13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Moshi Moshi, my fellow otakus! Here is yet another blog from MOW for you all.

From heartbreaks to losses, we’re about to spill the feels on the anime characters with the saddest backstory.

We all know that anime isn’t just about epic battles and bizarre characters; it’s also about pulling at our heartstrings with some seriously sad backstories.

So, grab your tissues and get comfy, because today we’re shining a spotlight on those characters who’ve been through emotional trauma and have a sad backstory.

13. Crona from Soul Eater

Crona from Soul Eater backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Crona is the child of the witch Medusa Gorgon. From a young age, Crona became the subject of cruel experiments conducted by Medusa.

Medusa raised Crona in complete isolation. Crona lived in a secluded castle, deprived of social interaction with others. The lack of human contact and nurturing relationships contributed to Crona’s extreme social anxiety and introverted nature.

The backstory has a significant impact on the evolution of Crona’s role throughout the “Soul Eater” series.

It brings depth to Crona’s character and paves the way for their quest for self-exploration and growth as they face the obstacles in the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

12. Revy Rebecca from Blue Lagoon

Revy Rebecca from Blue Lagoon backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Revy’s past life is filled with a dark and bloody backstory. She was raped and abused!

Revy can come across as a bit tough and sometimes it feels like she’s lost touch with her emotions.

Well, I suppose that’s just how life goes when you find yourself in the depths of the underworld.

After a while, it begins to take a toll on your spirit.

11. Hyakkimaru from Dororo

anime dororo dororo anime hyakkimaru dororo backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

To gain the favor of the demons, Hyakkimaru’s father offered a sacrifice.

He sacrificed his son’s limbs.

When Hyakkimaru made a sacrifice by losing his limbs, he was granted extraordinary demonic powers.

Wow, Hyakkimaru went through so much in his past that it left him unable to speak. Can you believe it?

10. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tale

14 facts about erza scarlet fairy tail backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Erza is well-known for her impressive wizard abilities, tough combat skills, and strict demeanor.

Despite her typically serious and disciplined manners, her backstory reveals a more vulnerable aspect.

Erza endured a distressing childhood experience as a slave in the Tower of Heaven, where she suffered both physical and emotional abuse.

Throughout this period, she developed a deep connection with fellow slaves, such as Jellal Fernandes.

9. Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket

Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Kyo, the cat of the zodiac, is a unique creature that was left out of the official zodiac lineup in the Chinese zodiac legend.

His backstory will make you cry for real as he experiences discrimination and feels isolated from the rest of the Sohma family.

Whenever Kyo receives a warm embrace from someone of the opposite gender, a magical transformation occurs, turning him into an adorable cat.

Although Kyo may come across as tough, he carries within him deep insecurities and battles with the burden of the Sohma family curse.

His character development revolves around his deep-seated insecurities and his longing for acceptance.

8. Miyo Saimori from My Happy Marriage

Miyo Saimori from My Happy Marriage backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

In a world where people possess psychic abilities, there exists a preference for those individuals with such powers over those who do not.

Miyo, the protagonist, faces mistreatment from her father, stepmother, and stepsister despite her lack of psychic abilities.

Miyo often finds herself trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, struggling to grasp the concept of true joy.

7. Thorfinn from Vinland Saga

tho backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Thorfinn, introduced as a young boy, is the son of Thors, a renowned warrior.

The tragic loss of his father serves as the driving force behind Thorfinn’s relentless pursuit of vengeance against Askeladd.

Throughout the series, Thorfinn experiences profound changes in his character as he navigates the aftermath of seeking vengeance, confronts the brutal truths of warfare, and matures as an individual.

As the narrative progresses, he faces moral dilemmas, questions the nature of his quest for revenge, and explores themes of identity and purpose.

6. Nico Robin from One Piece

Nico Robin from One Piece nico robin 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Robin has a tragic and complex backstory.

As a child, Robin’s mother abandoned her, and her father was a scholar on Ohara.

The government viewed the scholars on Ohara as a potential threat to their authority due to their research on the Void Century.

Consequently, they dispatched the Marines to annihilate the island and its inhabitants.

5. Guts from Berserk

berserk v27 p208 backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Guts possesses an incredibly tragic and brutal backstory that is prevalent in both anime and manga.

He went through a difficult childhood, which included witnessing the tragic loss of his mother and enduring abuse from his adoptive father.

4. Rachel from The Tower of God

rachel backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Rachel struggles with feelings of inadequacy and jealousy.

She is envious of those who possess qualities or talents she lacks, particularly when it comes to her relationship with the protagonist, Bam (also known as Twenty-Fifth Bam). This envy contributes to her decisions within the Tower.

In “The Tower of God,” Rachel’s backstory is characterised by a complex blend of individual aspirations, insecurities, and a yearning for something greater than her current situation.

3. Ray from The Promised Neverland

ray 17948 backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Ray’s backstory is filled with a strong sense of duty and selflessness.

With his sharp wit and keen understanding of the perils they encounter, he’s always ready to make tough choices that ensure the group’s survival, even if it means making personal sacrifices.

Unlike many of the other children at Grace Field House, Ray is aware of the dark truth behind their existence.

He discovers the reality of the orphanage’s purpose at an early age and chooses to keep this knowledge a secret until the right time.

2. Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket

akito backstory 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

The series explores themes of family, love, and personal growth, and Akito’s backstory adds depth to these overarching themes.

Akito’s upbringing involved being identified as a male, which was the initial perception of the Sohma family.

Surprisingly enough, it turns out that Akito is a woman.

The portrayal of Akito’s gender is a pivotal factor in shaping the character’s growth and interactions with those around them.

Akito’s fear of being abandoned or unloved is a driving force behind many of their actions.

1. Itachi Uchiha, from Naruto

backstory uti 13 Anime Characters with Saddest Backstory

Itachi’s backstory is filled with heart-wrenching sacrifice and overwhelming tragedy, and it is characterised by sacrifice, duty, and the heavy toll of making difficult choices for the greater good.

He had to make tough decisions for the betterment of his village, which caused tension between him and his younger brother, Sasuke.

He was also suffering from a terminal illness during much of the series, adding a tragic layer to his character. Despite his deteriorating health, he continued to manipulate events from behind the scenes to ensure Sasuke’s safety and the stability of Konoha.

With great perseverance, he endured the weight of being seen as a betrayer, all to safeguard the hidden truths of the Uchiha clan and steer Sasuke away from the path of darkness.

Final words about Characters with the Saddest Backstory

I know some of you would be teary-eyed.

I have mine too.

These were some of the characters with the tragic and saddest backstories, which add depth to their character and arouse strong emotions from the otakus.

Delightful characters are encountered frequently in the world of anime.

Thinking of these anime characters makes me realize that life isn’t always easy for everyone.

We, as fans, can’t help but feel a deep sense of empathy for these characters, whether their sadness arises from a tragic history of torment or from circumstances that have made them appear unlikable.

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