All Haikyuu Characters Birthday Details

If you’re acquainted with anime “Haikyuu”, you would be aware of what “teamwork”, “support” in addition to “friendship” means. Be aware of when the birthdays are of your favorite Haikyuu characters!

Haikyuu is a sports-themed show based on Volleyball featuring Shoyo Hinata, and Tobio Kageyama as the principal characters. 

The show has a distinctive style that matches the mood of viewers every time. In addition, it’s also filled with athletes who excel in their fields. 

The most important aspect of volleyball’s game is teamwork and this is especially needed between the setter and spiker. 

If you fall in love with a particular anime, you are naturally drawn to learn more about the character. 

We’ve put together an entire list of Haikyuu characters’ birthdays.

Birthdays in January

January borns are typically friendly and enjoy experimenting with new ideas. 

They’ll keep you entertained, and it’s hard to get bored when they’re at your side. 

They’re a child in the heart, but they will become mature when the circumstances call for them. 

They are also adventurous and will introduce you to similar things also.

January 1st- Asahi Azumane

Asahi Azumane

Asahi Azumane is currently a third-year student at Karauno High. 

He is one of the wing spikers and an Ace at Karasuno High. 

The name that he has earned of “Ace” fits him well because he’s very responsible and has self-awareness. 

In contrast to his appearance, he’s extremely kind and gentle. He is sensitive to the needs of those struggling and is willing to assist his colleagues. 

He’s goal-oriented. He is sometimes unsure but he does not let the self-doubt of his feelings take him away from his objective.

January 6th- Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu

Kiyoko Shimizu is an individual with a lot of power and optimism. 

She believes that to get something started it is necessary to possess some curiosity. 

She is a student in her third year and the manager for the Karasuno High Volleyball Team. 

While she appears to be an unfriendly person, however, she is extremely gentle in her heart. She cares about her sons extremely and would like to provide them with the best. 

So, when the team gets down losing a game She finds a way to increase their motivation.

January 10th – Ittetsu Takeda

Ittetsu Takeda

In his role as the coach at Karasuno High, Ittetsu Takeda is a reliable and humble personality. 

He was the person who was able to schedule every practice game for the team to ensure that their practice was completed. 

He is a solid and quiet personality. 

He’s a bit clumsy and has a positive perspective on life. 

Ittetsu Takeda is kind to other people, and he will always bow in front of others when he has an exchange against his teammates. 

Since he takes his job extremely seriously, he’s often seen having a firm attitude towards students who aren’t serious about practicing.

January 25th- Rintarou Suna

Rintarou Suna

Rintarou Suna plays as one of the blockers from Inarizaki High School. Rintarou Suna has won without trying, his team is working extremely hard, while he’s sleeping off. 

He’s extremely articulate with his thoughts and desires to come up with a reason to poke fun at Tsukishima. He’s usually quiet all the time, but when it comes time to advise volleyball, he reveals his thoughts with great clarity.

Birthdays In February

The February babies are brave and picky.

They are not afraid to confront someone, even if odds are not in their favor. 

Be it physical or mental strength, they view themselves to be equal to men. 

They are willing to cross the line to show their worth. They aren’t sociable with strangers.

February 3rd- Sachiro Hirugami

Sachiro Hirugami

Sachiro Hirugami played middle-blocker for Kamomedai High. 

He has a cool and calm demeanor. 

He isn’t easily distracted as some players. 

He can anticipate their opponents’ movements and then BANG! 

He was once a perfectionist, who wanted to be the best player and felt guilty for each mistake he makes.

February 15th- Hisashi Kinoshita

Hisashi Kinoshita

Hisashi Kinoshita was a sophomore pupil in Karasuno High. 

He is a substitute as a spiker on the wing of the team. As an alternate, he doubts his abilities constantly and is unable to be sure if he’s competent or not. 

Hisashi is an incredible fan. For instance, if an athlete is injured, Hisashi always has their back! 

However, he’s extremely adept at directing his team members.

February 19th- Hayato Ikeriji

Hayato Ikeriji

Hayato Ikejiri plays wing-spinning player at Tokonami High Volleyball Club. 

