21 Best Aquarius Anime Characters Of All Time

Anime Astrology is back with its latest installment! We will be focusing on the charismatic and mysterious Aquarius-born characters. 

This social star sign is likely the life of any party. They are generally well-liked and can establish a large circle of friends and acquaintances if they choose. They are sensitive and complex people beneath their charismatic exterior.

Aquarius is a social sign, but they are also self-sufficient. They may find this independence a source of strength, but it can also make them feel isolated. 

This is a happy sign because it means they can communicate and stimulate their minds. Although these clever creatures are difficult to identify, they would not have it any other way. 

It is fascinating to see these tendencies in our favorite anime characters. Let’s take a look this month!

21. Spain From Hetalia Axis Powers

 Spain from Hetalia Axis Powers

Spain is more positive than any other country on this list. He is often criticized for his older counterparts’ beating him. 

Despite the hardships he has been through, he remains optimistic. 

He is not an Aquarius, which allows him to feel empathy for others and make insensitive comments about other countries without considering them. 

He dreams of a better world in which everyone is happy and he remains an Aquarius, who is cheerful but uncharacteristically outspoken.

20. SuiFeng From Bleach

SuiFeng From Bleach

Our next Aquarius character is characterized by integrity, practical reasoning, and unwavering dedication.

Su-family Feng is from one of the nobler families that are not linked to the Shihin noble family. He was born Feng Sholing. 

These families are delegates to the Onmitsukid (the Soul Society’s military branch, known as the Secret Mobile Unit).

Su-Feng is the organization’s commander in chief. She rose to the top of the organization’s leadership ranks largely due to her personal beliefs, command of close combat, and command of personal weapons. These are essential for eliminating the Soul Society’s enemies.

Aquarius can be quiet and reflective at times. One might assume that this character is someone who looks down upon others. However, she can fly into an uncontrollable rage, as demonstrated by her fight against Yoruichi Schihin.

Because of Megadeth’s battling fury, Tite Kubo (the author of Bleach) chose Megadeth’s “She-Wolf” as her character’s theme song.

19. Rem From Re: Zero – Start Life in another World

Rem From Re: Zero – Start Life in another World

It’s easy to become a fan favorite in anime if you are a cute maid or a tiny Neko-girl when it comes to isekai.

Rem, Ram’s twin sister, is a charming magical maiden who wields an axe in combat. She is fiercely loyal to her sister, Roswaal Mathers, and distrustful of any perceived intruders. This is evident in Rem’s interaction with Re: Zero’s protagonist.

She would change her perspective on Subaru and fall in love with him after he saved her life in the second arc. In Tappei Nagatsuki’s Re: Zero IF web book, Rem marries Natsuki, and they have a son and a daughter.

She can smell the witch’s scent, which is something that only close friends with Sin Archbishops and Witches of Sin can do. Rem was probably born when the Witch Cult attacked her village, killing everyone but Ram.

Aquarius is known for its ability to inspire and live life fully. We are privileged to have her origin story, warrior prowess, and cuteness factor.

18. Ban From Nanatsu no Taizai

Ban From Nanatsu no Taizai

Young Ban was raised in an abusive household and sought to escape this toxic environment by learning to steal to survive. 

This way of living would eventually land Ban in prison. Zhivago would be his surrogate father and tutor in the art of stealing.

Combining Zhivago’s instructions and the boy’s natural ability would win Ban the title of Fox’s Sin of Greed.

Bandit Ban and other sins are set out with the goal of breaking the curse placed on Meliodas, Elizabeth. He is the group’s brigand and also enjoys cooking and collecting ale labels.

During his quest for immortality, he met and married Elaine, the fairy fighter. Ban and Elaine share an uncanny attraction that is perfect for romance.

17. Nico Robin From One Piece

Nico Robin From One Piece

One Piece‘s Nico Robin was our 17th favorite Aquarian anime character. He has more design changes than a Hasbro Transformer.

