11 Popular Anime Giantess Among Fans

Giant anime characters are relatively rare, but there are more female giant characters than male ones for sure! I mean the bigger the better right?

Of course, you guessed it right, fans love them for their amazing, giant curvy bodies!

We have put together a list of all such female giants gentle and otherwise for you to peruse! We have considered all genres of anime and all types of giants.

11. Ymir Fritz Titan Form From Attack on Titan

Ymir Fritz Titan Form Attack on Titan 1 11 Popular Anime Giantess Among Fans

To start off our list we go way back in time when Eldians and Marleyans were at each other’s throats and had equal powers until Ymir Fritz a slave of the Eldian King fused with some mysterious creature that gave her titan powers.

Ymir Fritz’s titan form was strong and tall. Long blonde hair like her own. 

Her face was skinless. It was a skinless, bare skull. The skill seemed scary. 

10. Mana Eimiya From Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946

Mana Eimiya From Choudokyuu Shoujo 4946

This 15-year-old manga superstar is polite and humble. It’s a shoujo manga about Makoto and the Giant girl who falls for him. 

A enormous monster attacks Makoto’s school, but Mana saves it. She falls for Makoto’s heroism while protecting the school. 

Mana is 4946 metres tall but kind. She wants to live peacefully with mankind. 

She wears two red ponies on either side of her head. She’s adorable with her ponies and when she blushes. 

9. Sky Priestess Farine From Dog Days

Sky Priestess Farine From Dog Days

2015’s Dog Days is a fantasy action-adventure. Farine appeared as the Sky Priestess. 

Cinque, Nanami, and Rebecca go through Dog Days. They fly to Flonyard to participate in war games between Galette, Pastilage, and Biscotti Republic. 

Sky Priestess has a curvaceous physique with amazing volume. Her hips and back are hot. 

She wears a fur-lined off-shoulder robe. The robe and corset accentuate her huge cleavage. 

8. Nimi Minimi From Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Nimi Minimi From Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is a fantasy shoujo anime that aired in Japan in the fall of 2015. It has all the ecchi content you’d want to watch!

The anime is about a young girl, Mamori Tokonome who gets kidnapped and awakes on a strange island of mermaids.

Here on the island, she meets a castaway, Shikishima who grabs her and gives her a passionate kiss awakening her warrior within with the power of arousal!

She has a curvy body with huge breasts making her one of the most appealing girls! She has short orangish-red with some fringes that cover her forehead.

7. Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Ouzen From Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss revolves around the Abyss and the creatures that live within. The Abyss is a supermassive chasm that reaches the depth of the planet and is home to mysterious creatures that are only found in the chasm.

Ouzen, The Immovable Lord is a White Whistle rank holder and she lives on the second level of the Abyss in the seeker camp.

She is a small giant, still standing 2 meters tall, she is quite an intimidating character! She has black and white hair that flows down her shoulder and devilish-looking pitch-black eyes!

She has that strong and sexy vibe about her and her looks are just fabulous.

6. Brandish µ From Fairy Tail

Brandish µ From Fairy Tail

Brandish, or just Brandish, is a green-haired giantess from Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail is about the titular guild. The magical guild’s mad mages cause more trouble than they solve. 

Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza’s escapades are chaotic, surprising, and fascinating.

Brandish was a former member of King Sprigann’s bodyguard team. Alvarez Empire Arc is her debut. 

She sports green bangs that cover her forehead, and two cross-shaped things poke out of her hair.

She wears a white-embroidered black bikini and a thin jacket. Her light skin and lengthy legs are annoying. 

5. Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Klan Klang From Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier is a sci-fi, action romance anime involving enormous mecha robots, aliens, and race wars.

Zentradi Klang Klan. She commands the S.M.S Pixie Squadron, an all-female battle squadron comprising the strongest Zentradi warrior women. 

Her blue hair reaches her muscular calves. She ties her hair in two ponytails with a pink ribbon. She’s curvy and beautiful. 

Her purple and white battle costume reveals her breast and waist. She’s a 12-meter-tall fighter. 

4. Shirahoshi From One Piece

Shirahoshi From One Piece

Shirahoshi is the most lovely and stunning character in One Piece.

Luffy and the StrawHars are continuously on the hunt for One Piece. 

On one of their journeys, they meet the Queen of Mermaid Island, Shirahoshi, the youngest of Neptune’s children.

Princess Shirahoshi is a gigantic mermaid with long pink hair that reaches her tail.

Her bikini front resembles clams. How could you find such large clams? 

She has round eyes and a wide smile.

3. Annie Titan Form From Attack on Titan

Annie Titan Form From Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan fans, rejoice! Here’s Annie

Annie was one of three honorary Eldians from Marley who smashed the wall that day.

Annie is a Titan. The titan resembled her face and body. The giant had short, straight blonde hair like her, six-pack abs, and horse-strong thighs. 

Annie in her titan form is 14 metres tall and attractive. She seems chilled. 

2. Mount Lady From My Hero Academia

Mount Lady From My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia (MHA) is an anime depicting a world where humans have genetically developed. 

These qualities benefit or hurt humans. Heroes were born. 

These qualities include fire, frog, and gravity nulling. Giant Form is wonderful. 

Yuu Takeyama, aka Mounty Lady, can turn into a gigantic. Her 20-meter height and huge girth overcome her opponents. 

Her purple hero outfit accentuates her curves. Her long, blonde hair reaches her lower back. She’s a hot giantess. 

1. Diane From Seven Deadly Sins

Diane From Seven Deadly Sins

Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai, the sexiest giantess (Seven Deadly Sins). Diane is a Seven Deadly Sins character on the programme. 

Her sin is the Serpent’s Sin of Envy, which makes her jealous of others’ achievements, belongings, etc. 

She adores Meliodas, the Sins’ leader. Meliodas rarely understands her, which upsets her. 

Her clothing is adorable. She wears a plastic-like orange one-piece that accentuates her curves. 

She’s a big with brown hair tied in two ponies.

She holds “Gideon,” also named Sacred Treasure among the Sins. She’s bold, strong, and amazing.

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