Regarding his character, it is that he appears to be a little reckless and manages his business by himself. 

In the beginning, he wasn’t very enthusiastic about Volleyball.

However, over time, it became his goal! Hayato Ikejiri is extremely friendly to his team members.

Birthdays in March

These are the characteristics of March-born babies. 

They are open, creative and optimistic, and able to adapt to any circumstance. 

After mentioning the above unique characteristics, it is that we say that the children will be able to develop other characteristics, too, and will be very popular and loved by everyone.

March 1st- Issei Matsukawa

Issei Matsukawa

Issei Matsukawa is the third-year pupil of Aoba Johsai High. 

He is one of the middle blockers, and his abilities are as good as an excellent chef’s kiss! 

He might be an intimidating character.

However, the truth is that he’s an easygoing individual who loves funny pranks and jokes. 

He is a pro at making awareness when it comes down to limiting the cross-court of Hinata.

March 3rd- Ryunosuke Tanaka

Ryunosuke Tanaka

Ryunosuke Tanaka is one of the wing spikers of Karasuno High. 

Since he’s extremely enthusiastic as well as EXTRA about everything that is unstoppable.

 His energy levels are climbing up to the sky! He’s very active and charming with Kiyoko as well. 

Ryunosuke Tanaka can be very aggressive and unruly. He gets angry when his teammates are yelling at him off or looking at his team.

March 13th- Akane Yamamoto

Akane Yamamoto

Akane Yamamoto, the youngest sister to Taketa. 

She’s a freshman at college. 

Similar to the other siblings, she’s extremely active! Akane is extremely enthusiastic about everything she does.

She is also well-educated in the area of Volleyball.

March 25th- Akira Kunimi

Akira Kunimi

Akira Kunimi is a freshman pupil in Aoba Johsei High. 

In contrast to other players, he’s remarkably silent. 

Because of his lack of interest, he’s apathetic, but his skill is the best in an event. 

Akira is averse to the loud and energetic players and that’s why he doesn’t form a close relationship with Tanaka or Nishinoya. 

Despite his insufficiency, Akira is extremely smart.

Birthdays in April

The people born April 1st are courageous. 

They are open and a strong personality. 

Their determination gives them a better chance in life. 

Additionally, they are open and honest about their views.

April 3rd- Shinji Watari

Shinji Watari

Shinji Watari is one of those liberos from Aoba Johsei High. 

He is always smiling and enjoys being challenged. 

He’s been shown to be friendly and helpful, by his smile, he cheers anyone up! 

He’s a very tan man who is average in height.

April 14th- Aran Ojiro

Aran Ojiro

Aran Ojiro, a third-year student of Inarizaki High School

He’s among the best athletes in Japan! He’s a mature man. 

Although he believes that his team members are lacking many things, he is constantly teaching them new things. 

He believes that you don’t require an explanation for why you’re happy.

If you’re satisfied that’s a sign of happiness. He’s straightforward and positive even in difficult circumstances.

April 15th- Alisa Haiba

Alisa Haiba

As Lev Haiba’s older sibling, Alisa is very lively and cheerful. 

She’s also very gentle! Alisa takes care of everyone and feels very deeply about the members of her family. 

But, she’s kind of a romantic who is hopeless too.

April 18th- Yuuji Terushima

Yuuji Terushima

Yuuji Terushima is among his captains for the volleyball team of Johzenji High! 

He’s not a person who takes things seriously. 

He’s a playful person, yet also extremely active. Yuuji Terushima is an extremely persevering person too! 

While he believes Volleyball is a sport that should be played to have fun, however, over time his interest intensified and he started taking the sport seriously.

Birthdays in May

Affirmative and emotionally receptive people born in May appear to have an inherent sixth sense that aids them to navigate their lives.

 Similar to April-born babies, people born in May are resistant, but their critical and systematic methods of thinking assist them in getting things accomplished. May birthed people typically are prone to wanderlust.

May 5th- Saeko Tanaka

Saeko Tanaka

Ryunosuke’s younger sister, Saeko Tanaka is a tough girl. She was a schoolmate of the legendary “giant”. 

She’s loud and outgoing! 