Nico, who was born in Ohara, preferred to interact with academics over her childhood friends. Nico’s passion to learn about civilizations and be an archaeologist was a result of her mother’s love of knowledge.

After eating Hana Hana no Mi, she can regenerate her bodily parts.

Monkey D. Luffy is heartbroken at the loss of her family, and the destruction of her island home, so Nico convinces her to join the Straw Hat Pirates

Her tall and thin frame is an advantage when it comes to fighting. Nico is mature in the sense that she handles conflict resolution and problem-solving with measured deliberation.

The Straw Hat embraces traditional Shonen personality characteristics. Nico is now a surrogate parent because of the maturity gap.

16. Edward Elric From FullMetal Alchemist

Edward Elric From FullMetal Alchemist

As children, he and his younger brother tried human transmutation. The accident caused Edward to lose an arm and leg. Alphonse Elric lost his physical body, disintegrating him. 

Al’s negative effects from the spell motivate Ed to become a State Alchemist to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone.

Elric’s close friends, Pinako and Winry Rockbell created the prostheses that he wears. Edward can improve his fighting skills and learn alchemy from Izumi Curtis. He earned the title “Fullmetal Alchemist.”

It would seem that the ability to overcome hardship and seek the restoration of a loved one would suffice to humble someone. Edward has a Napoleon Complex and is featured in anime and manga.

Even though this Aquarius character is still in the process of emotional development, anime viewers are enthralled by Edward Elric’s journey.

15. Tetsuya Kuroko From Kuroko no Basket

Tetsuya Kuroko Form Kuroko no Basket

Tetsuyakuroko is the Phantom Sixth player of the Miracle Generation at Teik Junior High. He is a master of deception and passing.

Kuroko is a straightforward Aquarian with a dry and unassuming demeanor. He is a hard worker and puts the needs of his team first. His deceit is complemented by his invisibility and lack of presence.

Like the Aquarian anime characters, he has shown a lot of respect for other basketball players. He believes that while senpais should have pride, this should have respect.

Kuroko, despite his friendly exterior, becomes angry at dirty play. He was threatened and injured by foul means during Kirisaki Dachi.

When he sees Kuroko like this, his aura changes so drastically that even Kagami becomes terrified. When Kurokois is angry, he can become very difficult to defeat.

He is full of battle energy and it makes him furious. He becomes more talkative as the situation gets worse.

14. Mayuri Shiina From Steins; Gate

Mayuri Shiina From Steins; Gate

Mayuri is Rintaro Okabe’s childhood friend. She is also a part-time employee of May Queen Nyan Nyan and a Future Gadget Lab participant. 

She is also an avid cosplayer and friend of Akiha Rumiho and Luka Urushibara. After the death of her grandma, she began to suffer from PTSD and started isolating herself from the outside world.

Sometimes Aquarians can be temperamental. For example, Mayuri is a lab member who seems to be less intelligent than the others.

However, Mayuri is very observant and can often spot things no one else can. She also has a great understanding of how others feel.

Aquarian independence is demonstrated by Mayuri by not being bothered by Daru’s filthy remarks or behavior.

13. Lucy Heartfilia From Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia From Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia is a Celestial Spiritual Mage on Team Natsu. She also belongs to the Fairy Tail Guild. Celestial Spirit Magic allows her to summon Celestial Spirits.

Lucy treats her celestial ghosts with respect, refusing to use them as shields. Lucy fights for her spirits and treats them like people, unlike many celestial spirit masters who treat them as mere tools.

Aquarius can be reserved for others. Lucy will go to great lengths to ensure that their happiness is maintained, even if this means she may have to risk her life. Lucy takes great pride in her appearance and exudes a sense of vanity.

Despite her exterior appearance, she is smart, compassionate, caring, and a great Aquarian. Lucy, a literary enthusiast, is currently working on her book about Fairy Tail.

12. Alice Nakiri From Food Wars! – Shokugeki no Soma

Alice Nakiri From Food Wars! - Shokugeki no Soma

Alice Nakiri is the former sixth member of the Elite Ten Council. She approaches gourmet cuisine using science to enhance a food’s appearance and flavor. 

