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All Lucy Heartfilia Outfits And Forms

The Top Ten Lucy Heartfilia Outfits Hey, guys!. 

In this article, I’ll go over the top 10 Lucy Heartfilia Outfits. As a celestial wizard, Lucy is able to harness the spirit of her celestial guides within herself by putting the key in her chest. 

She then adopts the form as the person she selects (similar to the Requip) and can also make use of their powers. 

Let’s begin to count down the items.

1. Aquarius Form

lucy aquariusform 1

In this star-shaped gown, Lucy takes an appearance that resembles Aquarius

After she sacrificed Aquarius’s key order in order to invoke her the Celestial Spirit King Lucy got the power that is Aquarius from The Celestial Spirit King and is able to both unconsciously and consciously utilize Aquarius abilities.

2. Leo Form

lucy leo form

In this outfit, Lucy gains the ability to utilize some of Leo’s magic

She can use Regulus in a similar way to Leo in that she can imbue areas of her body with the ability to perform more powerful melee damage. 

Her feet and hands are wrapped in a golden light similar to Leo’s performing his power. 

This form was employed against the monsters of Avatar Arc.

3. Virgo Form

lucy virgo form

In this stunning outfit, Lucy attains an outfit that is like that of Virgo. 

Lucy also incorporates the power of Virgo within herself, getting access to the earth magic of Virgo and being able to penetrate the earth, just as Virgo. 

The character appears as a character in Avatar Arc.

4. Taurus Form

lucy taurus form

In this outfit, Lucy is accompanied by white whips that end with a heart-shaped cracker instead of the ax used by Taurus. 

Lucy can incorporate the strength of Taurus within herself and gain his strength and strength. She’s capable of destroying the ground surrounding her easily. 

The form she used was in the battle against Avatar.

5. Sagittarius Form

lucy sagitarius form

In this stunning outfit, Lucy is accompanied by an elegant bow that is adorned with arrows that have distinct feathers. 

It gives Lucy the superior accuracy of Sagittarius and allows her to fire simultaneous arrows with each reaching its target. 

It appears in Alvarez’s Empire Arc.

6. Aries Form

lucy aries form

In this star-shaped gown, Lucy acquires an outfit that is very similar to the one worn by Aries as well as gaining the ability to make use of her power i.e. by using wool magic to incapacitate and soothe her opponent’s making them ineffective at fighting. 

She was wearing her Aries Star Dress in Alvarez Empire Arc.

7. Gemini Form

lucy gemini form

In this dress, Lucy can make use of Gemini’s copy magic to those who have magic powerless than her own. 

The Alvarez Empire Arc, utilized this Gemini star skirt to defeat Jacob by copying Marin’s regulations in the area and then making use of it to disable all spatial magic within the area.

This could cancel out Jacob’s magical transport.

8. Scorpio Form

lucy scorpio form

In this gorgeous dress, Lucy wears aspects that are shared by Scorpio like hands legs, legs, stinger, etc. 

Also, she gains Scorpio’s increased speed and flight, which allows her to glide through a dust storm and strike multiple times on her adversaries. 

The dress that is the star of the show appears inside the Alvarez Empire Arc.

9. Cancer Form

lucy cancer form

In this gown, Lucy acquires a pair of blades instead of the pair of scissors Cancer employs. 

However, she utilizes them similarly to what Cancer uses it. 

It also gives her cancer’s increased speed, allowing her to move at a very rapid pace and perform quick hand movements using her blades that are reminiscent of Cancer.

10. Capricorn Form

lucy carpricorn form

This appearance is only within the Dragon Cry Movie and we are able to see Lucy’s clothing sporting characteristics that are found in Capricorn like horns, horns, and eyeglasses. 

In this version, she is able to gain his strength to the limit.

That’s it from the post of today’s Top 10 Lucy Heartfilia Fashions. 

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