The energy she displays throughout the show is incredible, Saeko is a positive person. 

To match her enthusiasm she’s part of the members of the Taiko Team, which is the drumming team. 

Saeko is smart, as she cleared her college admissions exam on her first attempt.

May 20th- Satori Tendou

Satori Tendou

Satori Tendou, a 3rd-year pupil at Shiratorizawa. He’s an extremely skilled middle blocker for the team. He’s often known as”the Guess Monster.

 Satori is somewhat sarcastic but he’s extremely active too! 

The majority of people think he’s odd or scary

When he was a kid, he was often criticized for not wanting to participate in the team’s games however, as he got older and mastered his skills of middle blocking that increased his confidence.

Birthdays in June

People born in June are under the Gemini sign.

Gemini this means they often have both sides to a debate. 

Therefore, June-born people are tolerant and generous. 

Their Gemini-ness signifies that they may be indecisive.

June 10th- Hajime Iwaizumi

Hajime Iwaizumi

As a wing-spinning winger from Aoba Johsei HighSchool, the young man is very confident and able. He’s also among my best friends from the childhood of Tooru. 

Although Hajime Iwazumi is a little insecure, the entire world relies on him. When Oikawa gets angry with Tobio Kageyama He stops his rant and calls him childish. 

His firm but uptight manner has made people respect him and admire Oikawa.

June 13th- Koushi Sugawara

Koushi Sugawara

Koushi Sugawara is one of the students in the third year in Karasuno High. 

When it comes down to giving moral assistance, Sugawara is always there to help his teammates. 

He makes everyone feel better by smiling. 

Since he is the vice-captain of the squad, his presence is a mainstay of support for the team. 

Even though he’s not an extremely skilled setter, he’s not going to let up. He can identify things before they happen.

June 21st- Shoyo Hinata

Shoyo Hinata

Hinata is the principal character in the anime series, Haikyuu!!. 

The most famous quote he has is “I may be small but I can jump”. 

He’s a normally high-powered boy who can leap very high! 

While his adversaries ridicule him because he’s small and not playing Volleyball.

However, they don’t stop him from flying off the top or killing opponents during the game. 

He is an active person and is extremely lively. 

Overall, he is a very positive impression.

Birthdays in July

July borns are blessed with attractive and fascinating personalities. 

They are discerning in music and food. They find joy as well as beauty even in the smallest things in life. They are also observant and calm.

July 20th- Tooru Oikawa

Tooru Oikawa

He’s also among the most proficient Third-year college students in Aoba Johsei High. 

Toru Oikawa is known in the form of Tohru Oikawa, in English translation. 

Although he’s extremely flirty that annoys Nishinoya or Tanaka off, Toru is a very well-rounded player. 

He’s at times happy while at other times it’s serious.

Birthdays in August

August-borns are smart, hardworking, as well as practical. 

They are charming personalities, as well. 

They are organized, meticulous, and practical. 

They tend to be smart and trustworthy.

August 1st- Yui Michimiya

Yui Michimiya

Yui Michimiya, the Captain of Karasuno High. 

She’s energetic all the time and always smiles. 

Yui Michimiya is an extremely driven person who’s always available for her team. 

She also gives inspirational speeches to the team members as well.

August 13th- Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima

Wakatoshi Ushijima comes from Shiratorizawa. He’s one of the people who people admire. 

Also, Wakatoshi Ushijima is adored by his fellow teammates! He’s a quiet person who isn’t a talker.

 He is extremely focused and serious when it comes down to challenges. 

As a confident player with his abilities, he’s certain of his success in each game. 

It’s true, Waktoshi Ushijima is one of the most experienced athletes in Haikyuu!!

Birthdays in September

September-born people are dedicated, focused, and possess a “methodical approach” to life. 

They may also be timid. They are mostly about fairness and balance They are also excellent problem solvers.

September 4th- Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka Yachi

Beautiful and cute, Hitoka Yachi is Karasuno’s manager. She was picked by Kiyoko to replace her because she was a third-year student who was about to be passed out. 

She is easily terrified by anything! 

She was intimidated by Tanaka’s energy, and the other team members as well. 