Her father’s research center in Northern Europe inspired her interest in molecular gastronomy.

As an Aquarius, Alice is social and competitive but can also be immature when things don’t go her way. Food Wars! This personality characteristic was best illustrated by Shokugeki No Soma’s Road To The Finals and Finals Arcs.

Alice was beaten by one of the Elite Ten and expelled from Totsuki Culinary Academy. She would return to the northern European laboratory of her family, where Ry Kurokiba would help her improve her food science skills.

According to poll results, Alice Nakiri is considered one of the most hated characters in anime.

11. Byakuya Kuchiki From Bleach

Byakuya Kuchiki From Bleach

The Kuchiki family has only one direct ancestor. Byakuya is the Captain of Gotei 13’s Sixth Division. 

His character is dedicated to honesty, honor, family, and loyalty. Byakuya is survived by an adoptive sister, a niece, and a brother-in-law.

Byakuya frees Senbaozakura Kageyoshi (from his Zanpakuto) during battle. The Bankai surrounds the opponent with a thousand blades to cause severe injury or death. 

Senbaozakura Kageyoshi, which means “scene of a thousand cherry blooms,” is translated as Senbaozakura Kageyoshi. The Bankai mirrors this image.

Byakuya’s strict and honor-bound manner is indicative of Aquarius’ samurai warrior traits. This knowledge makes me believe Byakuya Kuchiki is an appropriate anime character to hold the number one spot for characters born under Aquarius.

10. Taiga Kamia From Eyeshield 21

Taiga Kamia From Eyeshield 21

Taiga Kamia, the Misaki Wolves’ ace running back and captain, is his captain. He excels in football, using his speed to win with his team. He is very confident in his athletic abilities, and that is a good thing.

Aquarius can sometimes show a level of magnetic arrogance similar to that of Taiga. This independent star sign is driven and often needs little support from others to succeed. 

They will still give their all if they can swallow their pride and accept failure, which is a valuable lesson for those born under this sign.

9. Shizuku From Omamori Himari

 Shizuku From Omamori Himari

Shizuku, a water dragon god with a tragic past, is Shizuku. She was the only child of demon hunters, and her entire family died.

As a result, she has a lot of energy. She is eventually able to heal from this wound, but it takes some help.

Star signs can be very emotional, and their intuition can be their best friend. This sign can lose its meaning if there are strong emotions. 

Shizuku overcomes this Aquarius tendency. She can forgive and even befriend a future demon hunter when she sees his kindness.

8. Haruka Tenou From Sailor Moon

Haruka Tenou From Sailor Moon

Haruka Tenou, a student who moonlights as the magical girl Sailor Uranus, is an aspiring magician. Haruka prefers to be socially reserved and keeps her closest friend, Michiru Kaiou, company. 

She can be found racing cars or going to classes when she isn’t saving the world. She is one of the most highly regarded drivers in the country, and this is not a hobby.

Haruka is fiercely independent and doesn’t like being told what to do. Aquarians value independence as the most important value. 

It is easy to cause conflict with Aquarius by trying to control them. Haruka is outwardly confident, but in Aquarius fashion, there’s more to her than meets the eye.

7. Nobuo Terashima From NANA

Nobuo Terashima From NANA

Nobu Terashima is best known for his role in the new punk band Blast’s guitar section. He is a talented musician and takes his craft seriously. 

He is a very friendly, easygoing, and fun person who gets along with everyone. He is obsessed with Nana, the main character in the series. This can be a source of drama.

Nobu is an excellent example of the infectious charm Aquarians possess. Nobu is a genuinely good-hearted person who wants to make people happy. 

This Aquarius’ tendency to be positive is part of what makes him socially adept. Nobu can be driven to please others, which can lead to him burying his feelings and making his happiness a secondary priority.

6. Ren Tsuruga From Skip Beat!

Ren Tsuruga From Skip Beat!

