Minecraft Guide: Curse of Vanishing

An item that has a curse of disappearing will be taken from the game following the death of a player who holds the item or stores the item in their possession. 

The Curse of Vanishing can’t be created and is only available as a chest or fish drop. There is no way to eliminate the curse of disappearance from your belongings. 

The curse is applicable to any type of tool, armor, weapons, and other objects.

There are two courses available in Minecraft. The curse of disappearing is one of the most dreadful curses you can find in Minecraft. 

It has no value and serves only to make items that are enchanted all over the world more difficult to find. 

The curse of vanishing is believed to be more destructive than the curse of binding since binding can be described as a nuisance and vanishing could take away many advancements.

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What does the Curse of Vanishing do in Minecraft?

If an item you have in your inventory suffers from a curse of disappearing, when you die, the item will be taken out of the game. 

It is not removed from the player upon death but instead disappears from the game. It can be a bit depressing when your armor, diamonds, or tools vanish after an incident that was not yours to avoid. 

The Curse of Disappearing does not provide any benefit to the user and is designed to aid players playing adventure maps by causing an item to be difficult to hold.

You can evade the curse of disappearing by dropping the item or placing it into storage prior to the time of death. 

The curse of disappearing happens when the player dies while holding the item they have in their inventory. 

If the player holds the item with their mouse cursor and they die before they are able to drop the item, the item is still gone. 

The mobs may also spawn with enchanted objects that carry the curse of disappearing. If an item is dropped, the item vanishes because of the curse.

How do you get a Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

The curse of disappearing won’t be seen on a table with a magical aura. It is a “treasure enchantment” and will only be seen on chest loot and fishing drops. 

In the Java version of Minecraft, it is possible to discover a curse of disappearing on items traded by villagers. 

The loot you find all over the world is less trustworthy. However, the curse only applies to the death of a player.

Finding items that are cursed is particularly frustrating when you need some specific enchantment and you discover it in the fishing or chest loot, but it also comes with the curse of disappearing. 

Fishing books with enchantments are not as common, and they’re similar to almost every other book you find that has been cursed.

How can you remove this Curse of Vanishing in Minecraft?

In the game of survival, there can be no method to get rid of the curse of disappearing objects. 

A grindstone cannot eliminate the curse, and the item will continue to be enchanted. If you have set the world’s rules in the form of “keep inventory-True”, then the curse won’t be able to take effect.

What are the items that can be cursed by the Curse of Vanishing?

The list of things that the curse of disappearing can be found on or be applied to are as below:

  • All kinds of armor (Helmet, Chestplate, Elytra Leggings, Boots, and Helmets)
  • Tools (Pickaxe Shovel, Axe Hoe, Pickaxe, Fishing Rod Herbs, Fungus Warped on the Stick, an axe, a carrot on the stick, Flint and Steel, and Compass)
  • Weapons (Sword, Shield, Bow, Crossbow, and Trident)
  • Miscellaneous Items (Mob Heads, Carved Pumpkins, and Jack O’ Lanterns)

It is frustrating to find a curse placed on a magical item, but it doesn’t render the item ineffective. 

Try to play around with the conditions for the curse of disappearing being safe so that the piece will work like it doesn’t possess it in any way. 

This makes dying more painful. However, it does provide some replayability.

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