21 Badass Anime Girl With Scars

Anime girls with facial scar are pretty rare to see in anime series and we all can agree these scars look pretty damn cool on any character.

And Sometimes they also make an anime character look hot or maybe sexy in girls case they are look just like tattoos that you get as a reward for surviving a dangerous situation.

And when an anime character have a scare then they are going to be pretty cool and full of action in the entire series.

Now let’s count down some of the best anime girls face with scars that make them look badass.

21. Sakura Ogami From Danganronpa

Sakura Ogami From Danganronpa

Since Ogami was really muscular, she was misunderstood for a man by some of the students. Her hair was long and white, and her eyes were fierce.

She also had a large scar across her forehead. Her entire body was almost entirely made up of muscle. She is devoted to her mates and would go to great lengths to protect them.

She provides sound advice. She is a courageous woman who has even defied the mastermind. Sakura aspires to be the toughest person on the planet and is an expert in mixed martial arts.

20. Najenda From Akame ga Kill

Najenda From Akame ga Kill

The assassin squad Night Raid is led by Najenda. Najenda is a lady who has purple eyes and short silver hair. [85-58-86] cm are her dimensions. Where her right eye used to be, she wears an eyepatch.

She’s dressed in a black suit that reveals her cleavage. Her right arm is mechanical. Najenda is quiet, astute, and level-headed, and she leads a group with a reassuringly gentle yet strong demeanor.

Her years as a general in the Empire have prepared her to be an exceptional leader. Because of her boyish beauty, Najenda is often mistaken for a man, and her cohorts have dubbed her “The Hunk of the Rebellion.”

19. Tsukuyo from Gintama

Tsukuyo from Gintama

Tsukuyo is one of Gintama’s main characters. And it’s because of her that I’ve chosen to write a post about anime girls with scars.

She wounds herself in order to shed her womanhood and take on the role of protector for the female she praises.

When her feminine side emerges after interacting with the Yorozuya trio, however, it’s very cute. Her looks and personality appeal to me.

She’s a warrior who can put up a fight with almost anybody, but she’s still a softie on the inside who gets emotional easily.

18. Nice Holystone From Baccano!

Nice Holystone From Baccano!

Nice Holystone is a 19-year-old blonde girl with brown eyes. Holystone is a pivotal character in Baccano! Explosives professional with a laid-back demeanor.

Nice is a blasting specialist who has destroyed her right eye and has significant scar tissue on her body as a result of a childhood accident with her homemade bombs.

Because of the complications with her left eye, she needs glasses and uses an eye mask to protect her hollow right eye socket.

17. Tokiko Tsumura From Buso Renkin

Tokiko Tsumura From Buso Renkin

Tokiko Tsumura is a 17-year-old alchemic fighter who is the anime Buso Renkin’s second most popular character. Tokiko is quite focused to her work.

All of the people in her school, except for her, are killed by homunculi seven years prior to the events of the series.

As a result, she is a fairly serious woman, as you can definitely understand from her behavior in the series.

She was also left with a scar from the tragedy, that could have been erased with alchemy, but she chooses to keep it as a symbol of her determination to fight.

She hates it when others inquire about her scar and she dislikes seeing people lollygagging around.

16. Chris From Konosuba

Chris From Konosuba

In Konosuba, Chris is a smaller character. Chris is a 15-year-old girl with silver hair, purple eyes, and a scar on the right side of her face.

She is Darkness’s companion and a robber who shows Kazuma how to steal. Aside from that, she doesn’t have much of an effect on the plot.

She is vivacious and optimistic, as shown by her large smile. Chris is a happy, energetic person who always wears a wide smile.

15. Mika Harima From Durarara!!

Mika Harima From Durarara!!

Mika is a character from Durarara, a fantastic action-adventure anime. Mika is a smart girl from a wealthy family, as per the manga.

She was a stalker and considering her friendly smile and pleasant appearance, she is a Yandere. She’s head over heels in love with a boy who’s head over heels in love with ahead.

