Giant anime characters are relatively rare, but there are more female giant characters than male ones for sure! I mean the bigger the better right?

Giant female characters are a treat! They are super cute and adorable, some of them are gentler than normal-sized women but their fans love them for something other than their personalities and demeanor!

Of course, you guessed it right, fans love them for their amazing, giant curvy bodies!

We have put together a list of all such female giants gentle and otherwise for you to peruse! We have considered all genres of anime and all types of giants.

Enjoy the list we have curated for you!

11. Ymir Fritz Titan Form From Attack on Titan

To start off our list we go way back in time when Eldians and Marleyans were at each other’s throats and had equal powers until Ymir Fritz a slave of the Eldian King fused with some mysterious creature that gave her titan powers.

I apologize cause this one is not sexiest in the slightest but I had to make a list. Giant female characters are not that frequent so you have to bear with me on this one!

Ymir Fritz’s titan form was muscular, powerful, and quite tall. It had long blonde hair resembling her hair as a human.

The titan’s face had no skin at all. It was a bare skull exposed to the air without an inch of skin. The exposed skill made it look quite terrifying!

Okay, with that out of the way let us now get to the real list!

10. Mana Eimiya From Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946

Mana Eimiya From Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946

This 15-year-old is a kind and humble-natured titan from the manga, Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946. It is a shoujo manga about a schoolboy Makoto and the Giant girl that falls in love with this heroic boy.

The school that Makoto goes to is attacked by a huge monster but a giant girl, Mana comes out of nowhere and saves the school. While saving the school she sees the heroic nature of Makoto and falls for him!

Mana is about 4946 meters tall, but she is a gentle soul! She never harms humans and wants to live peacefully with them.

She has bright red hair which she ties up in two ponies and either side of her head. She looks super cute with her ponies and even cuter when she blushes!

9. Sky Priestess Farine From Dog Days

Sky Priestess Farine From Dog Days

Dog Days is an action-adventure fantasy that aired back in 2015. Farine played a minor role on the show as the Priestess of the Sky.

Dog Days is about the journey of three main characters, Cinque, Nanami, and Rebecca. The three of them travel to the nation of Flonyard to participate in the friendly war games of three allied nations Galette, Pastilage, and Biscotti Republic.

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The Sky Priestess has quite the curvy body and she’s got volume in the perfect areas! She has amazing hips and a sexy back.

She is seen wearing an off-shoulder robe with purple fur-lined around it. The robe exposes her massive cleavage and the black corset she wears enhances it even more!

I wish we would have more of her on the anime! Check her out on Dog Days!

8. Nimi Minimi From Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Nimi Minimi From Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is a fantasy shoujo anime that aired in Japan in the fall of 2015. All Ecchi fans, if you have not yet discovered this anime now is the time! It has all the ecchi content you’d want to watch!

The anime is about a young girl, Mamori Tokonome who gets kidnapped and awakes on a strange island of mermaids.

Here on the island, she meets a castaway, Shikishima who grabs her and gives her a passionate kiss awakening her warrior within with the power of arousal!

Nimi Minimi is the Extra partner of Noe and is just a minor character on the show. She has the powers of Giant Growth.

She has a curvy body with huge breasts making her one of the most appealing girls! She has short orangish-red with some fringes that cover her forehead.

7. Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss revolves around the Abyss and the creatures that live within. The Abyss is a supermassive chasm that reaches the depth of the planet and is home to mysterious creatures that are only found in the chasm.

Divers, surface-dwellers that decide to descend into the Abyss to find more about the mysterious locations, are quite adventurous and fiendishly brave. The best divers are White Whistles.

Ouzen, The Immovable Lord is a White Whistle rank holder and she lives on the second level of the Abyss in the seeker camp.

She is a small giant, still standing 2 meters tall, she is quite an intimidating character! She has black and white hair that flows down her shoulder and devilish-looking pitch-black eyes!

I think her eyes make her even sexier. She has that strong and sexy vibe about her and her looks are just fabulous. You gotta watch out for her in Made in Abyss!

6. Brandish µ From Fairy Tail

Brandish µ From Fairy Tail

Brandish µ, whom I shall refer to as just Brandish, cause it’s just simpler and I am lazy is a green-haired giantess from the popular shounen Fairy Tail.

