Assassination Classroom Ending, Explained!

‘Assassination Classroom’ as the title implies, is an educational environment where students are taught to kill, but the way, they use assassination to teach.

It may sound confusing, but it will make much sense once you’ve seen the show. 

The show features a normal high-school setting but the story is among the most unique and original manga/anime tales available. Its simple but engaging plot, it’ll not just entertain you, but also bring you several amazing heartfelt moments. 

There are also many stories that deal with self-acceptance, as well as the importance of being a good teacher in your life.

Additionally, every episode is a unique sequence of instructive and morally strong life lessons that you could use in your own situations. In terms of its characters, the show takes an enormous risk by featuring several characters over its short run time. 

However, it is able to balance its time on screen by focusing on the characters that are key to the connection with the larger story. Overall it’s a great show. 

The Assassination Classroom is the type of show that strays from the usual slant of animation today and offers a narrative that is original. 

There are a variety of exciting arcs and dramatic scenes in the show which subtly tell another story hidden in its story. 

In the majority of the time, the series is fairly straight and simple about everything, however, there are certain aspects of it that are somewhat complicated. 

We’ll go through the various episodes of its story to help you gain a better understanding of the masterwork.

The Past of Koro Sensei

koro sensei Assassination Classroom Ending, Explained!

The Koro-Sensei who is now known as the octopus-like teacher in 3E class had been a common man. His birthplace was a highly filthy slum in a largely unknown city. 

After growing up in a rough environment, where he was aware that you could never believe in anyone, he decided to make a career as an assassin

After becoming extremely proficient in his craft, Koro soon became the most skilled assassin, referred to by the name of “The Reaper”. 

Then, when he was assassinated by the son of a businessman who was wealthy, the child became enthralled by Koro’s skills and his ability to kill perfection. 

In response, “The Reaper” decides to bring him under his wing and train Koro in becoming an assassin similar to his father.

Then, later on, the apprentice betrayed The Reaper and took over his role to be an assassin. In the meantime, The Reaper got captured and was imprisoned in a secret research facility operated by Kotaro Yanagisawa. The purpose of this lab was to make massive quantities of anti-matter. 

In his time in jail, The Reaper met Aguri Yukimura, Yanagisawa’s wife in the very first moment, and immediately became friends with her. 

The laboratory was constantly testing his body until its limit and, throughout all this, the sole person to be his advocate was Aguri. 

The two became closer and The Reaper would often assist her to compile the questions she would ask her students. This was where his passion for teaching began.

Yanagisawa and his team began to ask questions about what would happen to Koro’s anti-matter if Koro’s death. 

In order to investigate this, they conducted similar experiments on a rat before sending them to the moon. 

They were surprised to discover that after the rodent’s death, an explosive chain reaction occurred inside the body of the animal. The chain reaction transformed 70% of the moon’s matter into anti-matter. 

This is why Koro Sensei wasn’t responsible for the moon’s destruction. After conducting studies, researchers discovered that Koro is bound to meet the same fate, and eventually end up destroying Earth. When Aguri informs him about the possibility of destruction, he decides to cause chaos over the entire facility in order to safeguard her.

Why Koro-Sensei Teach 3E in Class?

class 3e 2 Assassination Classroom Ending, Explained!

As Koro takes over the entire laboratory, Aguri gets fatally injured and in her final moments with Koro and Koro, she tells Koro that he’s capable of doing much more. 

While in her dying moments, she realizes the potential he has as a teacher she decides that he should be able to teach her class. 

It appears it was the same class that she had been teaching all the during, was the class 3-E of the current events from the show. 

In order to complete Aguri’s final wish, Koro tells all the world leaders that he destroyed the moon, even when it was not his intention. 

Most people believe this because he possesses supernatural powers and appears like a bizarre creature after all the tests carried out on Koro. 

He employs this technique to blackmail all leaders and informs them that he’ll be able to destroy the world when his time in teaching class 3E. 

The leadership considers this to be an opportunity to murder him However, they don’t know that this is precisely what he’s after.

In the beginning, it is assumed Koro-Sensei’s character is the type of antagonist who is eventually going to end the world. 

There are many instances in which he shows little interest in the murders being planned against him. Instead, he displays an immense amount of enthusiasm in his teaching and concentrates on interacting with the students. 

This is why after a certain time the students even start asking questions about his motives. Since the beginning, Koro-Sensei was aware that he was going to die within the next year due to all the tests which have been conducted on his body. To make his final days count, he wanted to accomplish something important to him, after having spent all his life as an assassin.

The Assassination Classroom’s Ending, explained

assassin end Assassination Classroom Ending, Explained!

At some point in the finale Kataro Yanagisawa appears and this time it appears that he is determined to take revenge on Koro-Sensei. 

In reality, it’s Kataro who is the most powerful antagonist in the show since he was the one who made Koro-Sense into the creature he’s now and was also responsible for the destruction of 70% of the moon. 

Kataro is confused and in an attempt to take down Koro and his friends, he decides to transform into the tentacle monster of his own. 

In a final couple of episodes in the show, the brutal fight between Koro-Sensei and Kataro, Koro-Sensei prevails over Reaper 2.0. However, he’s left in a fragile condition. 

The moment he finally informs the group that it’s time to take them down. Nagisa is the first to step forward and, this time, there are tears in his eyes.

Koro-Sensei demands that he do the same thing with a smile, and announces his final goodbye for the group. Then, he is stabbed with a knife by Nagisa as his body is dissolved into numerous particles of light yellowish.

The conclusion shows that Koro-Sensei was always eager to be eliminated before he was able to prove that he was a danger to the Earth. 

In reality, when he killed Reaper 2.0 in the first place, he performed a favor for the inhabitants of Earth. In the end, Reaper 2.0, the person or, should I call it a creature, who seemed to be the protagonist of the tale was actually the hero. 

Koro-Sensei doesn’t just get the most of his final few moments on Earth but is also able to encourage his students to be better individuals.

Like the old adage “what you see from the outside doesn’t necessarily reflect in the interior”.

‘Assassination Classroom’ is much more than just a humorous story that, underneath its snarky yellow exterior, tells a tale that focuses on the importance of mentors who are strong for their young students.

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