Knowing this, she agrees to get her face surgically altered so that she can look just like her head. That’s how she ended up with a scar on her cheek.

The best part is that she doesn’t need any anesthesia during the procedure. Her typical personality traits are hyperactivity, cheerfulness, and obsessiveness.

14. Klaud Nine From D Gray man

Klaud Nine From D Gray man

Klaud Nine is the only lady General and a former wild animal instructor. She appears to be a sweet and kind lady, as she is seen crying for Sol Galen, Tina Spark, and Gwen Frere, who have been killed in the hunt for her.

Her blond hair is long, but she has a scar on the right side of her face. She later becomes Timothy Hearst’s commanding officer.

Klaud Nine’s parasitic-type anti-akuma weapon, Lau Shimin, is normally seen sitting on her shoulder in the shape of a small monkey.

13. Mahiru Banba From Akuma no Riddle

Mahiru Banba From Akuma no Riddle

This animated film depicts two different personalities in the same woman, and I adore the personality, her design, and her dual character.

I also enjoyed the character’s backstory in the anime Akuma no Riddle; she is one of my favorite characters from the series. Mahiru’s alternate personality (Shinya) took over while the sun goes down.

Both names do have completely different meanings, like Mahiru’s sense being “midday” and Shinya’s sense being “absolute night.” Mahiru/Shinya wears black and white socks to symbolize his dual personalities.

Mahiru Banba is a nice, innocent, quiet, mysterious, and adorable character, while Shinya Banba is a mad, excited, cheerful, aggressive, and rude character. Shinya has a scar across her eye and is afraid of bright lights, so it’s possible she was born from Mahiru’s childhood violence.

12. Frederica Sawyer From Black Lagoon

Frederica Sawyer From Black Lagoon

Frederica Sawyer is a cleaner in the Thailand town of Roanapur who specializes in cremation but also works as a bounty hunter. Her legal business called U.G. Pork and it is a meatpacking company.

Sawyer, dressed in a surgical gown (she usually dresses in gothic garb), would cut the victim alive with a chainsaw in a white-tiled room inside the factory, which was also splattered with blood.

She utilizes her chainsaw in bounty hunting and is always invincible, even deflecting machine-gun bullets were fired at her with the saw.

Her throat was cut at a certain point in the past, has a massive scar so she uses an electrolarynx ( ultravoice) to communicate.

11. Pepper From No guns life

Pepper From No guns life

Pepper is a minor character in No Weapons Life who belongs to the antagonist squad. She doesn’t have much of a backstory. She battled the main character once and lost.

Her preferred weapon is a wide cleaver, which she employs if Seven is unable to protect herself. Pepper’s body is incompatible with Extension technologies in terms.

She finds herself Seven’s “keeper” as a result. Pepper isn’t her real name because she’s been robbed of all she owns, including her previous identity.

10. Ageha Kuki From They Are My Noble Masters, Kimiaru

Ageha Kuki From They Are My Noble Masters, Kimiaru

Ageha benefits people other than Kojr by offering them food in the anime. Ren Uesugi and his sister Mihato left their home due to family problems.

She only appears as a side character and Yume Kuonji’s friend in the visual novel and anime “They Are My Noble Masters.” She is a rich girl in And They are My Noble Masters, and she has a butler called Kojr whom she always hits, regardless of whether he completes a mission or not.

Aside from Momoyo Kawakami, with whom she is close friends, she is one of the greatest women characters. She was born with a cross-shaped scar on her head as part of the Kuki family tradition.

9. Assassin of Black From Fate/Grand Order

Assassin of Black From Fate/Grand Order

Assassin of the Black, also known as Jack the Ripper, is a notorious serial killer and one of Fate/Grand Order’s servants. Her face has scars that have been stitched up.

She is a young girl who represents the very essence of contradiction, merging the dual natures of “day” and “night.” She speaks in a childish way, but she is extremely quick to think.