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Fairy Tail is about a guild that has the same name as the show. It is a magical guild with crazy mages that make more ruckus than solve people’s problems.

Natsu the main character and his adventures along with Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza are exciting, unpredictable, and batshit crazy.

Brandish, also known as “The Nation Destroyer” was a former member of the protection squad for King Sprigann. She debuts in the Alvarez Empire Arc.

She wears her green hair in bangs with fringes covering her little forehead and two objects shaped like crosses stick out of her hair on either side.

She wears a black sexy bikini with white embroidering on it and an overcoat that barely covers her body. Her soft, fair skin is always exposed and her long legs are just maddening!

5. Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier, also known as Macross F is a sci-fi, action romance anime with giant mecha robots, aliens, and global wars against race!

Klang Klan belongs to the Zentradi race. She is also the command in chief of the S.M.S Pixie Squadron, an all-female battle squadron with the strongest Zentradi warrior women.

She has long blue hair that flows down to her muscular calves. She ties her hair in two long ponies on either side of her head with an iconic pink ribbon. She has the curviest body and a stunning smile.

She wears her purple and white battle suit that exposes the outline of her breast and her waist perfectly. She stands over 12 meters tall and is quite the warrior. Check her out in the popular franchise Macross F

4. Shirahoshi From One Piece

Shirahoshi From One Piece

One Piece has its share of giant creatures, monsters, and more but out of them, all Shirahoshi is the most beautiful and stunning character in the series.

Luffy and his crew of pirates, The StrawHars are always on adventure, their goal, To find the One Piece!

On one of their adventures, they meet the famous beauty, the youngest of the children of Neptune, the Queen of Mermaid Island, Shirahoshi, truly a stunning beauty!

Princess Shirahoshi is a giant mermaid with lush long pink hair flowing down her back reaching her elegant mermaid tail.

She covers her huge front with a bikini that resembles huge clams. They are definitely not clams, I mean how would you find such huge clams?

She has a round face with sparkling blue eyes and a wide happy smile!

3. Annie Titan Form From Attack on Titan

Annie Titan Form From Attack on Titan

Finally, the moment all the Attack on Titan fans have been waiting for! Annie is here! *SPOILER ALERT* (If you have not watched Season 4 click away now!)

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Annie was one of the three honorary Eldians from Marley that broke the wall that day and shook the world of all those who lived inside the walls.

Annie has the Female Titan. The titan’s face and body resembled her a lot! The titan has straight and short blonde hair just like her and a muscular body with six-pack abs and stronger thighs than a horse.

Annie in her titan form is about 14 meters tall and as sexy as she is in her human form. She has that cold-blooded look on her face.

2. Mount Lady From My Hero Academia

Mount Lady From My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia (MHA) is an anime about a world where humans have genetically evolved and now possess various quirks or traits.

Humans use these traits to either help them or cause destruction! Thus a new occupation was created, Heroes!

These traits are quite varied like fire trait, frog abilities, gravity nulling trait, and more. One such amazing trait is Giant Form!

Yuu Takeyama mostly known by her hero name, Mounty Lady is a hero with the ability to transform her body into a giant! She can grow as tall as 20 meters in height and overpower her opponents with her massive size

She usually wears her purple hero suit which exposes her curvature vividly. She has long and straight light blonde hair that flows down up to her lower back. She is quite a sexy giantess!

1. Diane From Seven Deadly Sins

Diane From Seven Deadly Sins

The best and sexiest giantess of them all, Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins). Diane is one of the main characters of the show and a member of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Her sin is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy which makes her jealous of other people’s achievements, belongings, etc. basically anything she wants but can’t have!

She has a supermassive crush on Meliodas, the main member of the Sins. Her feelings are mostly not perceived by Meliodas which frustrates her a lot.

You would love her outfit! She wears an orange one-piece suit made out of plastic-like material that brings out her curves and outlines her body in a sexy way.

She is a towering giant with brown hair which she ties up into two symmetrically placed ponies.

She wields a supermassive ax called, “Gideon” as a weapon, also referred to as Sacred Treasure among the Sins. She is bold, she is strong yet as womanly as any woman, and she is amazing!