Ren Tsuruga is a well-known idol who has countless adoring followers. He is friendly and well-mannered in public. 

He has cultivated a professional image that is so well-crafted that he can almost be a completely different person when interacting with others. He is a bit rude behind closed doors.

Another example of an Aquarius character who is a people pleaser to the extreme. Ren views Ren’s image as important as it helps him advance in his career and is also a source of pride. 

He is driven to please others and keep his reputation. This causes him conflict. Aquarians feel most happy when they can strike a balance between friendships and being true to themselves.

5. Kou Mukami From Diabolik Lovers

Kou Mukami From Diabolik Lovers

Another example is Kou Mukami, a vampire with a job as an idol. Another character with two faces is Kou Mukami. He has a public and a private face. 

His fans know that Kou is charming, sweet, and even kind. He is quite the opposite. He is not only cruel but manipulative. He knows his beauty and knows how to use it to his advantage.

Aquarians are attracted to attention and love being in the limelight. Kou isn’t the only star on this list. They are known for their natural ability to charm people and make them famous. 

They are intellectually and emotionally complex beings, so they might grow tired of fame or find it too shallow. It all depends on how their lives are outside of the spotlight.

4. Rin Tohsaka From Fate/stay the night

Rin Tohsaka From Fate/stay the night

Rin is deliberate in her isolation from her peers. She appears quiet and reserved for outsiders. 

But Rin is a magician. She is also a descendant of a long line of spellcasters and has to keep up the family tradition.

Although Rin may seem introverted, closer inspection reveals that she is a typical Aquarian. 

Her family’s social pressures drive her to be quiet and to put magic above all else. 

Aquarius is associated with supernatural intuition and psychic abilities, so it’s not surprising that Rin is so involved in magic.

3. Haruhi Fujioka Form Ouran Koukou Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka Form Ouran Koukou Host Club

Starting at a new school can be a difficult enough proposition. She ends up breaking an expensive vase, which she owes to Ouran High School’s host club. 

She decides to take on a second identity as a male host to repay them. Haruhi is an introverted and serious girl. But she has no other options.

Many Aquarians are keen on making friends and growing their social networks, but this is not always the case. Haruhi can attract people who care deeply about her with very little effort. 

Instead, they are magnetically drawn to Haruhi. She is another Aquarius character that puts happiness first for her friends.

2. Kiki From Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki From Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki, a young girl with aspirations to become a witch, has set her sights high. Kiki, now 13, sets out to leave her home and pursue her dreams. She is very social and outgoing. 

She can be a little too much for other people, something she discovers once she leaves home. Kiki knows that it is not easy to become a witch, but she is determined to do it.

Kiki is another example of an Aquarius who may not be able to make friends easily on her own but can eventually win people over based upon who she is as a person. 

Kiki also has the Aquarian affinity for the supernatural and a strong ambition to follow her dreams, both classic traits of this sign.

1. Mikasa Ackerman From Shingeki No Kyojin

Mikasa Ackerman From Shingeki No Kyojin

Mikasa is Mikasa’s main female character. She is Eren Yeager’s sister. They have been very close since Eren adopted her at a young age. She joins the military to be there for him.

However, she quickly finds a place in the military and rises to the top of her class. She is serious and rarely smiles.

Mikasa is often praised for her combat skills, but she is humble. Her friends are more important to her than recognition. Aquarius stars are known for having many social connections but only a few that they truly value. 

Aquarius’ loyalty to a friend is unmatched once they have chosen them as their close friend. Mikasa is fiercely loyal to her friends, regardless of the stakes.

Aquarius is a sign that is often friendly and intelligent. It is a fascinating one. These characters and those born under this star sign can be difficult to define. 

While no two people mentioned on this list are the same, most of them value their social lives very highly and are extremely independent. Astrology is a fun way to think about people and is especially fun to apply to anime characters we know and love. 

We are grateful that you joined us for this month’s astrological installation. If you are an Aquarius reader, we’d love to have your opinions on the list. Please comment below.

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