Hitoka apologizes to everyone she encounters when she behaves in this manner, demonstrating her conduct is at a different level! 

She appears to undervalue and be unsure of herself a lot and thinks she’s incompetent. But, the team is proud of her for putting in the effort.

September 20th- Koutarou Bokuto

 Koutarou Bokuto

Koutarou Bokuto happens to be a 3rd-year pupil at Fukurodani Academy. 

He is regarded for being one of the best athletes. Regarding his persona, he’s a fun person. 

He’s extremely extroverted and enjoys engaging with others. It’s as if he communicates quite clearly. 

But, everybody thinks Bokuto is a naive person to be so proud of himself.

September 27th- Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima is among those middle-blocking players in Karasuno High. 

Tsukishima is extremely aggressive due to his antagonistic character. He doesn’t display the slightest interest, but he takes great care of his team. 

When someone is doing something funny, he’s always laughing at the back and makes sure that no one is watching him.

Birthdays in October

The October born are extremely warm, friendly, and caring. 

They don’t want to be in any bad book and therefore strive to be nice and friendly to everyone they interact with. 

The people born during this month have good acquaintances and, above all, decent and honest souls.

October 5th- Atsumu Miya

Atsumu Miya

Atsumi Miya is the starting volleyball setter for the school’s volleyball team. 

He is known as Japan’s best server and setter! Atsumu is a friendly person who has a relaxed smile. 

He’s an uncompromising individual who sets very high standards for himself. 

He is always doing everything for his own sake, to be proud of himself.

October 10th- Yuu Nishinoya

Yuu Nishinoya

Nishinoya has been the team’s libero. He’s extremely proficient in keeping the team from being “out”. 

Nishinoya is a brilliant person who is a lover of endless conversations. The positive energy around him is amazing.

October 16th- Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kozume

Kenma Kouzume hails an alumni of Nekoma High School. 

He is often referred to as the brain and heart of the group. 

He isn’t a show of emotion and we can see a consistent smile on his face at all times. 

He is never in a slump and is calm most of the time.

Birthdays in November

The people born in November are typically calm and manage their emotions when they’re not in a situation where they are triggered to the max. 

They try to stay calm and avoid an angry outburst. 

They rarely get angry or annoyed, however, if they’ve ever been angry with you, there was probably something wrong in your past to merit the repercussions.

November 10th- Tadashi Yamaguchi

Tadashi Yamaguchi

Tadashi Yamaguchi is an important pinch player on the Karasuno Volleyball squad. 

He’s a calm person who relies on other people for the most part. 

He relies a lot on Tsukishima. 

Tadashi is a pleasant person who is known to make jokes and make those around him smile.

November 17th- Tetsuo Kuroo

Tetsuo Kuroo

Tetsuro Kuroo is one of those middle-blocking players at Nekoma High School.

He is the one who protects Kenma constantly since he can get distracted easily. 

He is very attentive to Kenma and ensures that the food is eaten in time! 

But his devious personality is what makes him an expert in playing Volleyball.

Birthdays in December

People born around December time are thought to be extraordinarily generous, optimistic, and even funny. 

They are disciplined, responsible, and masters of self-control.

December 5th- Keiji Akaashi

Keiji Akaashi

Keiji Akaashi is one of the students in the second year of Fukurodani Academy. 

He is the vice-captain of the team and is an excellent setter too! 

Keiji Akaashi is careful to ensure that he doesn’t show many in his feelings. 

This is why he’s silent all the time. He’s a cautious person who ensures that everything is right on track.

December 22nd- Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama is one of the best setters. 

He is completely dedicated to everything he does. He loves to work hard as well! 

If his team’s performance isn’t up to par, off, he’s pissed and tells them to work.

 Kageyama is the best illustration of the TSUNDERE

He may not be able to show it but he is a huge fan of his team, and especially Hinata.

December 31st- Daichi Sawamura

Daichi Sawamura

Daichi Sawamura, the team captain the wing spiker for Karasuno’s volleyball team. 

He’s one of the nicest players on the team in Haikyuu!! Daichi is a good listener and accountable. 

He’s extremely patient, but sometimes, he can have an imposing attitude and can be intimidating to his employees to be more productive.

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