastic series that captivates you with its unique animation style.

The creators have put a lot of effort into creating intricate and well-designed characters that you’ll love. Which greatly enhances the viewing experience!

Just like God of Highschool, it’s adapted from a manhwa that was serialized on Webtoon. The main characters in both series are quite innocent and trusting, even towards their enemies.

Mori has a fun-loving side, while Bam from Tower of God is known for his sensitivity.

Bam forms great relationships with other characters, and it’s not just about being rivals.

Participants in the tournament have amazing reasons to be dedicated and will go above and beyond to become the ultimate winner!

We love watching them use their amazing physical and mental abilities to conquer every challenge and make their dreams come true!

The storyline in Game of Thrones progresses with a delightful amount of comic relief and keeps the viewer engaged by gradually unveiling more about its fascinating alternate universe.

The characters in the game have special names for their moves and weapons, which adds a lot of excitement and uniqueness to the gameplay!

I enjoy fighting scenes because they strike the perfect balance between thrilling and intense! If you loved God of Highschool Season 1, you should consider giving Tower of God a try!

1. Kengan Ashura

1 Anime like God of Highschool 12 Anime like God of Highschool

Kengan Ashura is a super exciting show that revolves around epic martial arts battles! It takes place in a world where conflicts are resolved through thrilling fights.

Ouma Tokita, a fighter famously known as The Ashura, is determined to show everyone that he is the strongest!

He accepts Hideki Nogi’s invitation to participate in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, an influential CEO.

The lucky winner gets to be the esteemed chairman of the Kengan Association! As Ouma bravely fights for Nogi, he must confront his haunting past and show his true worth.

The anime depicts the exciting world of gladiators, who businessmen hire to resolve disputes through titanic battles.

Final Words

The God of High School is an anime adaptation of a widely-loved webtoon.

The anime centers around Jin Mori, a 16-year-old high school student, as he embarks on a journey to emerge victorious in the God of High School Tournament.

However, the series excels in its quick pacing, humorous moments, and compelling drama.

The first episode explored a three-episode arc filled with exciting action.

Everything moved at a brisk pace, with no wasted time or dull moments. The timing of the drama was expertly handled.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on my recommendations.

Additionally, please suggest any other anime that you believe should be included in this list.

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