She spent her childhood without ever getting home and living on the streets. Many who meet Jack forget what she looks like due to the simplicity of her persona.

8. Yuki Hanzomon From Release the Spyce

Yuki Hanzomon From Release the Spyce

Yuki is one of the key characters in Release the Spyce, serving as the leader of Tsukikage. Yuki, a third-year student, is in charge of Momo’s practice.

She lost her right eye two years before the start of the series during a mission. She trained every day as a child in order to become the ideal heir to her family’s Dojo.

A member of Tsukikage invites her to represent them after seeing her abilities in combat.

7. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck From Bleach

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck From Bleach

Many of Bleach’s villains are unredeemable because all they want is money, which they frequently obtain at the cost of others.

Nelliel has green hair, she had a good heart from the start, promising to bring about a positive change among her kind. Regrettably, betrayal put an end to that plan. Nelliel is a Bleach character.

Her first appearance was as a sweet little child character. However, it was later discovered that she was actually an adult who had turned into an infant and that she had lost her memory due to a head injury.

6. Rin From Toriko

Rin From Toriko

Rin has short dark hair and a scar on her cheek that she got when attempting to duplicate Toriko’s three scars, but she stopped at one after realizing she had them on the wrong side.

Her ability to imitate his scars demonstrates this. Sani, one of the Four Heavenly Kings, has a younger sister named Rin. She is a lead antagonist in the Toriko anime series.

She is IGO’s official Gourmet Research Chief with the third-highest rank. Toriko is the object of her adoration.

She seems to be a sucker for sweets. Gourmet Cells seem to have been inserted in her as well. Her nickname is “the wild beast tamer” because she entertains world officials.

5. Inazuma (female form) From One Piece

Inazuma (female form) From One Piece

Inazuma is a man from One Piece, but due to the abilities of another character, he was turned into a girl at this time and place.

But, hey, he looks pretty good as a woman, and he has a scar to boot. All I need to do now is add him to this list!

From the anime One Piece, Inazuma (female form) is a character. They’ve been classified as a female adult with green eyes and neck-length white hair.

4. Balalaika From Black lagoon

Balalaika From Black lagoon

They are based in Thailand’s Roanapur. The villain of Black Lagoon is Balalaika. She is the general manager of Hotel Moscow.

She was a lieutenant in the Soviet army before joining the mafia. Sofiya Pavlovna is her real identity. Balalaika is easily recognized by the burn scars that cover the majority of her right side of her face, neck, and chest, which earned her the nickname “Fry-Face” from those who hate her.

She has long blonde hair and generally wears a low-cut business suit with a military greatcoat thrown over it. In comparison to the other characters who smoke tobacco, she smokes cigars.

3. Rider From Fate Extra

Rider From Fate Extra

She is a pirate and self-described “ruthless killer” who fights with guns. Along with cannons mounted on ships.

Rider is one of the Fate Extra characters. In the Moon Holy Grail War, she was appointed as Shinji Matou’s maid.

2. Mizufa Trude From Log Horizon

Mizufa Trude From Log Horizon

Mizufa is a Log Horizon character. She is a member of the Ten-Seat Council and one of the Westelande army’s generals.

Her backstory is lengthy, but to summarise her upbringing, she grew up in a harsh world and soon became used to the use of weapons.

1. Miss Lady From Devil May Cry 

Miss Lady From Devil May Cry

She is a human devil tracker who operates with Dante on purpose to kill devils. She also knows how to use guns, explosives, and other modern warfare weapons.

Lady has black hair, multicolored eyes, and a signature sword. She fights with a CZ75 pistol with a compensator and a VZ61 submachine gun equipped with a bayonet.

Despite the fact that she is not a villain, she plays an antagonist in Devil May Cry 3, as she tries to stop Dante and even battles him twice before eventually coming to terms with him.

Lady is a Devil May Cry anime supporting character. She was given the name “Lady” by Dante.

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